Every baby bassinets are made following strict manufacturing guidelines & undergo vigorous testing before being sold commercially.

But still, sometimes manufacturer recall their bassinets; even the top-rated brands like Graco Baby, Fisher Piece, Delta Children, Dream On Me, Summer Infant, Evenflo, etc., recalled their bassinet if required.

But, Why did the top-notch bassinet manufacture brand recall their bassinet?

The reason is Consumer Product Safety Commission and others like federalregister.gov & comsumerreport.org continuously working to keep your baby safe & to lower the number of infant death.

Bassinet Recall

The incidence of SIDS has dropped to 35 babies per 100,000 births, and clearly defined bassinet rules have a lot to do with this positive trend.

But the question, what should you have to do if your bassinet is recalled by the manufacturer? How you can contact the manufacture and claim your refund or replace your product Or get a voucher to buy a new one.

Well, the answer to all these questions is answered in that guide. Let check the bassinet recall over time.

List of Bassinet Recall [ Updated: May 2022]

Below you can found the list of all the bassinet recall over time by the manufacturer. You can sign up for our Newsletter to stay to date with bassinet recall to keep your baby safe.

  • 2020 December 16: Inclined sleep from Graco Bassinets recalled after infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances that lead t
  • 2020 February 20: Infant fatalities have been reported with other manufacturers’ inclined sleep, Kolcraft Bassinets after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side or under other circumstances.
  • 2020 January 29: Delta bassinet Incline Sleeper recall with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns to Prevent Risk of Suffocation.
  • 2020 January 29: SwaddleMe Bassinets recall, fatalities have been reported with other manufacturers’ inclined sleep products after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side, or under other circumstances.
  • 2019 December: Dream On Me play yards were at risk of collapsing and presenting a strangulation hazard.
  • 2019 June 27: A lot of Inclined sleeper from Fisher-Price Bassinets ( Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yards recall ) and some other brand providing inclined sleeper we recalled.
  • 2019 June 20: some Graco Bassinets are OK to use when your child is awake, but that you should monitor your baby closely and transfer him or her to a firm, flat surface.
  • 2019 April 26: A lot of Ingenuity Bassinet recall in 2019 due to infant death after rolled from their back to their stomach while unrestrained.
  • 2019 April 12: Infant fatalities have occurred inFisher Price Rock’ n Play Sleepers after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained or under other circumstances.
  • 2019 May 15: Arm’s Reach Cribs and Bassinets recalled due to not meeting Canadian requirements.
  • 2015 March 3: The wire supports on the sides of the Dream On Me Bassinet can disconnect, causing the fabric sides to lower, posing a risk that infants can fall out.
  • 2012 October 23: The bottom of the Eddie Bauer Musical Rocking Bassinet locking mechanism can fail to lock properly if a spring is not installed, allowing the bassinet to tip to one side and cause infants to roll to the side of the bassinet.
  • 2012 May 09: Kolcraft Bassinets have locking latches that may fail and cause the bassinets to fall, possibly injuring a child inside.
  • 2012 May 09: Baby delight bassinet has locking latches that may fail and cause the bassinets to fall, possibly injuring a child inside.
  • 2011 April 5: Infants can fall from the raised mattress into the loose fabric at the bottom of the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper or become entrapped between the edge of the mattress, which can lead to death.

What You Should You Do When Bassinet Recalled:-

Even after you have done your research and due diligence in finding a bassinet for your baby, it is always possible that it might end up being a recalled item in the future. Here are the steps you must take to keep your baby out of danger and safe from recalls:

Step #1 Staying Informed:-

The very first step is staying informed. The CPSC provides free email alerts ( Sign up for our Newsletter to stay updated with bassinet information) to anyone who signs up on their website.

CPSC also provides regular press releases in case of a recall to keep consumers up-to-date.

Like non-profit websites, other resources also help parents determine whether the bassinet or any other piece of equipment or baby accessory they own has been recalled. It is always good to 100% sure.

Note: You can signup for our Newsletter to stay updated with all the Bassinet Crib & Pack n Play information and hazarder to keep your newborn safe.

Step #2 Discontinue Use Immediately:-

If you discover that the bassinet you got for your little one is a recall, do not panic but stop using the bassinet immediately.

Find an alternative sleeping space for your baby instead, one that is compliant with all the safety measures defined by the AAP (APP safe sleeping policy explain at healthychildren.org)

Step #3 Contact The Bassinet Manufacturer:-

The next step is to contact the company. You can ask for a full refund, Voucher, or a replacement if you feel comfortable with that.

Most good companies are more than willing to refund or replace without any additional charges since they are also committed to safety and security needs.

You can contact the manufacturer through the contact details available on their website or getting connected to the distributor from whom you made the initial purchase.

Distributors are also made aware of recall items by the company and will provide complete assistance.

To help you quickly find the company detail, I created the table below with all the necessary information you need to get in touch with the bassinet manufacturer.

Company NameEmail/Number Contac Email
Gracobaby1-800-345-4109Contact Page
Fisher Price1800 209 0102Contact Page
DeltaChildrenContact Page
DreamOnMeinfo@dreamonme.comContact Page
MikaMike866-995-8668Contact Page
halosleep 1-888-999-HALOContact Page
HappiestBabyContact Page
Evenflo1-800-233-2229Contact Page
Summerinfant(401)-671-6551Contact Page
Baby delight(401) 333-6800Contact Page
4momsupport@4moms.comContact page
kids21-800-230-8190Contact Page
Chicco1-877-424-4226Contact Page

Final Words of Advice

Not all recalls mean manufacture provide the new or replace the product; in some cases, they fix or change the hazardous parts to infants to lower the cost of bassinet recall.

In 2016, injuries related directly to mattresses alone numbered 11,300. This indicates just how prevalent the problem is. What is even more alarming is that the CPSC estimates that the number of unsafe bassinets still in use may be as high as 20,000,000.

This just goes to show how parents are unaware of the true hazards that bassinets encompass. Parents always try to get the best for their kids.

However, it is difficult to know whether they own a bassinet model that has been recalled due to a flaw in the design or reports of accidents.

This is why parents need to keep researching and remain up-to-date on the developments regarding babies’ safety.

It is hard to keep tabs on everything you buy nowadays, but buying something as long-lasting and crucial to your baby’s health. So we write here a handy guide to choose a bassinet for your baby.

Now, what next? Well, feel free to read the below-mentioned guide to keep your baby safe.

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Now, it’s your turn. Let me know what you will buy & why; let help other moms like you make a valuable decision. Put your question in the comment box. I love to talk with you.

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