Getforbaby Medical Advisory Board

The Getforbaby Medical Advisory Board is a group of respected and experienced experts who assist us in providing accurate and comprehensive parenting information on our website. Our board members specialize in preconception, pediatrics, pregnancy, and parenting, providing us with a diverse range of expertise.

The Getforbaby Review Board consists of leading professionals in pediatrics and related fields. They ensure that all content containing medical facts or health-related claims is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and relevance.

Our reviewers assess each piece of content, including articles, illustrations, videos, tools, and resources, to ensure they align with the latest research-supported evidence and health information. Any recommended improvements are promptly forwarded to our editorial team for implementation.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in our content, and our Medical Advisory Board plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. You can Read our editorial process here.

Board Member

Ensuring the Accuracy and Credibility of Information

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

Dr. Gabriela Ambriz González

Specialty: Pediatric Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Gabriela Ambriz González is a highly experienced and well-educated pediatric surgeon based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Read More

Dr. Kishor Tewary, MD<br />

Dr. Kishor Tewary, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Kishor Tewary is a highly experienced consultant paediatrician based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Read More

Dr. Karishma Bhatia<br />

Dr. Karishma Bhatia

Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Karishma Bhatia is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist with over five years of experience. Read More

Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya<br />

Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya

Specialty: Developmental Pediatrics

Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya is a renowned Developmental Paediatrician with a vast experience of 30 years. Read More

Dr. Aarti R. Motiani, MD, DNB<br />

Dr. Aarti R. Motiani, MD, DNB

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Aarti R. Motiani is a consultant pediatrician with over a decade of experience in patient care.  Read More

Articles Review By Medical Advisory Board

5 Best Sheets for Halo Bassinest

Some models of the bassinest do not come with a sheet or waterproof mattress cover to protect their sleeping area. Whereas it is essential because it increases the mattress's longevity. A baby can urinate in a bassinet or mess up in the middle of...

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Do I Need a Sheet for Pack n Play?

Baby spits, pees, poops, or vomits while laying or sleeping in the Pack n Play or Crib, which means most of your time will go cleaning up this thing to provide a hygenic space for good growth. So if you have a single fitted sheet of pack n play...

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