Does your baby start crying when you put her in the Bassinet or Crib?

Maybe you think that if you make their bassinet/crib more comfortable, they’ll relax and be happier. Then the answer is a Big Yes!!!!!!!

But, why does your baby cry when you put them in the bassinet or crib? What is the actual reason behind that?

The question looks a little complicated, but the answer is straightforward: babies like the feel of their mommy’s body’s warmth, something they’ve been used to since birth. So, naturally, a bassinet makes them feel uncomfortable.

Baby Blanket for Bassinet in Winter

These baby blankets are truly versatile. They can be used in strollers just as well as in bassinets and cribs. You can even use them while placing your baby on any other surface, like a sofa or your bed.

Be careful, though; these are not suitable for co-sleeping with your baby. If you want to do co-sleeping, then try, In bed Baby Co-Sleeper bassinet.

Listed below are some great bassinet blankets that are warm, fuzzy, and practical.

You can check the features, the pros and cons of the five best blankets for bassinets out there as follows and make your decision accordingly:

Quick Comparison of the Bassinet Blanket

Co Sleeper BassinetRatingBuy Now
BundleBee Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket For Bassinet4.9Price
Oenbopo Newborn Swaddle Blanket In Bassinet4.8Price
XMWEALTHY Newborn Wool Bassinet Blanket4.7Price
Baby Mello Baby Swaddle Baby Winter Blanket4.6Price
XMWEALTHY Unisex Infant Swaddle Baby Warm Blanket4.2Price

1.) BundleBee Baby Swaddle Blanket for Bassinet: –

BundleBee is a nice warm blanket that lets you safely tuck your baby in. It can close up the side flaps to wrap the baby securely. This way, your baby is covered by the blanket entirely but without any fear of the blanket coming loose.

BundleBee Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket For Bassinet

And due it’s small in size, you can easily place your baby in the bassinet with it. You can, however, only use this bassinet blanket for up to four months.

The baby winter blanket is made out of 100% cotton material, which is all-natural. It allows for the free flow of air and has a 100% polyester filling. The polyester filling ensures that your baby remains warm as it prevents heat loss.

Another good thing is that the blanket is machine washable and can be tumbled dried as well.

The BundleBee is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere to provide comfort to your baby even when you are on the go. It supports your baby’s head, too, so you do not need an extra cap.

The blanket can be used to swaddle your baby in the bassinet or crib safely. You can even use it to co-sleep with your baby on the bed for a while since the blanket is more like a portable bed.

What else you want from this bassinet blanket? So click the link to buy it.

2.) Oenbopo Infant Swaddle Blanket in Bassinet:-

Oenbopo is another perfect baby winter blanket for a bassinet as well as for a stroller. Measuring 62cm*40cm/24.4 inches by 15.7 inches, this blanket is large enough to accommodate your little one until 12 months of age.

It is made up of high quality knitted wool and has a soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. The fleece bottom gives extra padding to your baby, whether in the stroller or a bassinet.

In this way, you can make your bassinet more comfortable and cozy for sound sleep.

The blanket is a sack style with a zipper closure for easy access. You can open up the baby blanket with just one hand and place your baby inside so they are completely tucked in.

It removes the hassle of swaddling and wrapping the baby. The zipper is easy and convenient. This makes it perfect as a stroller blanket since you can place it inside the stroller and use it as a sleeping bag.

Oenbopo Newborn Swaddle Blanket In Bassinet

This super-soft blanket for bassinet is suitable for winters due to its thick material, which covers your baby from head to toe and keeps them safely tucked in.

Another excellent baby winter blanket that you can place in the bassinet. Want to explore more about it? Then click the link.

3.) XMWEALTHY Infant Wool Bassinet Blanket:-

The XMWEALTHY is similar to the BundleBee; the only difference is that it is made with knitted acrylic yarn, which is warm and very durable. The blanket design is classic and chic, with chunky wooden buttons that add to the overall knitted look’s character.

XMWEALTHY Newborn Wool Bassinet Blanket

It measures 17.5″-30.5″ in length and 13.6″ in width and has ample room inside to fit your baby for up to 6 months.

It weighs just 0.6 pounds and is exceptionally lightweight, making it great as a standalone blanket as well as a stroller blanket. The attached hood can be used to cover the baby’s head, meaning you do not need to carry a cap with this blanket around.

Another similar blanket for a bassinet is the “Knit Blanket.” The design of both these blankets is very similar. It has large wooden buttons running along length-wise on both sides.

These buttons give a cozy look to the blanket. They are functional, allowing you to open and close them when necessary. There is a hood to cover your baby’s head as well.

Both woolen blankets are machine-washable, and you need not worry about the material pilling or shrinking. You can select from a range of eleven colors, from white and beige to blue and purple. There are plenty of choices you can make.

4.) BabyMello Swaddle Baby Winter Blanket:-

The BlueMello Swaddle Blanket is another bassinet blanket suitable for babies up to 6 months of age.

Baby Mello Baby Swaddle Baby Winter Blanket

The blanket has a unique shape with a pajama-like bottom. This means that your baby’s legs will be fully covered and warm, but they will not be wrapped together to hinder their movement.

This blanket’s middle part is a standard swaddle that closes using a Velcro system for convenient opening and closing. At the top, there is a hood that has bear ears to add extra cuteness. It is both adorable and warm.

You do not need to completely wrap your baby; you can have the legs covered up and the swaddle part open when it is not too cold.

It looks extremely plush and cozy because it is made out of all-natural faux cashmere. Being natural, it is free from any harsh chemicals or dyes that can potentially cause allergies.

You can bundle up your little one in the BlueMello anywhere, in a bassinet, a crib, a stroller, even your bed.  This baby blanket is an excellent gift choice as it scores high on being both practical and aesthetically beautiful. Want to save some bucks, then here is a link.

5.) XMWEALTHY Swaddle Baby Warm Blanket:-

The XMWEALTHY bassinet blanket measures 29.5 inches in length and 13.8 inches in width, suitable for babies for up to 12 months. Meaning this blanket can last you the entire winter season and more.

The material is all-natural premium quality knitted wool on the outside with an inner lining of polar fleece. The fleece and wool combined to assure that your baby is kept warm through and through.

The beautiful knitting and plush fleece gives the baby blanket a very cozy look.

This blanket does not have a hood because the materials generate too much warmth.

You will instead have to put on a cotton or wool cap, depending upon the weather, if you wish to have your baby covered from head to toe.

There is a row of big buttons running down the middle to make the unwrapping process a breeze.

This swaddle blanket for bassinet is perfect for any bassinet or stroller. It will keep your baby completely warm, even during freezing winter months.

XMWEALTHY Unisex Infant Swaddle Baby Warm Blanket

This machine-washable blanket is an excellent present for any soon-to-be-parents because it is useful. You can check the latest price here.

Word of Advice

Well, pediatricians recommended not to use anything in a bassinet or a crib. But on a cold, freezing night, you have to do something to keep your baby warm.

There are a lot of ways in which you can keep your baby warm in winters. You can read our in-depth guide: How to keep baby warm in winter? Where we share some tips and tricks that work.

Apart from that, if you still want to use a blanket, then in our opinion, our #1 and #2 bassinet blankets, which are the “BundleBee Blanket” or the “Oenbopo Blanket,” both are an excellent option.

There is simply a whole lot of variety. Honestly, we recommend you choose based on your personal preference and the basic needs of your baby.

Here some other useful articles that help you to keep your baby safe.

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know which bassinet blanket you will buy and why. Drop your valuable comments in the comment box to help other moms make a quick decision.

And don’t forget to share the article, because sharing is caring.

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