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Sakshi is a dedicated mother to twin daughters, which allows her to share her parenting journey and insights with other new parents. She offers practical advice and support, addressing common concerns and questions comprehensively.

Her articles cover a wide range of topics, including safety guidelines, product comparisons, and tips for selecting the best baby essentials.

Qualifications and Expertise

Dr. Sakshi Patel is a seasoned expert in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), specializing in child development and family dynamics. With a Ph.D. in HDFS from MP University and certification as a child development specialist, she brings academic knowledge and professional experience to her role as a senior content editor at

Outside of her professional commitments, Sakshi enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the internet for new information and ideas. Her commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident in her work at

Dr. Sakshi Patel’s areas of expertise include:

  • Pediatrics: She has a deep understanding of children’s health and development, which she applies to her reviews and articles. Learn more

  • Bassinet: She provides detailed reviews and guides on choosing the right bassinet for newborns. Learn more

  • Infant Bed: She offers advice on the best and safest infant beds for babies. Learn more

  • Newborn Care and Safety: She provides tips and guides on how to care for newborns and ensure their safety. Learn more

  • Parenting: She shares her personal experiences and academic knowledge to provide practical parenting advice. Learn more

  • Infant Sleep: She provides information on how to ensure safe and comfortable sleep for infants. Learn more

Thorough Reviewer of Baby Products

As a meticulous and thorough reviewer, Sakshi carefully selects products and evaluates their pros and cons based on authoritative sources and studies. Her expertise extends to bassinets, cribs, pack n plays, and other baby essentials. She aims to provide accurate, up-to-date, and helpful information to parents seeking the best for their children.

Transparency and honesty are at the core of Sakshi’s work. She verifies information from reliable sources and ensures her reviews are unbiased. With no affiliations or financial incentives for promoting specific products, her reviews are solely based on product performance and quality.

Valuable Resource for Parents

Sakshi’s articles and guides serve as a valuable resource for parents seeking reliable information to make informed decisions about baby products. They cater to the needs of parents, addressing common concerns and questions comprehensively.

For a glimpse into her work, check out her comprehensive guide on “Choosing the Best Bassinet for Your Newborn” and her in-depth review of “Top 10 Best Bassinet of 2023.”

Connect with Sakshi

Stay updated on Sakshi’s latest fact-checking work by connecting with her on Twinter, Facebook and [email protected]

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Articles Written by Sakshi Patel

Co Sleeper Vs Bassinet [ Which One Is Better ]

Newly becoming mom always wants to keep their newborn in front of their eyes (co-sleeping), but the American Association Of Pediatrics (AAP) prohibits this activity. Why? Because it higher the risk of SIDS, which we already explain in Is...

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Are Wicker Bassinets Safe – If Yes, then How?

Recently, Wicker Bassinets have become the first choice of many parents. And there are two primary reasons behind this; the Ist one is, that it is woven with a variety of vines & grasses that make a safe organic bassinet. And the 2nd is that...

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5 Best Sheets for Halo Bassinest

Some models of the bassinest do not come with a sheet or waterproof mattress cover to protect their sleeping area. Whereas it is essential because it increases the mattress's longevity. A baby can urinate in a bassinet or mess up in the middle of...

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Top 5 Best Vibrating Attachment for Bassinet & Crib

Most parents like vibrating bassinet nowadays because it helps babies sleep faster. You just have to turn ON the Vibration and let the soother soothe your newborn. But on another side, it's pretty expensive and not within reach of every parent,...

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Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews

Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews Halo bassinest is one of the simple & elegant-looking bedside bassinet & bed-sharing co-sleeper for infants. It comes with a height-adjustable leg & flat feet that trunk under the bed to bring the...

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Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews

Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews Maxi Cosi Iora Bassinet is a stylish & classic bedside bassinet with 5 adjustable height positions to perfectly match your adult bed height. And, to bring it closer to your bed, it offers a 3-level side-to-side...

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Top 5 Best Organic Bassinet Sheets [ Updated 2022 ]

While, choosing a bassinet, you spend tons of time on it, like considering mattresses, soothing devices, vibration, etc. But if your child is not feeling comfortable in it, it's nothing. Your baby's skin is too soft, and a bit of negligence...

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Ronbei Bedside Sleeper Review

Ronbei Bedside Sleeper ReviewRonbei bedside sleeper baby bed is an excellent bedside & bed-sharing bassinet for infants. Its 9 positions height-adjustable leg & retractable feet help you perfectly match your adult bed height. And for easy...

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