Sakshi Patel Single Mom

Sakshi Patel

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Sakshi Patel is a housewife who loves to spend most of her time with her Twin daughter. She loves to share her parenting journey with other new parents.

She completed her Ph.D. from MP University in HDFS. Her hobbies are internet browsing, doing research on products, reading, and writing.

She spends most of her time with her daughter at home and writes patenting guides based on her personal experience and shares it on

Her Knowledge about bassinet, cribs, pack n play, and parenting is excellent. She is very selective when she buys baby essentials online.

She can research the insignificant product detail, check forms, and understand the pros and cons of the products to make a better decision.

Her expertise in finding and reviewing the baby sleeping product makes her a professional writer. So, she joins the Getforbaby team as a senior content editor.