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Some people have exquisite taste, and if you are one of them, this list of the Best Luxury Bassinets 2021 is perfect for you

We have collected reviews of the most expensive and fanciest bassinets in the market. These bassinets will not only add value to your nursery; they will also add value to your home.

It’s the perfect piece of furniture that fits right in your home and catches the attention of your guest.

Despite their luxurious look, they are equipped with all the practical features required to put your newborn to sleep.

Best Luxury Bassinet 2021

Before we begin reviewing the bassinet, let me tell you the primary purpose of all these bassinets on our list, Is to add comfort and luxury to your home and will provide comfort to your newborn.

If you want a hand soothing your baby, the auto soothe function is perfect whenever your baby wakes up in the middle of the night. We also strongly recommend exploring our list of the Best Modern Bassinet 2021, if you want feature like that.

So, let’s start exploring some expensive bassinets for newborn babies.

Quick Comparison of the Best Luxury Bassinet

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesRatingPrice
Monte Design Rockwell Fancy Baby Bassinet Monte Design Rockwell Fancy Baby Bassinet
  1. Elegant look
  2. High-Quality Self made fabric
  3. Rocking Cradle
Chicco Close to You 3in1 Bedside Luxury Bassinet Chicco Close to You 3in1 Bedside Luxury Bassinet
  1. Place Next to Bed
  2. Lower the Side
  3. Wheel with Hand Brack
  4. Move Over the Bed
  5. Adjust the Height
  6. Mesh Side
BABYBJORN Cradle Luxury Baby Bassinet BABYBJORN Cradle Luxury Baby Bassinet
  1. Premium wood and metal
  2. Breathable Mesh
  3. Quality Mattress
  4. Rocking ability
  5. Easy to Clean
Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden Expensive Bassinet Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden Expensive Bassinet
  1. Elegant look
  2. Wheel for Portability
  3. Mesh Side for Breathability
  4. High Quality Material
Baby Cradle Foldable Fancy Baby Bassinet Baby Cradle Foldable Fancy Baby Bassinet
  1. Elegant look
  2. Wooden Frame
  3. Foldable feet 
  4. Assemble & dismantle
  5. Stationary To Rocking
  6. leather On the side
  7. High Quality Material

1.) Monte Design Rockwell Fancy Baby Bassinet:-

Monte Rockwell Bassinet is one of the best handcrafted, simple, sober, elegant-looking luxury bassinet. It is made with the highest quality handmade materials that will look perfect in your nursery.

Monte Design Rockwell Fancy Baby Bassinet

The interior is crafted with a soft protective side and covered with fabric, which is removable. The removable fabric is machine washable that makes the maintaining & cleaning of the bassinet very easy.

On the plus side, this fancy & expensive bassinet comes with one waterproof mattress and 2 fitted bassinet sheets to make sure your baby always sleeps in a clean and hygienic environment.

The oval-shaped bassinet’s stand is made with steel and polished with chrome to give it a luxurious look, and the feet are crafted with premium wood.

The stand is sturdy, with solid walnut feet that give you the flexibility to rock the bassinet. Hence the name: Rockwell bassinet.

It is designed in a way that allows you to rock the bassinet and soothe the baby with just a small push. This feature can also be found on our #3 product.

The feature we like best in this fancy bassinet is the detachable basket.

You can pick up the bassinet from its stand and place it anywhere you want, even on an uneven surface, thanks to its perfectly flat base.

This ability gives you the flexibility to safely place it on the bed and use it as a bed-sharing bassinet for safe co-sleeping.

The best thing about this bassinet is that it’s safe for your children’s health, as it does not contain any flame-retardant chemicals.

It also passes all UK, European, Canada safety standards and is a CPC Certified Bassinet.

If you like the design and the concept, but this fancy bassinet is a little too expensive, try Baby Castle This luxury bassinet follows a similar design at a more reasonable price.

The biggest downside is simply that it is not made from handmade materials.

Monte is the best luxury bassinet that enhances your baby’s sleeping time, no matter what time of the day. So, click this link to buy this fancy bassinet for your baby.

2.) Chicco Close to You 3in1 Bedside Luxury Bassinet:-

Second, on our Best Luxury Bassinet, 2021 list is the Chicco Close To You, which is the perfect piece for luxury in your home. It gets #2 on our list due to its design and an electronic module that helps soothe the baby.

Chicco Close to You 3in1 Bedside Luxury Bassinet

This fancy bassinet is made out of thick, sturdy metal and a plastic frame. The top-quality materials provide the strength needed to ensure your baby’s 100% security.

The bassinet features a mesh side and is high enough to offer your baby protection even when they begin to move.

The sides are also soft and padded on top, so you do not need to worry about your baby bumping into them.

Additionally, the mattress in this luxury baby bassinet is soft and sturdy enough to provide your baby with comfort and support. However, you can do plenty of other things to make your bassinet more comfortable for infants.

This expensive bassinet’s height is adjustable, which means you can easily adjust it to match your own bed to keep your baby closer to you.

This means you can have your baby at an arm’s length while still keeping your own space as you sleep.

The best thing is that you can lift the bassinet up to 24″ – 33.5“, giving you the flexibility to use it as a changing station as well.

Due to its large size and durable design, this luxury bassinet is a bit bulky to move. However, this bassinet comes with a wheel that lets you move the bassinet anywhere in the house while remaining secure and comfortable.

For safety purposes, a handle brake is provided to allow you to lock the bassinet in the desired location.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this multifunctional fancy bassinet is its melody and vibration settings.

The bassinets come with 6 harmonious melodies that help calm and soothe babies, which can be complemented by 2 different vibration types.

These vibrations mimic the sensation of being rocked, like those featured on our list of vibrating bassinets with music.

Other electrical features include a nightlight, which provides just enough light for you to keep an eye on your little one throughout the night.

No need to turn on all the lights to get your baby their bottle. The nightlight is a handy tool that provides visibility without disturbing the baby.

Chicco Close is a unique, fancy & luxury baby bassinet that acts as a bedside bassinet, a portable bed, and a changing table for your newborn. Click this link to add this luxury crafted bassinet to your nursery.

3.) BABYBJORN Cradle Luxury Baby Bassinet: –

This classical masterpiece of a bassinet gets #3 on our list of Best Luxury Bassinets 2021 due to its minimalistic design that is sure to add class and taste to your nursery and home.

BABYBJORN Cradle Luxury Baby Bassinet

The bassinet’s structure is made up of premium wood and metal, which makes it durable and lightweight.

The bassinet’s sides are made with soft mesh material all around.

This means that this luxury bassinet is entirely breathable and enables you to keep a close eye on your bundle of joy, even from a distance.

You could be doing your chores and only have to occasionally peek at your baby to make sure they are sleeping soundly in their bassinet.

The bassinet mattress meets all the guidelines that physicians provide for baby bassinet mattresses.

There is no loose material, no straps, or extra handles that can cause issues while your baby is asleep.

In short, this fancy bassinet is a CPC & JPMA certified bassinet, which means it is safe to use for a newborn baby.

The feature I like the most in the BabyBjorn is its rocking ability.

It is manually controlled (with just a little push & pull), giving you the option to decide how fast or slow you wish the rocking to be.

As a safety feature, the feet have rubber casings to prevent slipping and sliding, even on polished floors.

Moreover, the bassinet has enough weight to prevent any accidents, but it is light enough that you can carry it around to have your little one near you at all times.

All fabric material in this luxury bassinet is removable and machine washable. Simply pluck out the sheets, mesh sides, and mattress from the device to clean them.

The bassinet’s structure can be cleaned up with a wet towel. Here is our Ultimate Guide on bassinet cleaning: How to clean the bassinet properly?

BabyBjorn is a 100% safe bassinet and allows maximum comfort to your baby.

To understand how you can get the best results, read our BabyBjorn Cradle Review.

Or, if you are looking for a discount to save some money on your expensive luxury bassinet, click on this link to buy it from our verified seller.

4.) Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden Expensive Bassinet:-

This luxury bassinet has a simple design with an elegant look, made out of wood, D-mesh fabric, and chemical-free water paint. This quality finishing puts this expensive bassinet at #4 on our list of the best luxury bassinet 2021.

Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden Expensive Bassinet

Its design has a blend of modern and straightforward features, made for the parent to taste fancy & expensive things.

Its sidewall is crafted with Transparent D Mesh fabric, made of 100% polyester.

It allows you to see your baby and let the air pass through like all the other bassinets on our list.

Note: Having a bassinet with a mesh side is useful to lower the temperature in the bassinet & maintain the airflow.

Nevertheless, this feature can create an issue on cold, freezing winter nights as it may be difficult to keep the baby warm.

Read our in-depth guide: How to keep bassinet & crib warm in winter?

This luxury bassinet is crafted with 100% Cotton to keep the inside cozy. This can prevent overheating and make the bassinet more comfortable.

The base of this fancy bassinet is designed with wood over six wheels that allow you to move the bassinet from room to room without picking the baby up from the bassinet.

Don’t worry about inclined surfaces.

All the wheels come with a break to prevent any chances of it rolling out of position, and your baby with it, while you are sleeping.

It comes in three different finishes for parents who like a classy color scheme: natural, white, and metallic. So, you can choose whichever you want.

Don’t forget about its soft, comfy mattress with a sheet that helps you keep the sleeping area clean and hygienic, just like the other luxury baby bassinets on our list.

Micuna is one of the most expensive bassinets in the market and offers excellent comfort to your infants. 

Click on this link to give the comfiest gift you can to your baby: comfortable sleep.

5.) Baby Cradle Foldable Fancy Baby Bassinet: –

Baby Cradle is constructed with sturdy wood material & peach skin fabric that give it the classic and elegant look of a luxury bassinet.

The feature that sets it apart from all the others is its foldable feet, which let you convert this stationary bassinet into a self rocking bassinet by just flipping the foot.

Baby Cradle Foldable Fancy Baby Bassinet

This feature comes very much in handy for soothing the baby because the rocking feature helps babies calm down.

The feature that sets it apart from all the others is its foldable feet, which let you convert this stationary bassinet into a rocking bassinet by just flipping the foot.

This feature comes very much in handy for soothing the baby because the rocking feature helps babies calm down.

Another great feature is the-skid pads on the bottom of the bassinet’s feet to prevent the bassinet from sliding on smooth surfaces; this keeps your baby safe and sound.

Its measures 90x56x70cm, which means it is big enough to use for more than 6-8 months. However, the manufacturer recommends that you stop using it after 5-6 months.

The material used to craft this luxury bassinet is wood; it is very lightweight, allowing you to move the bassinet from room to room. It folds up into a compact piece, which makes it a travel-friendly bassinet

Note: Proper use of a bassinet is dependent upon the weight and size of the baby. For example, a preemie baby grows slowly as compared to a mature baby.

In that case, you can use it longer. Read our guide: When to stop using a bassinet

You can quickly assemble & dismantle the bassinet without needing any extra help or tools. The frame folds and the leather fabric lays flat, making the bassinet extremely small so it can occupy less storage space.

Its compact nature allows you to store away the bassinet even if your space is small.

The leather on the side has mesh windows that make ventilation possible and let you keep an eye on your baby always.

Mesh sides are a big plus and are strongly recommended by pediatricians to prevent the possibility of SIDS.

The mattress is soft and made for babies; you can remove the bed and wash it in the machine to make it more hygienic for your child

It may seem like you are spending a lot of money in one place, but this will be your baby’s home for the next few months.

Your baby’s comfort and safety should be the number one priority, which is why this bassinet is a good investment.

You will have no regrets when you see the benefits of this luxury bassinet in action. So, Click the link to buy this beautiful luxury bassinet.

What Do We Recommend To Buy?

A luxury baby bassinet is an excellent purchase because it is unique and serves the purpose of both adding comfort and giving a sleek, fancy look to your baby nursery.

You can go with what you like the most or what fits your wallet, but if you ask us what we recommend as the best bang for your buck, go with our #2 product, which is Chicco Close to You 3in1

We recommend it because of the bassinet’s portability, height adjustment, soothing device and all other feature that you need to take core of you infant.

And one of the best thing, it fit most of the parents pocket.

So, if you still need help to make a more valuable decision, then read our Ultimate Guide: How to choose a bassinet?

Or you can explore our list of the Best Baby Bassinet 2021 to find the bassinet that meets your needs.

Now, it’s your turn; let us know which luxury baby bassinet you find best and why? Help other moms like you make a valuable and quick decision. 

And don’t forget to share the article if it helped you!

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