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Are you looking for a bedside bassinet that you can place right next to your bed or even can place over the bed for co-sleeping too? Then, you are in the right place.

There is no shortage of bedside sleepers in the market, but picking the best bassinet for an infant is challenging.

That’s why we crafted the list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022, which has all types of top rated bedside bassinets you need.

In this ultimate guide, we help you understand your need and how these bedside bassinet sleepers can help you in your day-to-day life.

Best Bedside Bassinets 2020

Our product testing involves a group of moms, online research, and feedback collected from moms like you.

Also, the American Association Of Pediatrics recommends bedside sleeping rather than bed sharing, but sleeping on the same bed is also safe.

If you want to make a more informed decision, we recommend to read our: Bassinet Buying guide.

So without wasting your more time, let’s explore our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022.

1. Chicco Close To You 3in1 Bedside Sleeper Bassinet

Chicco Close To You is one of the top rated bedside bassinets on our list. The reason to place it on #1 on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022 is its 3in1 function & the comfort it offers to you & your baby.

Let’s start by exploring its 3-in-1 function.

The first one is the “Bedside Co Sleeper,” in which you can simply place a bassinet near the bed or bring it over (just like co sleeper bassinet ) to keep your little one nearby.

The second one is a “Portable Bassinet,” which lets you move your bassinet anywhere in the room ( due to its wheel ) to use it as a standalone bassinet

And the third is the “Easy Access Changing Table,” which means you can lower the side of the bassinet’s wall and adjust its height to easily reach the baby.

Your postpartum body will thank you for not having to bend too much to pick your baby up or put it back on a regular basis.

Now, let’s talk about its wheel.

You don’t need to drag or carry this portable bedside bassinet in the room because it comes with a wheel with a dual-function handle or brake.

The brake lets you hold the bassinet in one place firmly. It will move only when you release the brakes, thus making it very safe.

Another excellent feature is its Electronic Modules, which include 6 melodies, 2 vibration settings to soothe, and a nightlight to help you keep an eye on the baby.

Note: The vibrating Bassinets are now trending because it helps the baby fall asleep faster. Also, studies prove that vibratory motion is loved by the infant; Do newborns like vibration?

Want to know how these things work. Read our Chicco Close To You Bassinet Reviews.

Another feature we like in this bassinet for bedside is the machine-washable zip-off fabric and reversible waterproof mattress. It makes the whole cleaning process very easy.

If you want the taste of the Luxury Bassinet without paying a higher, then “Chicco Close To You” must be your first option.

So, stop thinking and click our link to buy this top rated bedside bassinet from our verified seller at the best price.

Product Features

  • Bedside Co-Sleeper
  • Diaper Changing
  • Standalone Mode
  • Reversible Mattress
  • Waterproof Changing Pad
  • Easy Fabrics Zip Off
  • 2-Speed Vibration
  • 6 Melodies & Nightlight
  • Wheel With Handbrake
  • Base Rubberized Swivel
  • Machine Washable
  • Mesh Side Wall
  • Height Adjusts 24″ – 33.5.”

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Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 33.5 x 28 x 46 inches
Item Weight 33 pounds
Changing table weight 35 pounds
Weight Limit 20 pounds
Age Limit 0-5 months

2. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper & Bedside Co Sleeper

The halo bassinet is another best bedside cosleeper bassinet that gets #2 on our list of The Best Bassinet For Bedside 2022.

The thing that makes the Halo Bassinet unique in itself is its 360″ rotating design. That lets you place it near or over the bed to do safe co-sleeping, just like the Chicco Bassinet.

Don’t worry about the height of your adult bed because it comes with height-adjustable legs that let you level up to 24″ to 34″ inches.

But the reason to put this side bed co sleeper on #2 rather than #1 is it does not offer a wheel to move it from room to room & heavy in weight.

Halo Bassinest offers a spacious bed surrounded by white mesh walls that provide better airflow and reduce the temperature inside it.

Note:- Keeping a baby cool is easy but keeping them warm in winter is difficult; that is why we write an in-depth guide for you; How To Keep Bassinet Or Crib Warm In Winter?

The Halo bassinet is specially designed for recovery moms. For e.g., you can lower the side walls to feed, change, or cuddle the baby easily without leaving the bed or lowering your back.

That’s why it also gets #1 on our list of the best bassinet for c section moms.

Another good thing is that this bedside sleeper has a lock-in mechanism. Means it does not lower the sidewall unless you unlock it for infant safety.

If we talk about storage, it has mesh pockets on the sides to let you store the essentials that you won’t have to get up and fetch in the middle of the night.

Its feature does not just end here; you can read our Halo Bassinest swivel sleeper reviews to  explore its hidden features or other models,

This best bedside co sleeper is an excellent choice for mothers with limited storage space & sleeping areas who want a quality co-sleeping experience with their newborns.

So stop things and click to buy this best bedside sleeper from our verified seller.

Product Features

  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Can Use As Co-Sleeper
  • Can Use As A Bedside Sleeper
  • Easy Lowering Bedside Wall
  • Soothing Sounds & Gentle Vibrations
  • Two Convenient Storage Pockets
  • Breathable Mesh Sides
  • Easy To Clean
  • 30min Turn Off & Auto Reminder

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Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 33.5″ x 22″ x 43
Item Weight 28 lbs
Weight Limit 20 lb
Age Limit 0-5 month

3. Ronbei Bedside Sleeper & Side Bed Co Sleeper

RONBEI Bedside Sleeper is an excellent adjustable bedside bassinet sleeper that gets #3 on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022.

There are two reasons to place it #3. The first is an easy lower-side wall, and the second is an incline design to lower acid reflux.

Let’s start with its zipper side wall that you can easily lower by unzipping it from the frame.

This thing lets you easily reach out to your baby and feed them or soothe them in the middle of the night.

Additionally, it has a Detachable Music Box and hanging toys for soothing. This toy is not there just to play with, but it also helps develop motor skills in the baby.

Whereas the soothing sounds lull the baby to sleep and the relaxing music & sounds add some extra serenity to the ambiance.

Now the second feature is its inclined design.

Due to its separate height-adjustable leg, you can adjust the height of each leg (9 positions) individually. This thing lets you incline the bassinet safely to reduce acid reflux.

The thing that makes it different from the above two bassinets for bedside is its retractable feet.

Suppose you want to place it next to the bed, with no space under it. Then you can reduce its foot’s length to easily fit it. Read our Ronbei Bedside Sleeper Review to know how to do it.

Note:- More you increase its height, the chance is that it can flip with a little push at night; thats why recommend buying strap for it or buy a bassinet that attaches to the bed.

Due to the large size, some people may be thrown off by the assembly, but assembling the bedside sleeper bassinet is very easy and requires no tools at all.

Ronbei Bedside Co Sleeper is made of high-quality microfiber to touch babies’ skin lightly and carefully. Whereas the mattress is waterproof and comes with a washable sheet for convenience.

So, cleaning the bassinet is not difficult; you just have to remove the bassinet fabric & through in a machine, and it’s done.

So, what else do you want in this best bed side bassinet for infants? Click the link and grab the latest running deal to save some bucks.

Product Features

  • Can Use As Bedside/Co-Sleeper
  • High Degree Microfiber
  • Adjustable Height – 9 Position
  • Can Incline For Acid Reflux
  • Retractable Feet
  • Detachable Music Box
  • Soothing Sounds & Relaxing Music
  • Hanging Soft Toys
  • Air Mesh On Both Sides
  • Portable Design & Easy Folds
  • Mattress Cover Is Easy To Remove
  • Machine Washable Sheet
  • Easy Lower-Side Wall

Quick Video Tour

Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 36.2″ x 22.8″ x 38.9″ Inches
Item Weight 28.7 pounds
Weight Limit 20 lbs
Age Limit 0-6 months
Ronbei Bedside Sleeper & Side Bed Co Sleepers
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4. BABY JOY Bedside Bassinet for Side of Bed for Infants

BABY JOY Baby Bedside is an excellent travel bedside sleeper bassinet that gets #4 on our list of the Best Bassinet Bedside 2022.

It’s design and features are similar to the Ronbei Bassinet, but the thing that makes it different from all the above Bed Side Sleeper is its Travel design.

Yes, you can fold this side bed bassinet just like a foldable bassinet, and pack it into a travel bag that comes with it to carry.

The assembling & disassembling process is straightforward, but it takes some time.

Whenever you buy a travel bassinet, make sure it is lightweight and has a travel bag to handle it easily. And our BabyJoy bassinet fulfills both needs.

On the downside, it does not offer a wheel. So if you are considering moving it, then I recommend reconsidering it.

Another thing is it also does not offer a storage pocket to keep baby essentials under your Arm’s reach.

Well, apart from that, It’s a simple, rectangular design bassinet for side of bed with ample space in it. And its mesh side wall increases breathability & lowers the temperature.

Don’t worry about the height of your bed because this bedside bassinet also has flexible legs, which means you can adjust the height (26.5″ to 34″) according to your need.

The side where it attaches to the bed has a small bounder that doesn’t let the infant roll over your bed at night.

Note:- As per the APP recommendation, to keep your infant safe in the bassinet, you should stop using it if it starts rolling or moving. When to stop using the bassinet?

And its mesh side wall increases breathability & lowers the temperature. Don’t worry about the height of your bed because this bedside bassinet also has flexible legs, which means you can adjust the height (26.5″ to 34″) according to your need.

The side where it attaches to the bed has a small bounder that doesn’t let the infant roll over your bed at night.

From a safety point of view, it comes with two fastening straps to keep the bassinet fixed. So that it will not flip or fall at night by accident.

Imagine a removable bed extension for your bed. You get to sleep comfortably in your bed with the newborn right beside you without it taking up any extra space.

So, what else are you looking for in this top bedside bassinet sleeper? Click our link to buy it from our verified seller to save some bucks.

Product Features

  • Bedside Co Sleeper
  • Inclined Angle- 4 Levels
  • Drop Down Sidebar
  • Mesh Side Wall
  • Wheels For Easy Movement
  • Travel-Friendly & Carrying Bag
  • Height Adjustable Leg
  • Retractable Feet
  • Fastening Strap & Safety Bar
  • Soothing Vibration & Hanging Toys
  • Music & Night Light
  • Soft Padded Mattres

Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 38 x 28 x 33.5 inches
Item Weight 18  pounds
Weight Limit 20 lbs
Age Limit 0-6 months
TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper
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5. Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3in1 Bassinets for Bedside

The Arm’s Reach company has been marketing the award-winning patented best bassinet for bedside since 1997.

Since then, they have been updating their style and technology to keep up with modern requirements while remaining true to their original goals.

Just like our #1 Chicco Bassinet, Arm’s Reach also serves three purposes. First, as a “Bedside sleeper”, which is it is specially designed by lowering the side wall of the bassinet.

The second is a “Standalone Bassinet”, which means wherever you want in the room.

And as a “Playard, “after the baby grows up for some time.

This bedside sleeper is the perfect bassinet for you if you want to breastfeed because it has all the necessary features.

Easy to lower side that lets you reach the baby easily, two large size storage on the side of the bassinet. And you can even use the lower section as a storage apartment until you do not use it as a play yard.

It’s a big-size bassinet which means you can use it for more than 6-7 months, But the manufacturer recommends they use it for up to 30 lbs or up to 5 months.

Note:- Age and the weight limit are just a number; some babies grow after and some slower, such as premature babies. Check this, How Long Can a Baby Sleep In a Bassinet?

The 4-inch sleeping nest height promises a face-to-face experience that you’ll love, especially on the first night with your infant.

From the maintenance point of view, all the fabric is machine washable, including the bassinet sheet and mattress.

On the downside, unlike other side bed bassinet that have wheels on all sides, this bedside sleeper has only two wheels. This means you have to lift one side upwards to move it.

Regardless, the Arm’s Reach Concepts bedside bassinet is excellent for use, sturdy, and a quality product that will last you a long time.

So, click our link the grab the latest running deal on this best bedside sleeper.

Product Features

  • Can Use As A Bedside
  • Can Use As A Co-Sleeper
  • Can Use As A Play Yard
  • Easy To Fold & Portable
  • Travel Friendly & Carry Bag
  • Large Side Storage Pocket
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Nylon Strap & Plate For Attachment
  • Breathable Mesh Sides
  • Adjustable Side Panel

Quick Video Tour

Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 39.5″x25.5″x 32″
Item Weight 27lbs
Bassniet Weight Limit 30 lbs
Play Yard Weight Limit 50 lbs as Play yard
Age Limit 0-5 in a bassinet
Arm's Reach Concepts Ideal Bassinet for Larger Baby
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6. Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet & Side Bed Bassinet

Apart from all the best bedside sleepers, this one is my favorite side bed bassinet that gets #6 on our list because of its travel-friendly design with a mosquito net.

It’s the only bedside bassinet on our list that offers a Mosquito net with a bassinet. So you can keep your infant’s sleeping area bug-free while allowing air and light inside it.

But remember, you can only use the net while using it as a standard bassinet, and second this net will not protect your infant eye from the light because it is s not act as a canopy.

Another thing the Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet is also a travel bassinet that comes with a travel bag. This travel bag makes the whole journey hassle-free.

The feature that impresses me is the large size storage under the bassinet that can keep almost all the baby essentails you need.

And the fun part is it is retractable storage, so when it is not in use, you can close it to make this bedside bassinet less awkward and give it a more sleek and stylish look.

But on the downside, it’s under the bedside bassinet, so you have to leave your bed to get there.

The first thing you’ll notice is on the side of its legs, it shows markings for variable height sizes, which means it is also a high adjustable bassinet. So matching its height to your adult bed is not an issue.

Like our bassinet, it also offers a zipper side wall, which you can lower to easily access the baby at night and do bedside sleeping with the infant.

And the best thing, to avoid the accident, you can attach the bassinet to the bed with two nylon straps that come with it.

From the maintenance point of view, it’s effortless to maintain. Because its mattress, sheet, fabric, and net are machine washable.

Note:- Cleaning a bassinet is very straightforward, but doing it incorrectly can damage the fabric and leave a smell. So try this ultimate guide: How to wash bassinet properly?

All over, it’s a very elegant & great-looking travel bedside bassinet with a mosquito net, which is just one click away from buying.

So click our link to buy this best bassinet bedside from our verified seller to save some bucks and get a manufacturer warranty.

 Product Features

  • Bedside Sleeper
  • Travel Friendly
  • Adjustable Height 4 Level
  • Easy To Fold & Pack
  • Come With A Travel Bag
  • Mesh Panels On Both Sides
  • Easy Lower Side Wall
  • Optional Mosquito Net
  • Jpma, Cpsc & Astm Certified
  • Retractable Storage

Quick Video Tour

Product Specification

Product Features
Dimension 37″ x 22.5″ x 26″ inches
Item Weight 16.75 Pounds
Weight Limit 25 lbs
Age Limit 0-5 in a bassinet

7. Simmons Kids by The Bed City Bassinet for Bedside

Simmons Kids is the best bedside sleeper option for you if you have less space in the room, and that’s why we place it #6 on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022.

It’s the only bed side sleeper bassinet that can fit anywhere in the room without occupying ample space, just like a small bassinet.

Its design is similar and serves the same purpose as our products #1 and #2, but we put this on #7 because it offers fewer features than the bedside sleepers mentioned above.

It doesn’t offer you a soothing system, zipper side wall, or strap to attach it to the bed.

Apart from that, the Simmons Bed City sleeper bassinet has a slim base with wheels that smoothly slide under the bed to place it near the bed & can also be put over it.

In this way, you can do bedside sleeping without sharing the bed on the bed

Whereas its height-adjustable legs ( Up to 5 levels)  help you to easily lower or up the bassinet at the desired level.

So that you can place it even over the sofa or table. Also, the meshwork walls (small side windows) provide an unobstructed view of the baby and promote good airflow.

The entire assembly is durable, with the frame made of solid metal with plastic ends, so your floor doesn’t get scratched.

Bassinets with side pockets are a blessing, where you can easily store & reach for baby essentials anytime.

The mattress is made from washable fabric with a waterproof sheet fitted inside to prevent both sides from getting soiled.

From the safety point of view, it’s a  JPMA certified bassinet that met all the safety standards the CPSC and ASTM set. Which makes it one of the safest bedside bassinets for a newborn.

So you can remain confident that the product you’re investing in is absolutely safe for your little one.

What else is more safer than seeing your infant sleeping in the safest bedside bassinet. So stop thinking and click our link to buy this affordable bedside bassinet.

 Product Features:

  • Standalone
  • Bedside Bassinet
  • Co Sleeper
  • Easy Access Baby
  • Slim Base With Wheels
  • Retractable Feet
  • 5 Adjustable Heights
  • Mesh Sides For Better Airflow
  • Small Storage Pockets
  • Washable Fabric & Easy To Clean
  • 1-Inch Comfort Mattress Pad

Quick Video Tour

Product Specification:

Product Features
Dimensions 31″ x 19.5″ x 41.5″
Item weight 22 pounds
Weight Limit 15 pounds
Age Limit 0-5 months

I hope you like our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2022, and now, it’s your turn; let us know which bedside bassinet sleeper you are going to buy and why?

Put your valuable answer in the comment box to help other moms.

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