I’m sure you’ve heard about the vibrating bassinets because it is becoming pretty popular nowadays.

And the reason behind this is it helps babies fall asleep faster.

It’s something like a traditional rocking bassinet that moves the baby back and forth to soothe and help them feel relaxed. But It’s totally different from the rocking motion.

To understand it, assume you are in the mother’s womb (water ball), and someone is hitting this ball with a gentle push that produces vibration.

Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborn Babies

You have been enjoying & familiar with this stimulation for the last nine months. So getting this again helps you to feel relaxed, claimed, and safe.

But before we move forward, it is essential to know whether; is vibrating bassinet safe for newborn or not?

Do newborns like vibration, Can a baby sleep in a vibrating bassinet? If Yes, how long can the baby sleep in it?

Are there any effects of vibration on infant’s health or anything else to be concerned about?

Well, everything you want to know about vibrating bassinet will be answered in that article with the help of proof and evidence. That helps you to make valuable decisions for your infants. So, keep reading!

Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborn Babies?

Yes, Vibrating bassinets are entirely safe for newborn because they meet all the safety standards set by CPSC [1] & are certified by JPMA [2]. So, there is no need to worry about it.

However, the only thing you must remember is not to leave the vibrations ON for a long time because the babies become addicted and refuse to fall asleep without it.

Apart from that, there are no hazards to your baby’s health & safety.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet vibrating device

On the plus side, it not just helps your baby to sleep comfortably, but it also helps to breathe easily.

Scientifically, it improves infants’ breathing, heart rate, oxygen desaturation, etc., as a study conducted by Harvard University [3].

A vibration-based therapy known as stochastic resonance (SR) stimulation can successfully treat preterm infants experiencing apnea of prematurity, disrupted breathing, bradycardia (slowed heart rate), and oxygen desaturation (diminished oxygen levels).

Dr. Mallika Marshall [4] has developed a vibrating mattress for infants that help them to breathe easily.

The vibrating bassinet pad comes with various vibration levels, which is very helpful for the baby to fall asleep faster.

For example, place your baby in the bassinet and set the vibration to maximum (use the hit and trial method), encouraging the baby to fall asleep. When they feel sleepy, then set it to a lower level.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the auto shut-off feature of the bassinets.

For instance, you have done a lot of work and are feeling tired. But you have to wait for your baby to fall asleep so that you can switch off the vibration!

This pain is over now. Thanks to the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper & Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet that comes on the market with a built-in auto shut-off feature.

Note: If your baby doesn’t like to sleep in the bassinet or is facing any issues, here are my tips and tricks that will help you; How to get a newborn to sleep in a bassinet?  & How To Make a Bassinet More Comfortable?

Some bassinets are even more innovative than these two; Nowadays, modern bassinets are designed with Auto Cry Detection Technology.

They respond to the baby’s cry and vibrate the bassinet along with other features like white noise and music to put the baby back. So, you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night.

So ask yourself now, Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborn?

Why Do Newborns like Vibration?

Babies like vibration because they are already addicted to it before birth. When a baby is unborn, he is in the water balloon in your womb. They face a lot of vibration & noise from your heartbeat, regular movement, rushing blood, etc.

Everything you do during the day, your baby experiences in your womb. Like, such as when you are talking, walking, etc.

All these things send gentle vibrations to your unborn baby, which is why you infants like vibration. Watch this quick video to understand why the “SHHHHhhhhh” sound helps you to soothe your baby.

I hope now it’s clear why vibration is good for newborns!

Some Popular Vibrating Baby Products!

Many Vibrating devices are available in the market that you can attach to a crib, bassinet, pack-n-play, or stroller to sooth the baby. And some of them come with music & nightlight to keep watch on baby at night without lighting the whole room.

So there are some of the best options for you if you already have the vibrating Crib or vibrating bassinet.

Product Latest Price
HALO Snoozypod Vibration Attachment Price
Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Pad Price
Summer Vibrating Bassinet Soother Price
Baby Brezza Smart Vibrating Pad Price

Need more options? Here is the list of the best vibrating attachment for bassinet.

Effects of Vibration on Infants

There is no side effect of using a vibrating bassinet expected the one baby can be addicted and refuse to sleep without it, which will become very difficult for you to manage later on.

Apart from that, there are many positive effects of Vibration on Infants. So let’s check them one by one.

  1. Baby falls asleep faster than other standard bassinets because they feel safe, like in the womb.
  2. They sleep quickly when you ON the vibration because it reminds them it is time to sleep.
  3. The baby sleeps longer in vibrating bassine because they enjoy it, which results in excellent growth.
  4. Studies showed it helps infants to take breaths easily and improve heart rate, especially in preemies babies
  5. 30% of infants face reflux until they become one year old. So vibration helps to reduce Colic [5] in the baby, but there is no anecdotal evidence.  But inclining the bassinet up to a few degrees helps infants to reduce reflux.
Effects of Vibration on Infants

Don’t take any risk with baby safety; if you are using a vibrating product such as a vibrating toy, mattress, pillow, etc., you should ensure that you don’t leave the vibration on the whole night.

A baby can get addicted to it, so use it wisely. So these are the Effects of Vibration on Infants.

Note: Stop using the bassinet after 6-8 months or as per your bassinet manufacturer’s guidelines for baby safety. If you need help, read our: When to stop using bassinet? Guide.

Word of Advice

In my opinion, buying a bassinet with vibrating features already embedded in it is less expensive and less of a hassle than going out about buying separate attachments.

There is a wide variety of bassinets on the market, and you can find the perfect one at every price point. Explore our list of the Best Vibrating Bassinet 2022 Or Top Rated Bassinet 2022.

All these bassinets are designed for the parents’ specific needs. If you need help choosing, read our Ultimate Guide: How to pick a  bassinet?

Now it’s your turn; let me know how you like our guide; is vibrating bassinet safe for newborns?

Drop your valuable feedback and experience with a vibrating bassinet to help other moms to make a quick decision.

And don’t forget to share the article because sharing is caring.

Some FAQ!


Is vibration good for newborns?

As per the study by Harvard University, vibration help infant to take breath easily & improves heart rate that, which helps infants to feel relaxed and to get good sleep. So vibrating is good for a newborn.

Are vibrating bouncers & seats safe for newborns?

Yes, bounces and seats (chairs) both are good and safe for infants as they follow the guidelines set by CPSC. So you don’t need to worry about it. But always pay attention to vibration speed & how long you are using it to soothe your infant. Make sure you use it in moderation.

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