Top 6 Best Bassinets for Twins [ Double Bassinet ]

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Are you planning for twins Or you have someone expecting twins, and you want to gift them one, then a twins bassinet is one of the essential & best gifts that you can give.

And if it’s the case that you are expecting Twins, then a Twins bassinet is paramount.

Handling a newborn baby is quite complicated. Soon you will deal with the twins, then imagine who difficult is going to become.

I didn’t see the need for a Twins bassinet when my sister had twins. Until I realized how painful, inconvenient, and less cozy, a standard full crib was for both the mother and her babies.

Best baby bassinets for twins

The twin baby bassinet makes the job easy as it is compact, small, and comes with a feature that you need to take care of your twins. Some of them are also travel-friendly and easy to move from room to room because of their Wheel.

We have created a list of the best bassinets for twins based upon the features & feedback collect from the mom like you, that help you to make valuable decisions.

So, let’s explore the feature of the twin baby beds.

Quick Comparison of The Best Bassinets for Twins

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesBuy Now
HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series, Sand CircleHalo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Twins BassinetBassinet With Divider
360 Rotation & Co-Sleeping
Height Adjustment
Mesh Sidewall
Auto Restore Sidewall
Vibration, Music, Nightlight
Storage & Wheel
Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center with flip changing stationBaby Trend Go Lite Twins Double BassinetDouble De-attachable Bassinet
Rock-a-Bye Bassinet
Bassinet with Canopy
Changing Table & Playard
Vibration, Music, Nightlight
Foldable With Tate Bag
Storage & Wheel
Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Double BassinetTwin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby BedsBassinet with Divider
Wheel with 360 Rotation
Mesh Sidewall
Storage for Baby essential
Lightweight & Travel Friendly
graco twin pack n play reviewsGraco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet for TwinsDouble Bassinet
Can Use as Pack n Play
Mesh Sidewall
Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center 1JOOVY Room2 Nursery Center & Twin PlayardBassinet With Divider
Changing Table
Transparent Mesh Sidewall
Large Playard

1.) Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Twins Bassinet:-

Halo twin bassinet is #1 on our list of the best bassinets for twins due to its quality and feature. It is a single bassinet that has a separator in place of a standalone bassinet attached.

If you are looking for two different baby bassinet for twins or double Bassinet, check our product #2.

360 degree rotation bassinet for twins

This twin baby bassinet’s central selling point is the 360-degree smoothness of rotation thats not found in any other bassinet.

Let me explain how?

Suppose you are feeding one baby and now want to provide the other one, then you can rotate the Bassinet to get the other one close to you.

It ensures your babies do not lack soothing or nighttime feeding as they are close to you, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your bed necessarily.

Another great feature of this Twin baby bed is that you can use it as a twin co sleeper bassinet by placing the twin bassinet to overlap the bed.

A study shows that co-sleeping with babies improves the baby’s health and makes a strong bond between a mom and child.

Halo twin bassinet not just helps you do co-sleeping but also saves space in the room by minimizing the distance between the wall and the bed.

But, In case you don’t want to do co-sleeping then you can use it as a bedside bassinet for twins. One Bassinet, but you can use it in many ways.

Halo twin Bassinet offers your babies the closeness they want, And mesh walls provide total visibility and breathability for your babies.

The best thing about the MESH WALL is that you can lower the side by little Push. It automatically again its Original position.

Also, It has a beautiful design of the bed that enables you to make adjustments to the Bassinet’s height from 24 inches to about 34 inches, depending on your bed’s height.

The feature I like the most is its Tiny Mobile Device: It offers three lullabies and three soothing sounds that help the baby to sleep faster.

It also has two-level vibration, a back to bed reminder, two-level nightlights, and a 30 minutes auto shut off that makes this Bassinet Awesome.

Back to bed reminder is handy; sometimes, mom is tired and gets fall in sleep during breastfeeding, which can be a death case due to suffocation.

Halo comes with two polyester sheets (fitted), two waterproof mattress pads, two cotton sheets.

But I recommend buying a few more because managing a twin is a tough job. You need at least three mattress pad to make sure your babies always get to sleep in a clean environment.

Note: You can read our How to clean a bassinet properly? This ultimate guide will help you to make sure your twins always sleep in a clean environment.

Watch This Video to Explore its Feature.

Still want to explore more features, then read our Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Reviews.

From my point of view, Halo twin bassinet is an excellent product for new mothers, specifically for those that went through c-section. It is quite pricey, but given features and quality, I can assure you it’s worth the price.

You can buy this Best co sleeper for twins right now from our verified seller for an unbeatable rate by clicking the link. It comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

2.) Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Double Bassinet:-

If you can’t get the first one, try to purchase this as it is also perfect for parents expecting twins, and it is also a little less expensive.

This Bassinet also deserves #1 on our list of the Best bassinets for twins. Still, we place this on #2 because it does not offer 360 Rotation and Twin Co-sleeping.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center with flip changing station

But the good thing about this Bassinet is, You can de-attach the Double Bassinet to use as a standalone bassinet Or Can use as Playard Or as Changing Table.

Let me explain how?

Suppose Your one baby is crying and the other one is sleeping. So placing both the baby in the same twin bassinet is not the solution.

So, What can you do here?

You can pick one Bassinet separately and move in the house without disturbing the other.

Removing the one Bassinet, Convert the whole twin Nursery into a Changing table for twins, where you can easily change the diaper without taking to much stress on you back.

And removing both bassinets from Twin Nursery, Make it Playard for baby. It’s another twin pack n play with multiple features.

Note: This Bassinet comes in three versions, and the first two are the same Goodnight Forest and Circle Tech only difference in its color. The third one is the Drip Drop Blue. The thing that makes it different from both is its Storage.

Now, let talk about its other features.

Each Bassinet has its separate Mobile device that generates vibration, music. It also has a nightlight to check the baby sleeping or not without lighting the whole room.

Baby loves to sleep on a vibrating surface, that’s why know a day vibrating Bassinet become more popular, and It’s safe. Read this “Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Infant?“.

The music center includes two music styles and nature sounds that help the baby relax and sleep faster.

Along with it, the Bassinet comes with two toys that keep the baby busy when you are doing the work. And Canopy, that protects your babies’ eyes from the light.

The features of the Bassinet do not end here. This double Bassinet has another unique feature is; it is a rock-a-bye-baby bassinet positioned side by side.

We can also say its the best twin baby rocker too.

The feature we like the most in the Bassinet is its Tote bag. That makes Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Nursery Center a twin travel bed. But the downside is, assembly & disassembly of the Bassinet take quite a time.

So, if you want something that you can bring with you anywhere, then check our #3 product.

Watch This Video to Explore its Feature.

If you want to know about its hidden feature then read our Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center Reviews

This Bassinet is recommended for babies from a day old to 6 months old. The weight range of babies should stay in this Bassinet is anywhere up to 15lbs or until your babies get to twenty-two inches.

Note: There is no hard and fast rule to stop using a bassinet when you baby weight reaches 15lbs. Check this guide when to stop using the Bassinet for baby safety? It will help you to make the right decisions.

With this best twin bassinet, you can go on short trips and move around without hurting or inconveniencing your babies. So, what are you waiting for? Give this beautiful gift to your twins baby by clicking on the link!

3.) Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby Beds:-

The Twin Double Bassinet design is quite similar to our #1 product. Still, we put this Bassinet on #3 on our list of the Best bassinets for twins because it offers fewer features than the above one.

But still have their unique feature that holds position #3.

The feature we like the most in this Twin Double bassinet is the foldable mechanism that makes it the best twin travel bed. 

You can fold this Bassinet in just a minute, and its ready to go with you anywhere you want. Also, it’s lightweight, which makes it more convenient.

Now, let’s talk about features.

The Side Wall of this another bed for twins newborn is made up of Pura Mesh that makes it breathable and comfortable to see in the Bassinet.

One small storage pocket is on the Bassinet side that keeps baby essentials near your reach, like burp cloths, small toys, or pacifiers.

Another good thing about this twin baby beds, That make it a little similar to Hallo Twin Bassinet, is its Wheel.

The Wheel of the Bassinet helps you to rotate the Bassinet up to 360 degrees. But keep in mind, You can’t move the Bassinet over the bed. We can say it’s a bedside bassinet for twins.

Watch This Video to Explore its Feature.

Note: Some people buy two bassinets rather than buying one. For those people, here is a few more Best Bedside bassinet if you like to check. 

The only downside of this Bassinet is it does not offer a Mobile device then the above one.

But still, in this price range, They are offering the Best twin bassinet for newborn. 

Here is a link to check the latest price of the baby bed for twins.

4.) Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet for Twins:-

This twin pack n play bassinet is #4 on our list of the Best bassinets for twins. It does not offer many features as the top three above; it’s a simple, sobber, and small Bassinet for twins.

It is a bassinet that is great for its height. For moms that go through c-section, it is perfect!

You would not have to bend so low to lift your baby from the Bassinet. And its light body, along with the Wheel, makes it easy for you to move the twin pack n play from room to room.

This is a suitable bassinet for you if you leave in a small apartment or house because this twin pack n play helps you save ample space.

This double pack and play twin bassinet are similar to the #2 product in the Bassinet design.

But the downside of the Bassinet is, you can’t use it as a Standalone bassinet because the middle support or we can say the base of the Bassinet removed if you pick it up.

By removing both the Bassinet, you can convert the Twin Nursery into twin Pack and Play.

These bassinets have Canopy as in the Baby Trend Twin Bassinet that adds to protects your baby’s eyes from high-intensity light so that your babies can rest well.

It has a quilted mattress pad that makes a nap comfortable and cozy. And also comes with a carrying bag for convenience during a journey, and you will have a no-fuss trip.

Graco double Bassinet is the third cheapest twin bassinets on your list of the best Bassinet for twins and the market.

Note: If you don’t have a reasonable budget, I recommend trying our #3 or #5 product — one of the cheapest Bassinet on our list. 

If you wish to explore its more feature of the best twin bassinet, read our Graco Pack N Play Twins Bassinet Reviews. It gives you in-depth information about this double pack and plays.

5.) JOOVY Room2 Nursery Center & Twin Playard:-

JOOVY is the best playard for twins as well as the Bassinet. It is last on our list of the Best bassinets for twins because it is quite simple, Sober, and has some basic features.

The side of the twin playard is made up of a Transparent White Mesh, that makes it possible to see the baby from far away.

Like other twin baby beds on our list, It also comes with two bassinets separated with a divider. And this divider can remove to make one single large Bassinet.

If case you want both the baby in the same Bassinet to enjoy each other company.

Also, the Surface is removable, water-resistant, and the cover of the Bassinet can be washed in the washing machine. This makes it more convenient.

By removing the Surface, you can convert this twin baby bed into a large size twin playard.

Even you can use it as a Changing table By placing a portable Changing table on it. It can be used as one baby is lying down at the nursery’s bottom, and the other baby is on the top changing table.

The changing table holds up to 25 lbs, and it can be folded down and out whenever you want. The overall Bassinet can hold 30 lbs means each section can have 15lbs.

The thing we like in this Bassinet is it Wheel that makes it possible to move this large size twin playard into a room to room.

Many other features make it best playard for twins; you can read about it more in our Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center Reviews.

I hope you have found this information useful and this “Best Bassinets for twins” guide will help you in making a valuable decision.

What Do We Recommend To Buy?

Well, if you ask us, then we would recommend going with Halo Twin Sleeper, One of the Best Bassinets for twins in 2020.

This best twin bassinet is a little costly, no doubt in it. Still, your money’s value is directly converted in quality and comfort you will give your newborn baby.

Many people try to save some money and go with lower price bassinet, but after a few days, they realize that they made a mistake. This is because babies can’t sleep in it, and they try to buy some extra things that make the Bassinet more comfortable.

So, rather than spending it on other things, invest it into the Bassinet for health and sound sleep.

The 2nd twin baby bed I would like to recommend is the Baby Trend Twins Nursery Center.

The only difference I observe in this double Bassinet is, you can’t use it as a co-sleeper. But the rest of the features bite the helo bassinet.

But in the end, the choice is yours. If you need help to make a more valuable decision, check our Ultimate Guide: How to choose a bassinet?

Here is a few more option available if you would like to explore.

Now, it’s your turn to let me know which Bassinet you will buy and why it makes it the best twin bassinet for you.

Drop your valuable comment in the comment box.

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