Does your baby start crying when you put her in the bassinet? Maybe you’re thinking that if you make her bassinet more comfortable, she’ll relax and be happier.

Then the answer is a Big Yes!!!!!!!

But, why does your baby cry when you put her in the bassinet?

The answer is simple: babies like the feel of their mommy’s body’s warmth, something they’ve been used to since birth. So, naturally, a bassinet makes her feel uncomfortable.

But, why does your baby cry when you put her in the bassinet? The answer is simple: babies like the feel of their mommy’s body’s warmth, something they’ve been used to since birth. So, naturally, a bassinet makes her feel uncomfortable.

Well, before I jump into the topic, let me say one thing: “There’s nothing that can make bassinets more comfortable” because they’re already designed with the high-quality material needed to provide the maximum amount of comfort to your newborn baby.

Sometimes parents think to add to things like a pillow, toys, even soft blanket so that their baby feels secure. But, in reality, you are actually putting your baby at more risk

In September 2012, published a paper in which they clear advice parents to not to use any kind of accessories in the bassinet.

CPSC staff estimates that between 1992 and 2010, there were nearly 700 deaths involving infants 12 months and younger related to pillows and cushions placed in or near a baby’s sleep environment. Nearly half of the infant crib deaths and two-thirds of bassinet deaths reported to CPSC each year are suffocations caused by pillows, thick quilts and/or overcrowding in the baby’s sleeping space.

There are a lot of other papers on the web that recommended the same thing. Have a look at what the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP)  said.

If you can’t place additional items in the bassinet, then what can you do to make sure your baby feels comfortable in her bassinet?

Well, there’re a lot of things you can still do that’ll make your bundle of joy comfortable when you put her down in her bassinet. For example, place the bassinet near your bed, use a swaddling blanket, basically, just use trial and error to figure out what works.

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned from my own experience as a mom of twins, and they really work well for me. So, let me tell you how you can make your baby’s bassinet more comfortable.

How To Make a Bassinet More Comfortable?

Listed below are all the tips and tricks that I use to make my babies’ bassinets more comfortable and softer. Now my babies fall asleep more easily and don’t cry when I put them down for a nap or the night.

All these things help my babies, and I hope it helps yours too.

1. Place Bassinet Near To Your Bed:-

Babies like to be cuddled and it makes them feel warm and secure. Being hugged and held by a loved one replicates the feeling of being inside a mother’s womb, an environment they were in for nine months.

A bassinet is pretty comfortable, softer, being small, snug and padded to provide about the same warmth as a mother’s womb.

But it doesn’t have your scent or feels like you.

If your baby is having trouble sleeping even in a bassinet, you can make her more comfortable by keeping the bassinet close to your bed. (that the reason some people prefer co-sleeper bassinet like “First Years Close and Secure Sleeper” ).

Having a warm, loving person nearby will comfort her and help her fall asleep easily and remain asleep longer as study shows.

Also, moving your baby’s bassinet next to your bed can be very beneficial, both for you. Your baby can feel your warmth and will have your scent around her.

But be careful, Don’t share your bed with the newborn baby because it can raise the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. You can read our in-depth article: “Is co-sleeping with a newborn safe?” (Link update soon).

This might be just what she needs to help her sleep soundly through the night.

Co-sleeping is not a good fit for all parents, because some parents have a small-size bed or some move a lot at night like me, lol. Don’t take the risk at any cost.

For these kinds of parents, there are special bassinets available in the market called bedside bassinets. You can put the bassinet near your bed and adjust the height of the bassinet according to your bed’s height.

It’s very convenient for you as your baby is at arm’s reach so she can be soothed back to sleep and be easily fed during the night, without requiring you to ever get out of bed.

2. Use Swaddle Blanket With Bassinet:-

The Baby skin is susceptible to environmental change, a little change in the room temperature can interrupt the baby’s sleep.

The problem of keeping your baby comfy during the night can be solved by having the bassinet next to your bed. But what about the warm atmosphere and the nap time?

You can’t randomly go to bed at odd times during the day so that your baby can take regular naps.

The best solution to resolve this problem is a soft and cozy blanket to swaddle your baby in, so she gets all the warmth necessary and falls asleep easily.

Your baby is more likely to have an uninterrupted nap when she’s bundled up and nice and warm.

There are quite a few options in the market, like BundleBee Baby Wrap and Swaddle Blanket (what I recommend), so you can find the perfect and most affordable blanket for your baby according to your pocket size.

3. Make Her Feel Secure In Her Bassinet:-

The third important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your baby feel safe & secure in her sleeping environment. If your baby doesn’t feel safe, she won’t go to sleep. It’s as simple as that!

Offering just the right temperature, just the right angle for sleep and just the right amount of padding is essential. This does mean a little trial and error as every baby has their own preference.

Knowing exactly what your baby wants is essential, and eventually, you’ll figure out what your baby prefers because no one knows her better than you.

If you are trying to make things comfortable for your baby, then variety is key.

Try using different blankets or sleep positions so you can figure out what your baby likes.

This does take time, but once you know what your baby loves, it makes everything more comfortable and will let both of you get a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try an incline bassinet (some bassinets have this feature); Baby loves to sleep in an incline bassinet. But are inclined bassinets safe? Check it before doing it.
  • Try vibrations to soothe your baby: but don’t forget to switch off the vibration when a baby falls in sleep. Before using the vibration feature, check out this article: “Is a vibrating bassinet safe.”
  • Play natural sounds: This really helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Try different sounds and check which one your baby like the most. ( have a look on top-rated bassinet with vibration and music )

Also, Don’t forget to check when should your baby stop sleeping in her bassinet for safety.

4. Always Buy Premium Bassinet:-

Bassinets are initially much better than a crib (crib or bassinet which one is better). They are cozy, snug and comfortable, but all bassinets are not the same. They vary in prices, quality, and features.

You are following the above step in the best possible way, but if you don’t have a good-quality bassinet, then it’s a waste of time.

The best way to choose a bassinet is to look for the best one within your price range.

Note: If you are looking for affordable bassinet then check our list of the best bassinet under $50

Feel the mattress, read about the material it’s made out of, look at all the features and pay close attention to safety ratings: Does it meet the safety standards recommended by CPSC and are they JPMA certified.

You can even explore our best JPMA certified bassinet.

When I was shopping for a bassinet, these were the questions I asked myself before buying one:

  • Is it adjustable?
  • Is the mattress thick enough?
  • Are the sides soft?
  • Is the bassinet bed going to align with my bed?
  • Does it feel and look high quality?
  • What additional features does the bassinet come with?
  • How can I customise it to reflect my baby’s needs?

It isn’t an easy decision, and a critical eye is necessary. This can make buying a bassinet time-consuming and exhausting, but ultimately you are buying your baby’s first bed, and that will take you a bit of time and effort.

If you wish, you can explore our Bassinet reviews gallery to check the latest bassinets on the market.

Winding Up

I’m 100% sure 90% of your problems will be solved through the above tips and tricks because it works for me! It is very difficult to manage the baby especially when you are new parents.

Sleeping is essential for babies as most of their growth occurs while they sleep. A  good quality bassinet plays a key role in it because it is snug, lightweight, portable, affordable, require small space, are easy to clean and generally have additional features like the ability to rock and soothe.

Apart from that, don’t forget to properly clean your bassinet.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know what you do to make your bassinet more comfortable. Share your tips and tricks and let’s help other moms like you to make a quick decision.

And don’t forget to share this guide if it helps you!


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