Mobile is a great way to keep your baby entertained, soothed, and stimulated. But maybe you bought a great bassinet that unfortunately doesn’t come with a mobile of its own. What do you do then?

You want to give your little angel the best. Of course, you want something that will help their developing brain and help you get them to sleep.

Many mobiles these days come with plenty of features that do this.

Some of these features include nightlights, music, teething toys, rattles, timers, and more. But how to choose?

Top 5 Best Mobiles for Bassinet [ Updated 2021 ]

If you already brought the bassinet with mobile, then don’t worry. We have made a list of the Best Mobiles for Bassinet to help you decide on the perfect mobile for you and your baby! In this list, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of a few mobiles on the market.

Even if you don’t find your ideal mobile on this list, it can help provide some guidelines for when you’re shopping. Of course, I certainly hope you find a mobile you love on this list!

Quick Comparison of Best Bassinet With Mobile

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesRatingPrice
Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile for BassinetMini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile for Bassinet
  1. Four modes of soothing
  2. 150 soft lullabies
  3. 10 musical organ
  4. 10 baby song & 5 nature sounds
  5. Adjustable volume
  6. 2 kinds of projection 4 scene modes
  7. Timing sleep Mode
Caterbee Baby Mobile for Bassinet With LightCaterbee Baby Mobile for Bassinet With Light
  1. Projection function,
  2. Auto Rotation,
  3. Light and music
  4. Remote Control
  5. 5 fun teether toys
  6. Volume control button
KiddoLab Bassinet Mobile With Lights & MusicKiddoLab Bassinet Mobile With Lights & Music
  1. Rotation Musical Box
  2. Four Hanging toys
  3. Cnchanting light show
  4. Lullabies & gentle nature sounds
HALO Swivel Mobile Clip-on the BassinetSimmons Kids Deluxe Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bassinet
  1. Gently turns
  2. Easy to install
  3. Fabric sleeve covers 
  4. Soft handing round toys
Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller ArchTiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch
  1. 8 different activities
  2. Rattling ball with crinkly texture
  3. Teach course & effect
  4. teether promotes
  5. Transparent sun prism

1.) Mini Tudou Baby Musical Mobile for Bassinet: –

The #1 spot on our list of Best Mobiles for Bassinet 2021 goes to the Mini Tudou baby musical mobile. The features I love the most on this mobile are its music options, auto timer, and adjustable volume.

This mobile offers a multitude of options for sounds that you can play for your baby to help soothe them to sleep.

With 150 lullabies, five nature sounds, and 20 other songs, your baby will never get bored, and neither will you.

Not only that, but you can also set these sounds to a timer to ensure that the sounds don’t play all night.

This helps you avoid wasting battery and losing sleep. Many other mobiles only have one timer option, but this mobile offers the option of 20, 40, or 60 minutes.

This mobile attaches to a variety of places, so long as the bar is sturdy enough. You can use it for the baby bassinet; then, when the baby grows out of the bassinet, you can switch it over to the crib.

Note: Not every parent chooses to start with a bassinet. 

Cribs and bassinets are made for different purposes and different lengths of time. For more information on cribs and bassinets, read our article: Bassinet Vs. Crib

The toys on this rotating mobile feature chewable rattles, which are ideal for a teething baby. They are safe and BPA, and the hanging pendant can be removed for safety when the baby gets bigger.

This mobile also has a nightlight and projection feature to keep the baby entertained.

One downside of this mobile for a bassinet is that it only features one type of toy rather than a variety to stimulate the baby’s brain.

It also only clips to certain types of bars, so it is not ideal for a stroller or playpen. But if you are looking for something for a crib or bassinet, this is the perfect mobile for you.

It also only clips to certain types of bars, so it is not ideal for a stroller or playpen. But if you are looking for something for a crib or bassinet, this is the perfect mobile for you.

2.) Caterbee Baby Mobile for Bassinet With Light:-

The Baby Mobile for Crib sold by Caterbee gets our #2 spot on Best Mobiles for Bassinet 2021. We chose this mobile for its convenient volume settings, remote control, and timer.

Like our #1 feature, this mobile comes with a timer option to automatically shut off the music when you need it. Similarly, the timer has three options to choose from, so you can adjust it to your baby’s needs.

The timer can be set by hand or with the remote, which can also change the light settings as per your needs.

This mobile comes with a music box that cycles through 70 music options and sounds. The best part of this is that the volume can be adjusted, which features very few mobiles on the market offer.

Set the volume low for relaxation, or set it high when your baby is restless, and you just need a moment to do some chores.

Like many of the other mobiles on this list, the Caterbee mobile comes with a projection feature.

It also comes with a nightlight, so you can check on your little one at night without lighting up the whole room. 

Some bassinets come with this feature built-in, but this is an excellent feature if you have one that does not.

If you have not chosen a bassinet yet, this is one of the many features you may want to consider. Read our detailed guide to get an idea of what to consider when buying a bassinet: How to Choose a Bassinet?

The plastic toys on the mobile hanger are designed for teething, so they are safe for babies to chew on and play with. There are also customizable, removable rattle options according to your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Click this link to get this fun and educational gift for your baby’s nursery!

3.) KiddoLab Bassinet Mobile With Lights & Music:-

The KiddoLab mobile gets the #3 spot on our list. I love this mobile for its colorful design and ceiling projector. If you are looking for colorful, exciting, and soft toys for your newborn, look no further than this bassinet mobile.

It features multiple adorable animal plushies, giving your little one plenty to look at and play with safely.

There are multiple sound options to choose from, from lullabies to nature sounds. The lights, rotation, and sounds all work in conjunction to help soothe the baby to sleep.

Alternately, you can choose to have the music play continuously. This can be great for babies who wake up a lot during the night.

There is no need to get up at all hours to rock the baby back to sleep; the music will help lull them back to sleep before you even wake up.

Additionally, this mobile comes with a ceiling light projector, which shines a moon and stars overhead for the baby to look at.

Nothing is more relaxing than the night sky!

This mobile attaches easily to any crib or bassinet, though it is most ideal for newborns and younger babies.

If you are still expecting and haven’t welcomed your little one to the world yet, this is the perfect item to include on your baby registry. Check out our guide on How to Create a Baby Registry on Amazon.

One downside to this mobile is that the projection and music do not remotely control it from afar.

A remote can help turn off the lights and music when your baby falls asleep, so you don’t have to get up to shut it off.

However, with the timer option, this problem is easily resolved.

Just like our #1 option, the KiddoLab also has a timer to shut off the music if you need it. However, there is only a one-time option, which shuts off after 15 minutes.

This mobile is great for any mom looking for a versatile and safe choice to keep their baby happy in the bassinet.

4.) HALO Swivel Mobile Clip-on the Bassinet: –

The HALO Bassinest pompom mobile gets #4 on our list of Best Mobiles for Bassinet 2021. If you have read some of our bassinet reviews and plans, you know that we love the HALO Bassinest. This is its matching detachable mobile.

The soft pompoms on this beautiful mobile are perfect for the mom who loves a stylish nursery. The plastic support arm also comes with a soft fabric sleeve, which makes it safer for your delicate baby.

If you are looking for more stylish bassinet options, read our list: Best Luxury Bassinets 2021.

The HALO mobile has gentle rotation and music to go along with it. It does not need batteries, as this function works by being wound up.

A downside to this is that the music function cannot be set to a timer. It also only comes with one music option, so I hope you like Brahms’ Lullaby.

The music box on this mobile is removable, so you can use it only if you prefer hanging toys.

This mobile is also very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the baby if anything goes wrong.

Many parents worry about heavier mobiles falling on their babies. With their secure and safety-certified attachments, this is not a concern.

This mobile is designed to go along with the HALO Bassinest. So, if you already have that bassinet or are thinking about buying it, this is the perfect addition. If you are curious about this favorite bassinet, read our HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Review.

If you don’t prefer the grey and white pompoms, this bassinet mobile also comes in a different color option. The alternative features plush yellow owls that your baby can reach for.

Are you looking for a cute, stylish mobile for your baby’s nursery that does not need batteries?

Do you want one that provides music, rotation, and safe stimulation for your baby? Look no further than the HALO Bassinest mobile.

5.) Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Mobile Bassinet: –

The Tiny Love stroller arch mobile comes in at #5 on our list of Best Mobiles for Bassinet 2021.

Unlike the other mobiles on this list, the Tiny Love mobile is designed for use on a stroller. However, its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of places.

Our favorite feature on this mobile is the propeller toy. A large flower-shaped toy on the mobile reacts when your baby interacts with it.

This helps them develop their understanding of cause-and-effect. My baby loves playing with this toy on walks around the neighborhood!

Each toy on this mobile is different, including a soft pendant with a rattle. Having various toys with different colors, functions, and textures is ideal for your baby’s growing brain.

The downside of this mobile is that it does not have any of the technology features of the previously featured products. For example, it does not have music or projection lights.

This is perfect for a stroller mobile. It gives the baby something to grab while on a walk without distracting them too much from the outside world.

It is also great for a mom who prefers low-tech options for their baby.

While there are plenty of benefits to the modern features included in many bassinets on the market today, some of us do not want all that fuss. Some would prefer simple, colorful toys for their baby.

However, if you do want a modern bassinet with plenty of high-tech features, be sure to check out our list of Best Modern Bassinets.

Are you looking for a great low-tech but effective option for your bouncing baby? Do you need the perfect mobile arch for traveling with your baby? This is the ideal mobile for you.

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