Getforbaby’s Media Kit

Welcome to Getforbaby’s Media Kit page. Here you will find all the information you need to advertise on Getforbaby.

An Introduction

Getforbbay was founded in 2018 with one goal in mind: to make your baby sleeping products like a bassinet and Crib as simple and easy to understand as possible so that you can make a valuable decision for your infant.

We focuses on the following themes:

  1. Bassinet
  2. Pack n Paly (Working)
  3. Crib (Under Pipe Line)
  4. …and all other related fields that meet our guidelines.

Advertising Opportunities

Here are some available advertising opportunities that we offer at Getforbaby. Depending upon your individual marketing strategy, you can pick one or create a custom bundle suited to your needs.

1.) Sponsored Posts

We do occasionally accept sponsored posts where we write about a brand, incorporate details about a brand’s products or services into a topic.

As we work ethically and a legal requirement that I disclose when I have been compensated, they will be clearly marked as sponsored content in line with the ASA’s advertising rules.

All links in sponsored posts that have been paid for will be “sponsored” links in accordance with Google’s guidelines on paid links, and in all cases.

Note: We decide whether to accept sponsorship based on whether we are inspired by the brand, collection. Therefore, please provide us with relevant links first for us to consider your offer.

2.) Gifted Products & Services

We are happy to consider offers of gifted products (or services). Please note we have a strict no-fur policy.

We will only feature items (and services) that we feel fit our own personal style and would be of interest to our readers.

We do not accept less than 2-5 products depends upon the price. You have delivered it to us or directly to our audience (Selected by us) so that customers can test to give their valuable feedback for review ( Submit your product here )

3.) Display Ads:

It’s simple as its name, you can place your banner on Header, Sidebar, in Post on our site or another custom place for ads.

You can inquire and pre-book ad slots at Getforbaby.

Here are the available spots:

  • 468*60 Before Post: $150/month
  • 468*60 After Post: $100/month
  • 300*250 Sidebar (across all the page) : $150/month

Note: We have the right to accept or disable the running ads if it changes once placed or do not meet our quality guidelines. Also, all the banner/place will be marked as “nofollow” links in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

4.) Event Appearances & Giveaways

  • Event Appearances: Can place your banner ads on our site during events like Cyber sale, Backfriday, Chrimes or other local events, etc
  • Giveaways: You can give your newly launched product or feedback from our audience or create brand awareness.


5.) Custom Plan

Creative ideas are always welcome.

If you have a creative idea for ad placement or running a media campaign, feel free to contact us.

Send an email to  [email protected] with details of what you have in mind for a collaboration (please include links), and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


For All Personal Inquiries Contact:

For all advertisement-related query contact: [email protected], and for other queries, use our Contact us page.