Top 7 Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding — Bedside & Co Sleeper

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Not all the bassinets in the market can be used as breastfeeding bassinets. They are not designed for that nor have the features necessary to support breastfeeding.

The feature I’m talking about here is a design that allows you to pick up and place back the baby after breastfeeding easily.

Let me tell you one thing— if you are looking for something specially designed for breastfeeding, you won’t have any luck.

The best place for a baby to breastfeed is their mother’s lap; there is no place more safe and comfortable for the baby to get fed.

Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding Moms

Then why should I buy a breastfeeding bassinet? As I said, the bassinet helps you easily reach the baby anytime by allowing you to adjust the bassinet height, lower the bassinet’s side wall for easy access, etc.

You need a bassinet that helps you with the process of breastfeeding. That’s why we crafted a list of the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms.

Our testing process involved pulling together a team of 6 moms to do a hands-on review.

Based on these reviews, we came up with 5 top rated breastfeeding bassinets. So, let’s explore their features.

1.) HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper for Breastfeed:-

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper bassinet gets #1 on our  Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding Moms list. We place it at #1 because of its 360° degree rotation & easy access.

The 360-degree rotation feature lets you rotate the bassinet and bring it over to your bed.

So you can place the baby close to you or easily reach the baby without leaving your warm bed.

It makes it easier and more convenient for you to lift the baby when it is time to breastfeed.

This feature allows you to co-sleep safely with infants without sharing the bed. As pediatricians recommend this method, check our #4 product for the best co sleeper for breastfeeding

Don’t worry about your bed’s height; it is tall enough to fit almost any king-size bed, which can range in size from 24″ to 34″ tall.

Another feature of this excellent bedside co sleeper for breastfeeding is its Auto-Restore sidewall.

This feature allows you to lower the Side Panel with only a light push. Once you have picked up the baby, it automatically restores its original position for your infant’s safety.

You can also set the auto-reminder feature, which will use a sound to remind you after 30 minutes that it’s time to put the baby back in the bassinet.

The Side Storage Pocket is also provided to keep baby essentials like wet wipes, spare clothes, & diapers at arms’ reach. You don’t need to leave the bed to get the baby’s essential items.

Note: Side Storage is a beneficial feature for C-Section moms because it helps you to reduce the stress on your back: that’s why we also place it #1 on our C Section Bassinet list.

Now let me introduce my favorite feature of the Halo bassinet, the Bassinet Mobile Box. It has Amber Nightlights & Amber Floorlight to watch the baby at night easily.

Want to explore how these features work, then read our in-depth Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Reviews.

The only downside I noticed is that it is not a travel-friendly bassinet because it’s heavier & does not have wheels that allow you to move it from room to room in the house.

Apart from that, the HALO Bassinest is an excellent bassinet for mothers who want to have a breastfeeding bassinet. So what are you waiting for? Click the link to buy this fantastic bassinet.


  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Standalone & Bedside Sleeper
  • Easy Lowering Bedside Wall
  • Soothing sounds & Gentle Vibrations
  • Two convenient storage pockets
  • Breathable Mesh Sides
  • Easy To Clean
  • 30min Turn off & Auto Reminder

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Product Specification

Features Specification
Dimensions 37.6 x 18.12 x 10.83 inches
Item Weight ‎39.5 pounds
Weight Limit 20 pounds
Age Limit 5 months
 Price $ 299.90


2.) RONBEI Bedside Sleeper for Breastfeeding Moms:-

We place RONBEI #2 on our list for two main reasons; and first is its flexible design helps you take it anywhere you want, like a travel bassinet.

The second is the comfort it offers the newborn baby while sleeping.

This Side Bed Bassinet is designed for bedside sleeping by lowering the sidewall & bringing it over the bed like the Halo bassinet.

But you can’t rotate it up to 360 degrees.

The only difference is that in the RONBEI, a Smooth Zipper is attached to the bed’s side. So you can lower the side as necessary to easily access the baby.

Keep in mind that you can’t entirely remove the sidewall. This feature is added intentionally so the baby can’t accidentally roll out of the bassinet at night.

The micro-angle care technology of the RONBEI bassinet lets you rise the bassinet up to 3 to 8 degrees and prevents milk spills.

Just lifting the baby’s head a little in the bassinet can overcome this problem; that’s why inclined bassinets are designed.

The micro-angle care technology of the RONBEI bassinet lets you rise the bassinet up to 3 to 8 degrees and prevents milk spills. Which makes it one of the best bassinets for acid reflux.

Note: Inclining the bassinet more than 9 degrees is unsafe because it increases the risk of suffocation. That’s why a lot of bassinets were recalled in 2020. Check this: Are Inclined Bassinets Safe?

Its 9 height adjustment options can adjust it to a height elevation of 17.52″ – 25.39″. Not only that, but it can also easily fit near Sofas, Tables, and other flat surfaces to enjoy your baby’s company.

Similar to #1, my favorite feature is the Detachable Mobile Box. Along with 2 hanging toys are included to entertain your baby.

This music box will provide sleeping sounds, lullabies, and relaxing music to add extra serenity to the ambience. Want to know more; here is a Ronbei Bedside Sleeper Review.

The only Cons I found while reviewing this best breastfeeding bassinet is that it does not have a vibration feature as you get in a Halo bassinet. Try our #4 bassinet.

RONBEI is the best bedside sleeper for breastfeeding that offers all the features you need to breastfeed and safe bedside sleeping.

So click the link to buy it from our verified seller and get a manufacturer warranty!


  • Bedside Bassinet & Co-sleeper
  • Easy to Open Side Panel
  • 9 Heights Adjustments
  • Retractable feet & Wheels with lock
  • Breathable Mesh fabric
  • 2 Soft Toys hanging
  • Music, sound, & 10 Light Melody
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Safety Strap

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Product Specification

Features Specification
Dimensions 32 x 26 x 15 Inches
Item Weight 26.9 Pounds
Weight Limit 20 Pounds
Age Limit 6 months
 Price $ 199.98
RONBEI Bedside Sleeper Baby Bed
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Buying Options:

3.) Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet:-

Our #3 spot on our list of the best bassinet for breastfeeding is occupied by the Baby Delight Bassinet with its simple, sober and elegant look.

Like our previous bassinets, it can also be used as a standalone, Co-sleeper, or bedside bassinet for breastfeeding.

Switching between the three modes is easy enough. It simply requires you to unlock and detach the sidebar from the bassinet. And there are 6 height-adjustable positions provided so it can easily fit anywhere.

The sidewall offers the same functions described, but in addition to it, two additional straps are provided to attach the bassinet to the bed to avoid accidentally flipping the bassinet.

Its Side Mesh walls provide excellent breathability and lower the bassinet’s temperature.

So that your baby does not overheat, bassinets with mesh sides have become more popular lately because airflow is much safer than traditional bassinets.

From the longevity point of view, you can use it for up to 5 months or until your infants do not touch the 20lbs weight limit as per the manufacturer.

But as per my experience, you can use it for more than 6-7 months.

Note: Weight and age limit are just two factors that help you decide when to stop using the bassinet:

Read this guide: How long can baby sleep in a bassinet?

A firm mattress comes with the bassinet to provide a soft, comfortable sleeping area with soft waterproof sheets.

The best thing about Baby Delight is that all fabric is machine washable; you just need to remove it & put it into the machine to clean it. Check this handy guide: How to clean the bassinet?

In the end, the Baby Delight Bedside Sleeper is the best breastfeeding bassinet, who’s looking for a simple, sober, elegant-looking bassinet to add to her baby nursery.

So, what else could you want in this fantastic breastfeeding bassinet?

Click this link to grab the best deal and save some bucks Or read our Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Reviews to explore its feature in-depth.


  • Bedside Bassinet & Co-sleeper
  • Easy To open zip Side Panel
  • Comfy Firm waterproof Mattress
  • Soft sheet for mattress
  • Machine Washable
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Adjustment height – 6 Position
  • Tool-free assembly – 5min

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Product Specification

Features Specification
Dimensions 37″ x 22.5″ x 30.75 Inches
Item Weight ‎19 pounds
Weight Limit 20 pounds
Age Limit 5 months
 Price $ 209.90

4.) SwaddleMe By Your Side Co Sleeper for Breastfeeding:-

The SwaddleMe sleeper is primarily designed to safely share the bed with their little ones to increase bonding time.

And the feature that brings it #4 on our list of the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms is its folding & travel-friendly design.

Yes, it’s a foldable bassinet that you can fold up in a second, just like a book, and is ready to go wherever you want.

Due to its extremely lightweight nature ( only 6 lbs in weight) and easy folding feature, its become one of the best travel co-sleeper bassinets.

Its design is unique; you don’t need to lower the side panel to access the baby, and just place the bassinet over the bed, and it’s done.

And your baby is protected by its metal frame, which is sturdy enough to prevent you from rolling over the bassinet while sleeping.

Which makes it one of the safe & best co sleeper for breastfeeding moms. In addition, it’s very compact, so you don’t need to worry about space if you live in a small apartment.

This space saver bassinet is perfect for you, and you can even fold it up and store it as necessary when not in use.

The feature I like the most about this best breastfeeding bassinet is its vibrating device.

Like many other vibrating bassinets, it also offers a mobile device that generates sound, nightlight, nature sounds, and music to help little ones fall asleep.

And the best thing about this device is that it’s detachable.

Once the baby outgrows the bassinet, you can attach this device to your baby’s Crib or wherever you like.

Note: Vibrating bassinets are safe; you just have to be careful not to allow the baby to get addicted to it and refuse to sleep: Is a vibrating bassinet safe?

For comfort, the sturdy metal bar is covered with soft cotton fabric and soft material that provides cushion & comfort for your little one.

SwaddleMe is one of the lightest & best co sleeper for breastfeeding available on the market.

So why wait? Click the link and buy this best co sleeper for breastfeeding moms from our verified seller to get a considerable discount.


  • Co Sleeper Bassinet
  • Polyurethane & Sturdy Metal Frame
  • Sidewall Made of Mesh
  • Easy To Fold & Travel Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Soothing kit – Sound & Nightlight
  • No weight Limit

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Product Specification

Features Specification
Dimensions 29.5″ x 13.5″ inches
Item Weight 6 pound
Weight Limit No Weight Limit
Age Limit 5 months
 Price $ 99.90
SwaddleMe by Your Side Sleeper
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Buying Options:

5.) Simmons Kids By Bed City Breastfeeding Bassinet:-

Simmons is a well-renowned brand for its goodwill and consistent ability to provide quality and affordable bassinet to every customer.

We place the Simmons bassinet at #5 on our list of the Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding due to its affordability and features that facilitate easy breastfeeding.

The bassinet’s legs are designed to allow you to slide through the bed and save space at your bedside.

And its 5 stages of height adjustment settings allow you to adjust it according to your need.

In short, it is best for you if you have less space on the side of the bed. Whereas other bassinets on this list may not be ideal for you in such a case.

Two small storage pockets on the sides are added to store handy items such as spare clothes, wet wipes, and diapers.

This allows you to immediately change the napper of your baby without searching for your bag or going to another room for spares.

From the inside, it is crafted with high quality and chemical-free fabric to provide the prefect cozyness with a safe sleeping environment.

Apart from that, Simmons bassinet is also a JPMA and Greenguard-certified bassinet. This means you won’t have to worry about any abrasive chemicals used in the materials.

On the downside, it does not offer you a soothing kit – such as music, vibration, and other things to keep your baby claim in the bassinet. But there is a lot of vibrating attachment for bassinet available. 

However, there are still many other things that you can do to make the bassinet more comfortable.

Personally, the feature I like the most is its Lockable wheel during testing it.

Its Wheels make it easier to slide around the house, which comes in handy when you have to take your baby to another room for breastfeeding.

Simmons is a creative & research department committed to building beautiful designs and long-lasting products. And Simmons Kids By The Bed City is a testament to this.

So, why are you waiting? Click our link to get a discount and save some bucks on this best bedside bassinet for breastfeeding.


  • Standalone & Bedside Bassinet
  • Easy Access Baby
  • Slim Base with wheels
  • Retractable Feet
  • 5 adjustable heights
  • Mesh sides provide with airflow
  • Storage pockets
  • Washable fabric & Easy to Clean
  • 1-inch comfort mattress pad

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Product Specification

Features Specification
Dimensions 31 x 19.5 x 41.5 inches
Item Weight ‎22 pounds
Weight Limit 15 pounds
Age Limit 5 months
 Price $ 199.00

Hopefully, our Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding Mom list has given you an idea of which bassinet is best for you.

It’s important to choose the right bassinet according to what suits your condition, budget, and daily schedule requirements.

If you still need help evaluating which bassinet suits you the best, read our buying guide: How to choose a bassinet? Or you can explore our list of the Best Rated Bassinets 2022.

Now, it’s your turn. Let us know in the comment section which breastfeeding bassinet you like the most from our list.

Don’t forget to share the article if it helped you! Because sharing is carrying.

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