15 Best Baby Bassinets 2021 [ Compare & Save ]

by | Last updated: Feb 28, 2021

If you are looking for the best bassinet for a newborn baby, then you are in the right place.

It does not matter whether you are newly become a parent or buying a bassinet for the second time.

This Ultimate Best Baby Bassinet Guide helps you to find the suitable bassinet according to you and your baby’s needs.

All the bassinets on our list are reviewed by Moms like you and our expert, who knows what is good or not for infants to make sure they sleep in a safe place.

top rated and best bassinet for baby

We selected dozens of bassinets & filtered based on the feature, material quality, safety stander, and the comfort they offer to you as well as your baby after testing them, we have ended up with the top 10 best baby bassinets of 2020.

We have also written this dedicated review article so that you can get a view of the hidden feature of the bassinets too.

So, let’s start checking the features of the top rated bassinets.

1.) HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet:-

A Halo Bassinest is one of the top rated bassinets on our list of the best baby bassinet for newborn babies.

This bassinet gets #1 position on our list because of its design, quality material, features it offers, and the safety stander, which is very important for baby health & safe sleeping.

The feature that you are going to love about this bassinet is it 360 degrees rotation, which you will not find in any other bassinet in the market. 

This is the thing that makes it unique.

Due to this feature, you can use this bassinet as a co-sleeper, by just moving the baby bassinet over the adult bed.

In this way, you can enjoy co-sleeping without sharing the same bed, to reduce the risk of SIDS.

From the mother’s point of view, you love to sleep with the piece of your heart, but from the safety point of view, you have to take care of a lot of things when you do co-sleeping.

Now let’s talk about its feature that will help you as well as your baby.

The feature we like in this bassinet is its BedSide Wall. Why? Well, if you had gone through c-section before,  it becomes challenging for you to get up and leave the bed to pick the baby by bending your back.

The BedSide Wall of the bassinet can be easily lowered. Therefore, tending to your baby from bed is easy.

And the good thing is that it automatically returns to its original position and ensures that the baby always sleeps safely.

That’s why this bassinet also gets #1 on our list of the best bassinet for c section mom.

Don’t worry about the height of your bed. It comes with an adjustable leg so that you can adjust it according to your bed’s height.

Another feature of this bassinet is its Mobile device, a small size device that is attached to the side-base of this bassinet. 

This device helps you to soothe your baby by generating vibration, lullabies, nature, and Womb Sounds.

The lullabies come with a volume control such that you can always increase or decrease to what soothes your baby.

You can also control the vibration up to 2 different levels — low level when your baby is sleeping and high level to help them sleep faster.

All these features make the halo bassinet a top rated bassinet of 2020.

Want to explore more hidden features of this bassinet? Check our Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Reviews

It is made of 100% polyester with a fitted sheet. The fabric can be washed in a washing machine but not be bleached. Here is the ultimate guide that helps you to clean your bassinet without damaging it.

Now, let’s see the negative sides of the bassinet. As such, I did not find so many bad things. The only feature that disturbed me is its nightlight feature.

I think night light should be on the top of the bassinet so that I can see my baby easily.

The second thing is its weight. This bassinet is very heavy (46 pounds). Definitely, it’s not a travel-friendly bassinet, and it also does not have a wheel that helps you to move it from room to room.

But apart from that, In the Halo bassinets, your baby feels 100% safe and secure, So, what are you waiting for? Just click the link and gift your baby a peaceful sleeping environment.

2.) Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Baby Bassinet:-

The Fisher-Price get #2 on our list of the best baby bassinet because of it’s a self-calming feature and its deluxe overhead mobile that makes it unique and keeps your newborn baby busy.

Why did I put this bassinet on #2, and not on #1? Because Fisher-price doesn’t offer 360 degrees rotation and adjustable height. But none of the other bassinets on our list, even a halo bassinet, can beat the feature of its deluxe overhead mobile.

Due to its deluxe mobile feature, the bassinet gets #1 on our list of the best vibrating bassinet with vibration and music.

So, now let’s talk about Fisher-Price bassinet’s features.

The significant feature it has makes it a better option for busy mothers is its calming sway motion that is triggered when there are movements from either you or the baby.

Suppose, your baby is sleeping in it and gets up in the middle of the night, as he/she starts moving or making any motion in the bassinet, this sophisticated design converts this motion into a swing that puts your baby back to sleep.

That means you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night just to ON the vibration to soothe your baby.

Also, don’t worry about the over swings. It has an optional lockout that can help to watch the swaying motion.

Now, it is the turn of the deluxe overhead mobile. This mobile generates calming vibrations, music, and sounds as halo bassinet. But the feature that makes it different and more superior is its light projection.

This deluxe overhead mobile project stars onto the ceiling and walls that keep your baby’s attention and makes him busy.

It not just project light. You can also use it as a nightlight to check if the baby is sleeping or not, without lighting the whole room.

Also, the location of this device is perfect for keeping the focus on the baby. The good thing is that it’s detachable so that you can place it on tabletop soother later on.

The vibrating system is also much better than Halo.

It automatically switches off the vibration after 30 min, meaning that you don’t have to leave your bed again to OFF the vibration.

Have you ever noticed the vibrating bassinet getting famous and more popular? Then let me tell you. The secret is that babies love vibration. It gives the sense of soothing that helps your baby to sleep faster.

When I was planning to buy a vibrating bassinet, then I asked myself one question. Can my baby sleep on the vibrating surface safely? Is this your question too, then read, Is vibrating bassinet safe for a newborn baby to understand what and what not to do.

It also comes with hanging stars, which remind us of those classic bassinets from our childhood.

These toys are not just to play. It helps to entertain and engage your baby’s senses, which are just developing.

This is just a glimpse of the bassinet. You can even explore more features in Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review;

This is the best newborn baby girl bassinet.

The only negative thing I observe in this bassinet is that it does not have a wheel, but it is a lightweight bassinet (20 pounds). Therefore, you can move it from one place to another place with little effort. However, it’s still not travel-friendly.

Now, I think you might get puzzled choosing between the fisher price and halo bassinet, which one is better. Lol.

Well, this happened to me too. So, I recommend reading Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Vs. Halo Bassinest article to make a better decision.

Something spectacular about this bassinet is that its manufacturers have synchronized the soothing feature with an app. To top it all, you can control the app from your smart device.

This is not a feature that is common to other products. So buying this second top rated bassinet is an excellent choice for a mom.

If you want to buy this bassinet now,  click on the link below to get it from our verified seller to save some money.

3.) SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper Bassinet:-

A popular feature of SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper is its side to side rocking feature. Because of this, it gets #3 on our list of best baby bassinets. But the major selling point of this bassinet is its inclined angle.

This bassinet is primarily designed for a baby who has an acid reflux problem. Acid reflux is prevalent in a newborn baby (up to 5-6 months), and it can reduce by raising the baby’s head.

SwaddleMe bassinet does the same. It’s an inclined sleeper that helps your baby to raise his/her head. You can set this angle up to 2 different levels (11 degrees and 30 degrees), according to your baby’s need.

There are lots of other incline bassinets available in the market. You can check our list of the best-inclined sleeper for baby with reflux to explore some more options.

The feature that makes it unique from other bassinets is its side to side rocking at incline position. None of the other bassinets on the market can do the same thing.

Now, let’s talk about its other features.

SwaddleMe Sleeper provides a comfortable and cozy sleeping space that comes with mesh sides for ventilation.

This mesh provides better circulation of air and also affords the mother and baby a chance to see each other through the transparent mesh.

Don’t worry about the height of the bassinet. Also, in this bassinet, you can adjust the height according to your bed.

And for stability and safety, the bassinet is well guarded by a big metal frame. Also, the fabric inside is washable in the washing machine. So, your baby always sleeps in a clean environment.

Note:– If you want to sleep close to your baby, then you have to go with Co-sleeping bassinet, but if you are doing 8 to 12hr jobs, and you often get tired, then I recommend that you go with bedside sleeper for baby safety.

You would also like the portable, tiny mobile device on the side of this sleeper.

This small device generates natural soothing sounds, lullabies, a soft glow nightlight, and has two different levels of vibration to soothe the baby.

The lullabies and sounds will save you a lot of stress of doing all that yourself.

SwaddleMe By Your Bed, as the name implies, allows you to have your baby very close to you, and the setup helps to keep your baby close and protected.

SwaddleMe is a Bedside Sleeper, but it also offers a co-sleeping arrangement too. Have a look at this model of the SwaddleMe

You can buy this additional cozy and comfortable co-sleeper with just $54.

But, if you prefer a more comfortable sleeping surface, then you might have to check this Deluxe version. Don’t forget to check our #9 product if you like co-sleeper.

Overall, this is an excellent deal for a highly functional and practical bassinet. You can buy this bassinet now from our verified seller to get a year’s warranty.

4.) MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Baby Bassinet:-

A Miclassic Bassinet gets #5 on our list of the best baby bassinet because it is one of the best lightweight travel bassinets that you can fold and pack into the bag in less than 60 seconds.

It’s a lightweight bassinet (15.65lbs), but its rigid and hard frame can support up to 33lbs, which means that you can use this bassinet for a heavy baby or more than six months.

According to my experience with this bassinet, you can use it for about 8-9months, but make sure your baby is comfortable in it.

Note:- There is no hard and fast rule that you should only have to use your bassinet for up to 6 months. 

You can use it even more than that but on the same safety rule. Check this ultimate guide, “At What Age Should a Baby Stop Sleeping In a Bassinet?

Now, let’s talk about its features. The feature that we like most about this bassinet is its “Two Modes for Easy Sleep: “Stationary and Rock”.

In the normal state, it is in Stationary mode. Still, you can convert it into a rocking state by just changing its leg from stationary to rocking.

And with a little push, it starts moving in forwarding and backward motions to simulate rocking.

This unique feature of Miclassic bassinet makes it different from other bassinets on the list of top rated bassinets. You can also say it is the selling point of this bassinet.

Another feature is that it comes with a specific fold-out design that makes it all great.

It is called “one-second fold” because it can be opened and folded in just a second. You can even check more on how this feature work in our Miclassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet Reviews.

Note:- If you want something that looks simple and  lighter in weight, then check this Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

MiClassic bassinet comes with transparent breathable mesh sides that help you in two ways.

First is that it circulates fresh air in the bassinet and helps your baby to breathe easily. And second is that it helps to reduce the temperature of the bassinet.

The additional benefit of this mesh helps to make a bond with your little one because you can see each other very easily.

It also comes with a detachable cover that can be washed in a washing machine. The cover is also waterproof. With this, no matter the liquid that pours on it, it isn’t retained.

Now, it is time to see the negative side of miclassic bassinet.

The only negative point of this bassinet is that you cannot increase the height of this excellent bassinet because this Miclassic bassinet does not offer leg extension.

This type of Bassinet cannot perform many functions except mainly soothing your baby in a rock mode. If they add features like nightlights, soothing sounds, and vibration, then I’m sure it becomes more popular.

So, what do you think? If you love to travel and want something that takes care of your baby on the go, then click on the buy button to buy this helpful baby bassinet for newborn baby.

5.) Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Baby Bassinet:-

A Delta Bassinet is #5 on our list, not because it has a grand look but because of its simple structure, affordability, and small size to save space in the room, without reducing the comfort and quality.

Today, a lot of parents are living in an apartment where space is a significant concern. If you have that same issue, then I recommend that you go with Delta children bassinet because It also gets #1 on our list of the best bassinet for small space.

Delta Children’s products are known to be more affordable and useful in comparison to their equals.

It is a good quality product (made with JPMA certified materials) and meets all the needs of moms and their babies.

That’s why this Delta bassinet also gets #6 on the list of JPMA certified bassinet.

This Bassinet has been designed to ensure your baby is safe beside you and you do not have to spend so much to get it.

Now, let’s talk about the features.

The feature that makes it unique and helps your baby to sleep peacefully, even in the day, is its Canopy. Newborn baby eyes are not fully developed to protect them.

A little high-intensity light can damage the eye cell. So, help canopy blocks the excessive light, and the good thing is that it is detachable.

It gives you the ability to close it by pulling it back.

It also has soothing music that helps your baby, and a nightlight is cool for a baby.

The lullabies and lights help to calm your baby down from restlessness.

Note:- Another version of delta bassinet is available, which is better in terms of quality and has a few additional features.

It is Delta Gliding Bassinet, that has the side to side rocking motion, which helps you to soothe your baby inside the bassinet. Also, the hanging star over the bassinet keeps your baby busy.

From the travel point of view, Delta bassinet is not right, even looks small in size. You can fold this bassinet, as you can with the above one, but it comes with swivel casters that make it movable from room to room.

Don’t worry about slipping or moving this bassinet on incline space. The wheel of the bassinet comes with a lock for baby safety.

It comes with storage space underneath. This storage basket is then divided into two sections, which serve as a place to store your baby’s items.

If you look at the design, then you feel this top rated bassinet is suitable for a baby girl. But you can also use this bassinet for a baby boy.

The negative side of the bassinet

The only dark side of this bassinet is its storage; It is on the wrong place; it is should on the side of this fantastic bassinet rather than it underneath the bassinet.

All other features of the bassinet like vibrating device, the lullabies system is useful for good and healthy sleep.

Delta is one bassinet which meets all the requirements of CSPC and ASTM that make it the safest bassinet on our list of the best bassinet for newborn baby. So, what are your thing, click the link and grab the deal.

6.) Dream On Me Karley Baby Bassinet:-

Now, it is time to talk about one of my favorite bassinets, Dream On Me Karley Bassinet. It is one of the best bassinets for newborn babies, if you have a pet, like a cat, at home.

Its full-size canopy protects your baby from cat & its design ensures that your baby can safely breathe in it.

This bassinet gets #6 on our list due to flexible canopy, folding feature, and lightweight design, which makes it easy to move from one room to the other.

Dream On Me Karley is a family-owned brand that is known for making quality and safe products. This means you can trust this bassinet to do a fantastic job.

Now, let’s talk about its features.

Its canopy is adjustable and divided into two parts, meaning that you can fold the open side when another one is open to protect your baby’s eyes, or even can close both sides to make it a regular bassinet.

It is a lightweight (16lbs) bassinet and comes with a convenient frame that makes it very portable.

You can fold this bassinet very easily, but this is not a travel-friendly bassinet. But if you want a bassinet that offers full-size canopy along with carrying bag, then check our #7 product below.

This folding feature helps a lot of parents who are living in small size apartment. You can fold this bassinet and place it under the bed when it is not in use.

Check our Dream On Me Karley Bassinet Review to read how this folding feature works.

The mattress pad of this bassinet is 1 inch thick, which is recommended by the CSPC and ASTM, and its side is made of fabrics that are quite soft and tender such that it fits the needs of your baby perfectly.

The fabric comes with a lace trim that is quite a beauty! This whole thing makes the sleeping space just perfect for the little angle.

It also comes with a large storage basket that can be used to keep your baby’s things like burp cloth, toys, pacifiers.

This storage basket is right under the Bassinet. So that means it is quite difficult to reach, but it’s still useful to keep a baby’s essential near to the baby.

I think there is no negative thing as such in this excellent bassinet. The only thing I  feel is missing in this bassinet is a feature like soothing sounds, nightlights, or any feature like that.

And one important thing that I want to highlight is that this bassinet does not have a wheel, but you can move this bassinet on its smooth foot base.

Dream On Me comes in different flashy colors that just make everyone love it. The colors include; rose, aqua, periwinkle, blue and grey, grey, grey and pink, and pink check this list.

7.) Fisher-Price On The Go Baby Dome Bassinet:-

Fisher-Price On The Go Baby Dome is another suitable bassinet that offers full-size canopy, and it is travel-friendly. Then why did I put it on #7 rather than putting it on #6?

Well, this bassinet is travel-friendly, but it does not offer height (legs) which is very important to place the bassinet near your bed.— That’s why it’s on #7 on our list of the best baby bassinet for newborn babies.

Fisher-Price On The Go Baby Dome won the JPMA Innovation Award in 2017  due to its unique design, comfortability, and the coziness it offers to the baby.

Baby Dome can use a function as a comfortable nap spot and play space, comfortable fun time, or even an excellent tummy time.

It is designed by taking three things in mind, travel-friendly, protect baby eyes, and consume small space.

Now, let’s talk about its features.

A Dome shape canopy of this bassinet has UPF20 protection, which provides a UV shield to ensure that your baby is well-protected from hot rays of the sun or in case of rain.

The canopy works in such a way that one half falls and is closed, and the other side stays open the same as an above dream on Karley.

The four-leg that you see on the side of the bassinet is actually to support the bassinet to stay in an open position and also help to fold this bassinet by pushing button on it.

The thing I like most about this travel bassinet is its handle. You don’t need any extra handle or bag for this to hold.

When you fold it, it automatically converts into the carriable product.

Another thing that helps your baby to develop motor and sensory skills is that it’s a Toy. Two hanging toys come with this fully removable bassinet.

The sleeping surface of this bassinet is made of high-quality fabric and its waterproof, which helps you to keep the sleeping environment clean for proper health development.

And don’t worry about the material they use to make the bassinet. It is JPMA certified.

So what are you still looking for? Buy this bassinet by clicking the Above link and go on the trip with your little one.

8.) Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Bassinet

One of the best baby bassinet options for parents who are looking for bedside sleepers that attach to parent bed. This sleeper gets #8 on our list because of its simple design and convertibility to the regular bassinet.

It is a very simple bassinet that does not come with anything fancy or extra things. You get to take care of and soothe your baby personally.

For baby safety, this baby sleeper comes with two tether-type straps that are adjustable to attach it with the bed.

Now, your baby stays within your reach without having to be on the same bed with you.

Usually, parents use it as a bedside sleeper, but you can use it as a typical bassinet too if you want.

All it takes is for you to zip it down, and there you have your drop-side Bassinet.

There is a small wall that helps to ensure your baby is safe inside the bassinet. It is an excellent choice for mothers that have busy schedules.

The feature I like most is its height option. It comes with seven different height positions. Therefore, it does not matter how tall your bed is.

One thing that I observed in this bassinet is that you can use it as an inclined sleeper by raising one side of the height of the leg.

This little incline angle helps your baby to digest food and take breath easily when she/he is sleeping.

With this bassinet, breastfeeding is made more accessible, and you can always carry your baby whenever you want.

In this way, you can also calm and soothe your baby at night if he or she is restless.

The closeness makes it an excellent option for C-section mothers that want their babies close without stressing themselves.

If you are looking for the best price, then click on our link to save some bucks.

9.) Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper:-

A Baby Delight Snuggle Nest is #9 on our list, but it gets #2 on the list of best co-sleeper bassinets. This is from one of the few bassinets that are primarily designed for safe and secure co-sleeping.

Doing co-sleeping is full of risks if you don’t know how to do it. A little roll over the baby at night can cause death.

I recommend that you read is co-sleeping with a newborn safe, before doing it. But in short, it’s 100% secure. Well, it has a positive effect on baby health and bond between mom and infant.

Don’t believe me? Check these Benefits Co-Sleeping With Baby to see how it positively affects the growth and health of the baby.

The reason behind putting this co-sleeper on #9 on our list of the best bassinet of 2020 is that you can place this bassinet over the adult bed.

It’s not like Halo bassinet that over the bed. It is just a simple bed-sharing bassinet that you can place on your bed. 

The feature that makes it perfect co-sleeper is its rigid sidewall. A rigid wall on its three sides (Top, Left, right) protects your baby from rolling over or pushing up.

Despite being tough, it’s foldable. You can fold this bassinet and can easily pack it into the bag. This ensures you can bring the Snuggle Nest to wherever your baby is.

You can conveniently travel with your baby along with the bed. Don’t worry about its weight, as it’s just 6.4 ounces.

That means you don’t have to pack extra weight whenever you go on the trip with a little one.

The soft mesh fabric on its side makes the night full of joy.

And the good thing about baby delight bassinet is that it has soft nightlight over (top side) bassinet that helps to keep an eye on the baby at night.

The feature I like the most is its incline angle. This bassinet is a little up from the head side, meaning that it will help the baby to digest good and reduce the acid reflux in the baby.

Looking for the price, then click below link to get the best deal on baby delight.

10.) BabyBjorn Cradle Baby Bassinet:-

One of the simple, discrete, and elegant looking bassinets made up of wood and steel. Then why we put it on #10? Well, the reason behind putting this bassinet on #10 is its cost.

BABYBJORN Cradle white baby bassinet

This baby cradle is one of the costly bassinets on our list, but it really deserves that price tag. Yes, this bassinet justifies this price.

BabyBjorn Cradle has made provisions for your baby’s physical development and growth.

It is  100% tested, and JPMA certified.

The design of this Bassinet is classic and beautiful but still very functional.

It comes with a detachable canopy, mattress cover, and a spring suspension system that helps in gently rocking your baby.

It also comes with a low height and transparent mesh sides for better air circulation. It does have loose parts or bars, so there is no chance that your baby hurts him/herself in it.

Due to its transparency, you can regularly check up on your baby to ensure that your baby is safe and sound.

The feature I like in this bassinet is its self rocking feature like in product #2. You can use cradle your baby yourself or let the movements of your baby do the cradling back and forth.

It does not come with significant features that other bassinets are made with features like nightlights, soothing sounds, and vibrations. But it is still very efficient.

The padding of the bassinet is 100% polyester, and the mattress is super-soft, 100% organic cotton fabric that creates a more cozy and comfortable environment to sleep.

And the good thing is that it is machine washable and guaranteed, free from any hazardous substances.

Its base is made with high-quality chemical-free wood, and the feet are made up of steel.

Don’t worry about the weight. It is a lightweight bassinet, just 13 pounds, but can hold up to 18lbs. There benefit nit end here, Check our BabyBjorn Cradle Review

The only contradictory thing of this bassinet I observed is that you can just use it for six months (means day zero to up to 6months). Just compare its cost with how long you can use it, you will get the answer to my question.

Your baby grows quickly, and soon you have to shift him to Crib for his/her safety.

But that does not mean it is a useless cradle. If you have a good amount of money, then I strongly recommend that you with the Babybjron cradle. It is a safe, chemical-free,100% tested and verified bassinet.

What Do We Recommend to Buy?

Well, all the bassinets on our list of the best baby bassinet are the best version of itself and also top rated bassinets of 2020.

You know your situation better than someone else. So, there is no need to suggest something, all the bassinets are best, so you just have to pick the right one according to your need and pocket size.

If you still ask me, then I recommend that you go with Halo bassinets and if your pocket size is small then go with fisher-price soothing motions

If you like co-sleeping, then go with Baby Delight Snuggle Nest or SwaddleME co-sleeper deluxe. But if you are a busy mom or drink at night and don’t want to miss romance with your pattern, then go with Bedside sleeper, like Mika Micky Bedside sleeper.

And one thing that I want to highlight is that there is no difference between Baby girl bassinet or Baby boy bassinet. All bassinets are designed for unisex.

But you can select colors depending on the sex of your baby.

Now, it’s your turn. Which bassinet are you going to buy, and why did you select it? Let us help other moms like you to make a quick decision.

If you still have any questions in your mind, put in it comment box and let me know, and

Don’t forget to share the Guide because sharing is caring.


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