I’m sure you’ve been hearing about the vibrating bassinets because they’re becoming pretty popular due to their ability to help babies fall asleep faster.

But the vital thing to know is that; is vibrating bassinet safe for newborn babies or not?

Can a baby sleep in a vibrating bassinet? If Yes, then how long can the baby sleep in it? Are there any hazards to the baby’s health or anything else to be concerned about?

Well, everything you want to know about vibrating bassinet will be answered in this article.

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That helps you to make a valuable decision for your infants.  So, keep reading!

Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborn Babies?

The answer is YES! Vibrating bassinets are totally safe & they’re a great way to help your baby sleep well because they meet all the CPSC & JPMA standards guidelines. So, there is no need to worry about it. However, the only thing you have to keep in mind is not to leave the vibrations on for a long period.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet vibrating device

This is due to the fact that the babies become accustomed to the movements and refuse to fall asleep without them.

So you’ll have difficulty making them fall asleep if at any time the bassinet is unavailable to you.

Believe me, it will become challenging to manage.

Apart from that, there are no hazards to your baby’s health & its safe.

Vibrating bassinet not just helps your baby to sleep comfortably, but it also helps to breathe easily.

Watch what Dr. Mallika Marshall has said:

Personally, I’m a big fan of this feature. For instance, you had a lot of work to do, and now you feel tired. But you have to wait for your baby to fall asleep so that you can switch off the vibration.

This pain is over thanks to the auto shut off feature of the Halo Bassinets & Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet that come in the market with built-in auto shut off ( after 30min ) feature.

back to bed reminder Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Also, some bassinets come at a different level of vibration, which is very helpful for the baby to fall asleep faster, for example:

When you put your baby in the bassinet and set the vibration to maximum (use hit and trial method), this will encourage the baby to fall asleep.

When he/she starts to feel sleepy, then set it to a lower level.

There is a wide variety of bassinets on the market, and you can find the perfect one at every price point. 

Explore our list of the best vibrating bassinets that give your baby a relaxing good night’s sleep.

Note: All these bassinets are designed for the parents’ specific needs, so feel free to choose the one that meets your requirement. If you need help to choose a bassinet, then here is our Ultimate Guide: How to choose a bassinet?

Now the next question is;

Can Baby Sleep In Vibrating Bassinet?

The short answer is, yes, your baby can sleep in a vibrating bassinet & its safe. In fact, your baby will have a good night’s sleep in it. This is because the vibrations are gentle and mimic the gentle back and forth motions of a parent rocking the baby. And this is why the baby likes the vibration.

Can Baby Sleep In Vibrating Bassinet

Even when they wake up in the middle of their sleep, the vibrations will relax them and make them feel like their mom or dad is holding them.

And believe it or not, they tend to fall right back to sleep.

That’s why nowadays modern bassinets are designed with Auto Cry Detection Technology.

This response to the baby’s cry vibrates the bassinet and other features like white noise and music to put the baby back.

You don’t need to wake up in the middle of night expected to feed the baby. Which is fantastic, and of course, allows you to sleep uninterrupted as well.

But what will you do if your baby is crying? Then how do you put your crying baby in the bassinet?

Well, follow this “5S RULE” by Harvey Karp.

My baby always fell right back to sleep when he was in his vibrating bassinet! A vibrating bassinet actually does a better job of putting a baby to sleep than a stationary one.

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So, now the next question is,

Why Do Babies Like Vibration?

Babies like vibration because they are already addicted to it before he/she is born. Let me explain how. When a baby is unborn, he is in the water balloon in your womb. He/she faces a lot of vibration & noise from your heartbeat, regular movement, rushing blood, etc.

Everything you do in the day, your baby experiences it in your womb. Like, when you are talking, walking, etc. All these things send gentle vibrations to your unborn baby.

Watch this quick video to understand why “SHHHHhhhhh” sound helps you to soothe your baby

I hope now you can easily understand why the baby likes vibration & why it soothes babies.

But your research does not end here. You should have to take safety precautions to keep your baby on the safe side.

If you use a vibrating product such as a vibrating toy, mattress, pillow, etc., you should take care that you don’t leave the vibration on the whole night. A baby can get addicted to it, so use it wisely.

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Vibrating Attachment for Bassinet & Crib?

So, maybe you’ve already bought your bassinet but are disappointed that you didn’t choose one that vibrates. Yes, they are better for putting your baby to sleep and keeping them asleep.

But don’t worry, you can convert your standard bassinet or crib into a vibrating bassinet by attaching an affordable vibrating attachment for bassinet or crib.

1.) Bassinet Vibrating Soother: –

The Summer Soothe is the best baby vibrating soother for babies. You can attach this vibrating device to any bassinet and enjoy the feature of vibration.

Summer Soothe Vibrating Attachment for Bassinet

You can attach this vibrating soother bassinet in two ways, by hook and loops or retractable clips.

The feature I like the most in this is the Automatic 20-minute shutoff with adjustable volume and vibration speeds,

That make it flexible to meet your baby’s needs. Also, summer offers 5 songs/sounds to soothe your baby to sleep.

And one of the most important factors is that it is a safe vibrating soother for baby.

2.) Crib Vibration Soother: –

A Halo Snoozypod Vibrating Bedtime Soother has two different vibration levels with 30-minute intervals and all-night-long vibration modes. For example, you can set it to 30-minute vibration. After that, it will soothe the baby all night at a lower level of vibration speed.

All the settings can be changed remotely from an app on your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

So, if you’re just too tired to get up to turn off the vibration on the bassinet, stay in bed and do it from your phone.

That’s what makes it awesome. You’re up and down all day, so treat yourself by getting this device!

As you know, you have to stop using the bassinet after 6-8 months as per the manufacturer guidelines for baby safety.

So, you need Vibration Soother that works with the bassinet as well with the crib.

HALO Snoozypod Vibrating Attachment for crib

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe is an excellent multipurpose Vibrating Mattress Pad for baby.

This vibrating bassinet pad has all the essential features that babies need for safe and sound sleep.

Though, in my opinion, it’s less expensive and less of a hassle to buy a bassinet with vibration features already embedded than going out about buying separate attachments.

Word of Advice

Is soothing vibration good or bad for babies? Well, you know the answer very well. How it can help your baby to sleep soundly and how it works.

So we can say vibrating bassinets are entirely safe. Still, you need to make sure your baby doesn’t become too accustomed to the motions so much that they refuse to fall asleep without the vibrations.

Again, from experience, I’d suggest you use the vibration feature in moderation. The same goes for the soothing sounds and music.

So, these are just a few of the ways you can make your baby feel calmer and fall asleep easier. Here is a list of few more things that you can do to make your bassinet more comfortable.

Now it’s your turn, let me know how you like our guide, is it helpful to you? Have you found the answers to your questions, or do you have any other queries? Just use the comment box and drop it.

I’d love to reply to your valuable comment, and don’t forget to share the article because sharing is caring.

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