7 Best Bassinets for Twins — Double Co Sleeper

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If you are expecting twin babies, then a twin bassinet is essential. Handling one newborn baby is complicated enough. Just imagine how difficult it will become if you don’t have the proper setup.

I didn’t see the need for a double bassinet until my sister had twins.

I realized how painful, inconvenient, and cramped a standard full-size crib was for both the mother and the babies.

The twin co sleeper bassinet makes the job easy as it comes with all the features you need to take care of your twins.

Best baby bassinets for twins

It’s not like any standard bassinet on the market; it’s unique & specifically designed for twins. Before we review, let me answer the most frequent query: Can twins sleep in the same bassinet?

The simple answer is No—twins can’t sleep in the same bassinet. Not only is it not safe, but it’s also uncomfortable. Always make sure your both newborn babies sleep in their own separate sleeping place, as per the recommendation of APP.

To help you find the best twin bassinet, we have created a list based on the gathered information, features & feedback collected from moms like you to help you make an informed decision.

Our testing process involved pulling together a team of 6 moms to do a hands-on review.

Based on these reviews, we came up with a list of 5 Top Rated & Best Bassinets for Twins 2021 that will suit babies and moms like you.

Quick Comparison of The Best Bassinets for Twins

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesRatingPrice
Halo Bassinet for Twins Co Sleeper for NewbornsHalo Bassinet for Twins Co Sleeper for Newborns
  1. Bassinet With Divider
  2. 360 Rotation & Co-Sleeping
  3. Height Adjustment
  4. Mesh Sidewall
  5. Auto Restore Sidewall
  6. Vibration, Music, Nightlight
  7. Storage & Wheel
Baby Trend GoLite Double Twin Pack and Play BassinetBaby Trend GoLite Double Twin Pack and Play Bassinet
  1. Double De-attachable Bassinet
  2. Rock-a-Bye Bassinet
  3. Bassinet with Canopy
  4. Changing Table & Playard
  5. Vibration, Music, Nightlight
  6. Foldable With Tate Bag
  7. Storage & Wheel
Simmons Kids Bed City Co Sleeper Bassinet for TwinsBaby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet for Moms
  1. Bassinet with Divider
  2. Height Adjustable 
  3. Can bring over the Bed
  4. Small Mesh Sidewall
  5. Storage for Baby essential
  6. Adjustable feet with wheels
Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Double BassinetDelta Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Baby Beds
  1. Bassinet with Divider
  2. Wheel with 360 Rotation
  3. Mesh Sidewall
  4. Storage for Baby essential
  5. Lightweight & Travel Friendly
Joovy Room2 Pack and Play Nursery for TwinsJoovy Room2 Pack and Play Nursery for Twins
  1. Bassinet With Divider
  2. Changing Table
  3. Transparent Mesh Sidewall
  4. Large Playard
  5. Whee
Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet for NewbornGraco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet for Newborn
  1. Double Bassinet
  2. Can Use as Pack n Play
  3. Mesh Sidewall
  4. Wheel

1.) Halo Bassinest for Twins Co Sleeper Bassinet:-

Halo Bassinest Twin is one of the best twin co sleeper bassinets, placing #1 on our list. We rate this #1 because it has the highest number & quality of features, including a 360° rotating part and a built-in soothing center.

The Halo bassinest for twins is essentially a single bassinet separated with a divider to make a double bassinet for twins.

The feature that makes it unique is its 360° rotating feature; you will not find this in any other twin infant bed in the market.

Suppose you finish feeding one baby and now need to attend to the other one.

Just rotate the bassinet to pull the other one close—no need to leave your warm cozy bed!

Not only does it help you quickly access the baby, but it also allows you to do safe co sleeping with infants.

All you have to do is move the bassinet over the bed.

This is possible due to its flexible design & adjustable height base, which allow you to quickly lift the bassinet up to the height ( 24″ to 34″) of your adult bed.

Some mothers may feel discomfort or pain from constantly reaching down to pick up their babies. Especially those recovering from a difficult delivery.

This discomfort can be eliminated entirely with a suitable bassinet. That’s the reason another similar bassinet from Halo Brand gets #1 on our list of the Best Bassinet after C Section & Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding.

Another feature that makes this twin bedside sleeper stand out is its Auto-Restore Side Panel.

With a little push, you can easily bring down the sidewall, and when you’re finished, it automatically returns to its original position to keep the baby safe in the bassinet.

The Halo twin bassinest comes with a soothing device to help the baby fall asleep. The device consists of a night light, two vibration levels, three lullabies, and three soothing sounds that help soothe the baby.

Note: Nowadays, vibrating bassinets have become more popular because it help the baby sleep faster. The only downside is that baby can get addicted to it, but as long as you are careful of this, it’s safe to use.

I recommended reading our article: Is vibrating bassinet safe for newborns? before making any decisions.

This bassinet also has a “Back-To-Bed” reminder that comes in very handy when you are tired.

Suppose you are breastfeeding one of your twins, and you fall asleep.

This increases the risk of suffocation, so a 30-minute “back to bed” reminder is put in place to remind you to put the baby back in the bassinet.

This twin co sleeper’s side is made with white mesh, making it easy for you and your babies to see each other.

Additionally, the mesh allows airflow & lowers the overall temperature in the bassinet, reducing the risk of SIDS.

For maximum comfort and hygiene. It comes with two fitted polyester sheets, two waterproof mattress pads, and two 100% cotton sheets to help you keep the baby’s sleeping area clean and cozy.

However, I recommend buying a few more because managing twins is a tough job. You will need at least three mattress pads to ensure your babies always get to sleep in a clean environment.

Halo bassinest is the best co sleeper for twins, designed to provide safe bed-sharing with infants. And it also offers all the features you need to take care of your twins.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this top-rated double bassinet for twins from our verified seller at an unbeatable rate.

2.) Baby Trend Go Lite Double Bassinet for Twins:-

The #2 place on our list goes to the Baby Trend GoLite. This is a detachable Double Bassinet that helps you to sleep and soothe the baby where you want.

Baby Trend Bassinet could have easily been #1 on our list of the Best Bassinets for Twins 2021. But we placed it at #2 because it does not offer 360 rotation like the Halo bassinet, which helps you in co-sleeping.

However, it is a 3-in-1 bassinet with many amazing features. You can use it as a Standalone bassinet, as a Twin Pack-n-Play bassinet, or as a changing table, depending on your needs.

Suppose one baby is crying and the other one is sleeping. Clearly, placing both babies in the same Twin bassinet is not the solution. So, What do you do?

Well, with the Baby Trend GoLite, you can separate the double bassinet and move one into a different part of the house without disturbing the other, like a standalone bassinet.

To make this process even easier, a handle is included over the canopy to allow you to easily lift the bassinet.

Once you separate one of the bassinets, you can flip the side to convert the whole twin nursery into a changing table for your twins.

Where you can easily change their diapers without putting too much stress on your back.

Additionally, a “Parent Organizer” is attached to the twin pack n play to allow you to store essentials near the baby, just like a bassinet with storage.

If you remove both bassinets from the twin baby nursery, you can turn it into a Pack’ n’ Play for the babies. One bassinet serves 3 purposes—how fantastic!

Now, let’s talk about my favorite feature, which is the soothing kit included in this twin pack n play bassinet.

Each bassinet has its own separate soothing device that generates vibration, music, and a nightlight. So you can check on the babies without lighting the whole room.

The music center includes two music styles and various nature sounds, all with volume control, to help the babies relax and sleep faster.

There are also two toys included with the bassinet that will help keep your babies engaged and enriched when they’re awake in their bassinets.

Note: Many bassinets vibrate & play music, but if you really want an extra hand soothing your babies at night, Then try High-End Bassinets. Its “auto-soothe” features detect the baby’s cries and automatically turn ON soothing devices.

A beautiful canopy is also included on the Baby Trend bassinet to protect the babies from light, and it’s easy to open and close as necessary.

The bassinet’s features don’t end here; this double bassinet has another unique feature called Rock-a-Bye. Just remove the bassinet, place it on the floor and use it to rock the baby, like a rocking bassinet.

To provide more comfort to infants, the interior is created with plush fabric, and the mesh side windows are designed to let the fresh air circulate to provide better breathability.

In addition to all the great features, this bed for twins newborns also comes with a tote bag, which makes it a travel bassinet for infants.

Unfortunately, assembly & disassembly of the bassinet are a bit time-consuming, so it’s not an ideal bassinet for travel.

If you want something that you can bring with you wherever you go, check out our #4 & #5 products, both of which are designed to easily travel with twins.

With this best twin bassinet, you can go on short trips and move around without disturbing your babies. So, what are you waiting for? Give this beautiful gift to your twin baby by clicking on the link!

3.) Simmons Kids BedCity Co Sleeper Bassinet for Twins:-

We put Simmons Kids at #3 on our list of the Best Bassinets for Twins 2021 because it’s another excellent co sleeper bassinet for twins that comes with all the features you need, all at an affordable price.

All the Simmons bassinets are JPMA approved bassinets and meet the CPSC & ASTM safety standards. You can rest assured that your baby is sleeping in a safe & baby-skin-friendly product.

The Simmons Bassinet has a unique and exciting design, particularly in the design of the bassinet legs.

Its feet can easily slide under the bed, and its adjustable co-sleeper design allows you to quickly and easily bring the bassinet over the bed.

Even if you don’t have space under your bed, you can still bring the bassinet over the bed by reducing its foot length.

It also helps you save space in the room by minimizing the distance between the wall and the bed. This is definitely the best space saving bassinet.

Don’t worry about matching the bassinet to your bed’s height. This co sleeper for twins comes with 5 Adjustable height points that can meet the height of most king & queen size beds.

But if your bed is high, then go with our list of the best bassinet for tall bed.

This twin infant bed also comes with a Wheel that gives you the option to easily move the bassinet from room to room, just like a portable bassinet. However, if you are looking for something you can bring with you wherever you travel,

The Simmons Kids also offers storage on the side of the bassinet, which comes very much in handy when dealing with baby chores.

You can keep all the essentials right at arms’ reach, and it’s the best option for new moms who are going through the aches and pains of recovering from labor.

This twin bassinet is designed with a transparent mesh window on the side of the bassinet, allowing you to keep watch over the baby even when you are across the room.

Also, thanks to the Mesh Separator in the bassinet, both the babies can see each other & enjoy their twin’s company while still remaining safe & separate.

The rest of the interior is covered with soft, cozy fabric, and to maximize comfort for your twins, a 1-inch-thick mattress is provided.

The mattress is protected by removable sheets, making the cleaning and maintaining process very easy.

Note: Cleaning a twin nursery is very easy, but doing it wrong can damage the fabric. We recommend reading our helpful guide: How to clean the bassinet? This will help you clean your twins’ nursery properly.

The bassinet’s only downside is that it does not offer vibration, music, or a nightlight.

If the manufacturer were to add a soothing device to this twin infant bed, it would certainly be #2 on this list.

Apart from that, though, the Simmons Kids is one of the best twin co sleepers that you can get. Slide it over your bed, couch, sofa, or any other piece of furniture to keep the babies with you all the time.

This is one of the best bassinet for twins on the market, so get going! Click the link to grab the latest deal.

4.) Delta Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Twin Infant Bed:-

The Delta Children Twin Bassinet gets #4 on our list for its folding mechanism, which you will not find in any other bedside bassinet for twins on the market.

This bassinet is very easy to fold; you just have to pick up the bassinet from the middle to fold it, and it’s ready to travel with you. There’s no need for any tools to assemble or dismantle the bassinet.

It’s also lightweight and comes with a wheel, which helps you move it conveniently from room to room.

In addition to being easy to move, it can also be rotated 360 degrees, just like the Halo bassinet we highlighted earlier.

Unfortunately, even after folding it down, the Delta bassinet does not become small enough to carry you on a long journey.

But having something is better than nothing, though, and after all, it’s designed for twin babies. It’s no wonder it’s a bit larger than the average bassinet.

The Delta Children twin bedside sleeper is designed to do bedside sleeping with infants, just like as we do in Bedside Sleeper Bassinet.

The only feature that I feel is missing is an adjustable leg to lift the bassinet to match your bed height. With such a part, it would be ideal.

Like other twin bassinets on our list, this twin bedside bassinet also offers mesh sidewalls to lower the temperature and increase breathability.

Similarly, storage pockets on the side allow you to keeps baby essentials within reach, like burp cloths, small toys, or pacifiers.

Note: Some people prefer to buy two separate bassinets rather than buying one single bassinet for their twins. If you prefer this option, take a look at our list of Best Bedside Bassinets, which you can use separately as a twin baby bed.

The Delta Children double bassinet for twins is recommended to use up to 6-7 months, or until your baby exceeds recommended weight limit, which is 30lbs total (15lb per baby).

However, there is no hard and fast rule as to when you should stop using a bassinet.

Some babies grow very slowly, and some grow at a faster rate. It’s best to have a good understanding of your infants’ unique circumstances so you can make the right decision. Here is a helpful guide: When to stop using bassinet?

The downside of this bassinet, similarly to the Simmons bassinet, is that it does not include a mobile device to help soothe the baby.

However, it is small enough to fit in a small size room, which is ideal if you live in a small apartment.

Overall, it’s an excellent bedside bassinet for twins that gives you the flexibility to take it anywhere you want with you. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to fold.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to buy this fantastic double bassinet from our verified seller and get a manufacturer warranty.

5.) Joovy Room2 Pack & Play Bed for Twins Newborn:-

The JOOVY Room2 Pack and Play is not only the best twin playpen on the market but also gets #5 on our list of the Best Twin Bassinets. It is simple, sober, and has the basic features you need for a twin baby nursery.

The side of this twin pack n play nursery is made up of a transparent white mesh that increases air circulation and allows you to see the baby from far away.

Like other twin infant beds on our list, it also comes as two bassinets separated with a divider.

The thing that makes it unique is that this partition can be removed to create one large bassinet for twins.

This is perfect if you want the babies to enjoy each other’s company in the same bassinet. Just be sure to separate them while they are sleeping, as this is the safest way for babies to sleep.

By removing the sleeping surface, you can convert this twin infant bed into a large size twin playpen.

This is an awesome feature, as it allows you to continue using it even after the twins outgrow the bassinet.

You can also use it as a changing table; it comes with a separate changing table which you can simply place on top to convert it into a changing area.

It can even be used as a changing table and a standalone bassinet at the same time.

Even if one baby is lying on the bottom, you can still attach the top and place the other baby on the changing table. It can hold up to 25 lbs, and it can be folded down and taken out with you whenever you want.

Whereas the bassinet can hold 30 lbs overall, which means each section has approximately a 15lbs weight limit.

Also, the removable surface is water-resistant and can be washed in the washing machine. This makes it very convenient and easy to clean the bassinet.

The feature we like most in this twin bedside sleeper is its wheel.

Which makes it possible to move this large twin playard from room to room, even while your cute little angel is sleeping soundly in the bassinet.

There’s not much missing in this awesome twin pack ‘n’ play bassinet.

But it would certainly be higher on this list if it included a soothing kit or a 360° rotation feature.

With the JOOVY Room2, you have a twins bassinet that you can also use as a changing station, and later on, you can use it again as a playpen.

If you want to travel with it, you can fold it up and take it with you wherever you go, like a foldable bassinet.

That’s a lot for one bassinet to offer! Click the link to add this versatile piece of furniture to your twin baby nursery.

6.) Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet for Newborn:-

The Graco twins nursery center gets #6 on our list of the Best Bassinets for Twins 2021. It does not offer as many features as the top 5 above; it’s a small, simple bassinet for twins, but it does the job.

The 2-in-1 design lets you use it as a twin baby bassinet and as a pack n play for twin babies.

If you look closely at the Graco bassinet, it looks similar to our #2 product, offering two bassinets that you can use separately as a standalone bassinet. However, this is not the case for Graco.

The Graco bassinets do not have a base; rather, it is a pack n play Playard, in which two base-less bassinets are placed to create two separate sleeping areas for twins.

By removing both the bassinets, you can convert the twin nursery into a twin pack and play.

Additionally, to make this bassinet more versatile, it has two wheels to help you move the bassinet from room to room while your baby is sleeping in it.

This double bassinet has a canopy to protect your baby’s eyes from high-intensity light so that they can rest well.

It has a quilted mattress pad that makes naps more comfortable and cozy. However, you can do plenty of other things to make the baby’s sleeping area more comfortable.

The only downside of this twin baby bed is that it does not offer a storage pocket or a soothing kit.

If you want to go with this sober & straightforward bassinet that easily fits in your pocket. We recommend buying a separate mobile for the bassinet to help soothe the infants.

Many people try to save some money, go with a lower-price bassinet, and then realize they made a mistake after a few days.

They find that their baby has trouble sleeping, and then they must scramble to buy some extra things that make the bassinet comfortable.

So, rather than spending it on other things later down the line, we recommend investing it into a bassinet that better supports the baby’s health & sleep.

Despite being relatively simple, the Graco is a great multi-use twin bassinet. If you are looking for a discount to save some money, go ahead and click the link to grab the latest deal.

Now it’s your turn! Which twin baby bassinet will you buy, and why? What makes it best for you?

Your comments are valuable, so feel free to drop them in the comment box. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

In the end, we strongly recommend thoroughly evaluating your current situation to understand what you need from a bassinet in order to make an informed.

If you need help, read our guide: How to choose a bassinet? Or Explore our list of the Best Bassinet for infant 2021

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