7 Best Bassinet for Reflux – Tilted & Elevated

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If your newborn is suffering from acid reflux and you are looking for a bassinet that helps to reduce it, then you are in the right place. Our tested bassinet for acid reflux is perfect for your newborn.

But, before we start the reviews. Let me explain why this actually happens in a quick way.

So that you can make a better decision while selecting the best bassinet for acid reflux.

To make it brief, there is a muscle in a newborn baby’s body called “Esophageal. “

Best Bassinet for Acid Reflux

This muscle acts as a valve between the mouth and stomach. When your baby swallows milk, this muscle relaxes (opens) to let food pass from the esophagus to the stomach.

This muscle typically stays closed to stop food from coming back to the mouth when the baby lies on the bed. But the problem is that the Esophageal is not fully developed in newborn babies & the food is then allowed to come back when you put your baby down.

I hope you have an idea why acid reflux occurs in infants; So, how can you reduce it? Well, let me tell you the secret, It’s an inclined position.

You can reduce the reflux by raising your infant’s head in the bassinet, and an inclined bassinet does the same.

But, now, the question is, Are Inclined Bassinets Safe for Infant to sleep? Well, it depends upon the inclined angle of the bassinet; if it is in the safe range, which is less than 10 degrees, then it’s safe to use.

A lot of incline bassinet recall in 2019 due to a high degree of angle that leads to suffocation in infants & increases the risk of SIDS.

So, without wasting more time, let’s review all the bassinet on our list of the best bassinet for acid reflux 2021. So, that you can make an informed decision for your little one.

Quick Comparison Table for Best Bassinet for Reflux

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesDimensionItem WeightWeight LimitAge LimitBrandRatingPrice
Mumbelli - The only Womb-Like and Adjustable Infant Bed Mumbelli Adjustable Angled Bassinet for Reflux
  • Womb like feel
  • CPCS standards
  • Combines baby bed, cosleeping, bassinet & lounger
  • Reflux wedge
  • Bottom grip
  • 100% machine washable cover
  • Travel bag support
28x18x10 inches2.5 poundsNo weight Limit5-6 monthsMumbelli4.5Price
Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper Kidsclub Baby Bedside Tilted Bassinet for Infants
  • 9 height adjustments
  • Tool-free assembly
  • 25 cm retractable feet
  • Straps for enhanced safety
  • Micro angle care of 3-8 degrees
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Detachable side bed
38 x 22.5 x 7 inches29.8 pounds6-25 lbs0-5.5 monthsKidsclub4.6Price
Unilove Hug Me Plus 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet Unilove Hug Me Plus 3in1 Slanted Bassinet
  • 3 modes conversion
  • 7 level height adjustments
  • Foot stabilizing bar
  • Break system
  • Firm mattresses
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for travel
  • Prevent reflux
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Machine washable cloth
36 x 24 x 33 inches25.5 pounds30 pounds0-6 monthsUnilove4.8Price
Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet That Inclines
  • Convertible from bassinet to bedside sleeper
  • 6 level height adjustments
  • Machine washable sheets
  • Portable
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Firm mattresses
  • JPMA certified
37 x 22.5 x 30.75 inches23.4 pounds20 Pounds6 monthsBaby Delight4.7Price
Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bed Side Sleeper Evolur Stellar Bassinet That Tilts To Reduce Reflux
  • ASTM approved
  • Modern design
  • Two-sided mesh visibility
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Inward folding legs
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile
35.5 x 22 x 27 inches18.65 pounds25 Pounds0-6 monthsEvolur4.7Price

1.) Mumbelli Adjustable Angled Bassinet for Reflux:-

Mumbelli Infant bassinet is the top-notch product on our list of the best bassinet for acid reflux 2021. It is placed on #1 due to its “Wedge” that comes with this incline co-sleeper to raise the newborn baby’s head in the bassinet.

You just have to insert the wedges pillow under the Mattress. It evaluates the head of the infants to reduce acid reflux.

Along with it, provide coziness & comfort just like a mother’s womb. No other co-sleeper on the list can serve this purpose.

On the other hand, in the rest of the bassinet on our list, you have to raise one side ( leg ) of the bassinet to incline it, which gives you a much better incline angle.

Frankly speaking, This elevated bassinet truly helped me at the night hours when I used to feed my little angel without worrying about spilling the milk.

The Mumbelli bassinet is small in size; its dimension is just 28x18x10 inches, making it the best for a small bedroom. You, infants, can easily rest in space & enjoy comfortable surroundings.

Moreover, it only weighs is 2.5 pounds which makes it extremely lightweight.

And on the plus side, it comes with a carry bag that lets you pack it & take it where ever you want. It will help you provide a familiar environment to your little one, just like a travel co-sleeper for infants.

You can place this incline co-sleeper bassinet on the bed to do safe co-sleeping with infants without sharing the bed, just like an In-bed Co-sleeper bassinet.

The feature that makes it a safer bassinet is its non-slip grip at the bottom that can be easily placed on any surface.

You can even set it near you wherever you are working so that your baby always remains at your arm’s reach.

From the maintenance point of view, To keep the Mumbelli bassinet clean, a machine washable cover is provided.

You just need to take the body out & put it in the washing machine for proper cleaning.

It is essential to offer newborns clean & hygienic surroundings for proper growth.

During the testing, I did not find any downside in the Mumbelli bassinet, expected its small size.

But I think to keep the baby engaged in the bassinet, there should be something like bassinet toys.

In short, the unique design incline co-sleeper bassinet offers the comfort that you are looking for in your infants. And from the safety point of view, it’s a CPSC certified bassinet which makes it safe for a newborn to use.

All the material & other things of this elevated bassinet are tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which means that your child’s safety is never at stake.

So, what is stopping you from buying this best acid reflux bassinet for infants? Just click our link to buy it from our verified seller to get 14-day money-back guarantees, no matter the reason.

2.) Kidsclub Baby Bedside Tilted Bassinet for Infants:-

Kidsclub Bedside sleeper comes on #2 on our list due to its various height adjustments. Unlike the #1 bassinet, it doesn’t offer a reflux wedge that makes it #2 on our list of best for reflux 2021.

Their incline system is straightforward; you just have to raise one side of the bassinet’s height by changing its leg position.

And it helps you to incline the bassinet up to a certain angle. This incline position help infants reduce acid reflux & sleep comfortably.

It comes in dimensions of 37.8x23x7.5 inches that can easily handle the baby up to 5-6 months.

Or it can accommodate the baby until the baby gains a weight of 25 lbs. Because it is the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer.

Note:- Always remain cautious about when you should take your baby out of it. Neglecting this thing can be risky for your baby & the bassinet may collapse in the worst scenarios.

Check this guide to understand: How long can a baby sleep in a bassinet?

From its side, you can also use it as a Bedside Bassinet and a Co-sleeper bassinet. Thanks to its sidewall that you can lower and its Retractable feet.

Let me explain how? Well, suppose you want to use this tilted bassinet as a bedside bassinet. In that case, you can lower its one side by unzipping the side panel & place it near your bed by adjusting the height.

From the safety point of view, it comes with nylon straps that you can attach to your bed so that your baby doesn’t remain at the risk of falling.

And to do safe co-sleeping, you can use Retractable feet ( 25 cm ) that you can trunk under the bed to bring the bassinet over your bed. In this way, you can share the same bed in actually without sharing the bed.

To lower the temperature and reduce the risk of SIDS, both sides of the bassinet are made with White MESH.

These sides offer excellent breathability and visibility. You can easily keep an eye on the baby’s activities even while you are busy working.

The feature that I like the most in this incline sleeper is its music box that helps you soothe the infant.

Along with it also offer a Hanging Toy that allows you to keep your baby busy.

Toys not only keep your baby active but it also helps to develop motor skill in infants.

From the assembling point of view, it’s straightforward to assemble the bassinet, and the best thing, the assembly is tool-free.

You don’t require and specific tools to make the sleeper. It requires tool-free assemble in just 3 minutes.

If you are worried about your baby’s surroundings, then your worries come to an end here. This slanted bassinet comes with 2 washable sheets that are child-skin-friendly. You can easily wash these sheets in the machine with the baby washable detergent.

Overall, This tilted bassinet for reflux is a complete package that helps you and your infants. So stop waiting & click the link to buy it from our verified seller to get the manufacturer’s warranty.

3.) Unilove Hug Me Plus 3in1 Slanted Bassinet:-

The Unilove Hug Me bassinet comes #3 on our list. Place it on #3 rather than on #2 because it does not offer a music box and handing toy to keep your baby engaged.

The rest of the features remain the same, except the design of the bassinet’s legs & offer 7 adjustable heights compared to the Kidsclub bassinet.

But on the positive side, it provides a wheel that helps you move the bassinet from room to room.

First, check how you can tilt or incline that bassinet to raise the baby’s head to reduce the acid reflux in infants.

Just like in the Kidsclub bassinet, you have to increase the height of one side of the leg to slanted the bassinet.

But the difference is, in Kidsclub, we can raise the bassinet inches by inches. In contrast, in UniloveHugMe, you have to rotate the button on the bassinet leg to increase the height.

That gives you the flexibility to increase the height even half inches which directly affects the incline angle.

Moreover, it comes with 7 varied height adjustments ranging from 13″ -19.6″. You can adjust the height of the bassinet as per your requirements to go with various situations.

In short, the incline system of the Unilove Hug Me is better than the Kidsclub bassinet, but it is not suitable for you if you have a tall bed.

This big incline sleeper of 36 x 24 x 33 inches can support your baby up to the weight of 30 lbs. This is the highest weight limit among all the reflux bassinets on our list.

You can easily switch this bassinet from a standalone bassinet to a co-sleeper without any burden.

Just detach the mesh wall present, and you are good to go with a co-sleeper mode. Where you can quickly soothe your infants.

What makes it more unique is its all 4 side MESH walls that allow proper ventilation & air circulation inside it.

And it also enhances the visibility of your child. You can keep a tab of your baby’s activities and ensure that your baby has the utmost comfort level.

The best part I liked about this bassinet that inclines is its secured break system. This system helps to hook the wheels so that your baby’s security is not hampered at any cost. Here is a few more bassinet with wheel, if you want to explore.

Unilove Hug, Me also comes with 1.2″ thick mattresses. These mattresses are so eco-friendly & designed with breathable cotton.

These mattresses are designed in a way that they assist in initiating the growth of the baby.

This helps in offering support to the baby’s spine and comes with additional 20% support for the baby’s weight; so that your little one can always stay comfortable.

They are filled with 3D vertical cotton that is breathable enough to offer superb comfort to your baby. But you can still do a lot of things to make the bassinet more comfortable.

Note: American academy of pediatrics also recommends placing your baby on the back and on a flat surface to reduce the risk of SIDS. That’s why most of the bassinet mattress is think and hard in mature.

Read our guide: Do I need a bassinet? to get more brief on it.

While testing this bassinet that tilts, I didn’t come across any downside. All the essential features that you ever expect to serve a reflux bassinet are conglomerated inside it.

But the feature that I think is missing in this fantastic bassinet with an adjustable incline angle is its storage pocket. There should be a storage pocket on the side of the bassinet to keep the baby essentials. Check our #4 product for it.

From the maintenance point of view, You can easily wash the messy fabric of the bassinet in the machine with the baby skin-friendly detergent. Remove the machine-washable mesh side, Mattress, Sheets, and though in the machine, and it’s done.

What else do you want in such a fantastic incline bassinet for reflux? So click the link to grab the deal and give the comfort to your infants that they deserve.

4.) Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet That Inclines:-

Baby Delight is one of the respected names is offering high-quality bassinets to the user. Its design is similar to the above one; bassinet that elevates the head. But doesn’t offer a wheel that makes it portable.

But on the plus side, it offers a Side pocket that keeps baby essentials under your arms reach to do baby chores without leaving your warm bed.

And just like the above two bassinets, it also offers bedside & bed-sharing sleeping with infants.

In short, its a best for you if you have thought of a c section. That’s why it also gets #3 on our list of the best bassinet after c section.

This incline bassinet comes in a big size of 37×22.5×30.75 inches to accommodate babies up to 5 to 6 months or until the baby gains 20 lbs.

Note:- Every baby grows at a different rate. e.g., premisses baby that grows very & doesn’t cross the weight limit until he becomes at the Age of 8-9 month. Whereas health babies cross the limit soo.

Read our guide: When is a baby too big for a bassinet? To make valuable & safe decisions at the right time.

Suppose you use the Baby Delight bassinet as a standalone bassinet. In that case, it can be flawlessly used in the bedroom, living room, or on the go.

You can place this bassinet anywhere you like with the assistance of tool-free assembly.

You can easily convert this angled bassinet into bedside sleeper mode as I side above by just unzipping the zipper side. This will help to make your baby closer to you and will be just at arm’s reach.

You can easily use the knob to raise or lower the height of the bassinet as per your needs.

Because It comes with 6 level height adjustments. This will make sure that the size will aptly fit as per your needs.

Like other bassinets that incline, Baby Delight also offers a full-side mesh bassinet that provides excellent breathability & visibility.

I am using it for my little angel personally, and trust me, I am seriously stunned by its waterproof fitted sheet.

It does not just increase the longevity of the Mattress but also keeps your mattress hygiene and smell-free.

Before cleaning, I recommend reading the bassinet Manual to understand what & what not to do.

But if you need help, here is a handy guide for you; How to clean a bassinet and its Mattress?

If you search for a bassinet with an incline that offers you and your infants the best comfort, then no one can beat Baby Delight. It is a one-time investment that you should undoubtedly make for the proper growth of your little one.

So stop thinking and click the link to buy it from an officially verified store directly.

5.) Evolur Stellar Bassinet That Tilts To Reduce Reflux:-

The Evolur Stellar bassinet is the only bassinet on our list crafted with Lightweight Wood & soft non-allergenic fabric for maximum comfort. No doubt, it is last on our list of the best bassinet for reflux 2021, but it doesn’t make it a compromise of essential features of a reflux bassinet.

Just like our above bassinets, you can also elevate the bassinet to raise the baby’s head up to a certain angle to raise the infant’s head.

But the downloaded is. It comes with 5 height adjustments, which is less than all other bassinets on the list.

However, it still offers you the optimal angle to reduce acid reflux in the newborn baby.

This phenomenal bassinet is crafted with imported cotton and comes in 35.5 x 22 x 27 inches.

It is recommended for babies up to 6-7 months or until the baby gains 25 lbs.

Where the bassinet weight is ‎18.65 lbs that make it a super lightweight bassinet.

As you know, Age and weight limit, whichever occurs first, you should have to stop using the bassinet & take your baby out of it. But how can you do that?

Well, here is a handy guide that helps you to transition baby from bassinet to crib.

Besides that lightweight design, it also comes with a two-wheel with breaks are added to safely move the bassinet from room to room.

The feature that makes it more unique is the foldable design that easily lets you fold it and pack it in the travel bag.

It’s a perfectly easy-to-fold, lightweight travel bassinet which means, It does not matter where you go; your baby always sleeps in his favorite place.

If you need any help putting your baby to sleep, read our: How to get a baby sleep in a bassinet?.

The only downside of the bassinet is, you can’t bring the bassinet over the bed.

Well, the reason is that the bassinet’s leg can’t trunk under the bed to get the bassinet over the bed.

But you can still do bedside sleeping by lower the sidewall of the bassinet.

Another feature that is missing in this incline bassinet is the storage pocket. There is no option to keep baby essentials; you have to buy a separate storage box.

Apart from that, like other tilted bassinets, Evolur Stellar Bassinet also Mesh Sides walls to keep watch on the baby and maintain the temperature inside it.

Note: Having a mesh side bassinet is good; it helps to lower the risk of SIDS. But don’t forget to keep your baby bassinet warm in winter.

The Evolur Stellar Bassinet is designed to keep the safety of the child at the utmost priority level. And it’s the only bassinet that meets the JPM, ATSM, and CPSC guidelines.

So what stopping you from buying this fantastic incline bassinet for acid reflux? Click our link to grab the latest running deal.

I hope you like the guide and find the information helpful; if you still need help to make a more valuable decision, read our guide: How to select the bassinet? Or Explore our list of the Top Bassinets 2022

Now it’s your turn. Let me know which one you will buy from our list of the Best Bassinet for Reflux and why? Your decision will help other moms make a quick decision.

And finally, don’t forget to share this article because sharing is caring.

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