6 Best Bassinet With Canopy – Easy to Remove & Attach

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Bassinets come in many different shapes and sizes, with varying features and characteristics.

One of the most basic features of any good bassinet is a canopy.

More and more bassinets now have canopies due to their many advantages.

Babies have no routine, and they sleep at random times throughout the day.

This means your baby may feel drowsy and take a nap even when it is broad daylight.

Best Bassinet With Canopy

With a canopy, you need not turn off lights or pull up the curtains to reduce the light so your baby can sleep soundly; all you need to do is pull the canopy all the way down.

A canopy also provides protection from dust, insects, and strong breezes if you choose to take your baby out for some fresh air.

A bassinet canopy is multifunctional and very useful. It can be adjusted according to your needs and will give your baby the protection and privacy they deserve.

If you search for the best bassinet with canopy, you may get a plethora of results that confuse you. It can be hard to select when presented with so many choices.

This is why we have compiled a brief yet the thorough list of the best bassinets with canopies to assist you in your decision.

Quick Comparison of The Best Bassinet With Canopy

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesRatingPrice
Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet With Cry Detection Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet With Cry Detection
  1. Elegant look
  2. High-Quality Self made fabric
  3. Rocking Cradle
Graco Dream Suite Portable Bassinet With Canopy Graco Dream Suite Portable Bassinet With Canopy
  1. Place Next to Bed
  2. Lower the Side
  3. Wheel with Hand Brack
  4. Move Over the Bed
  5. Adjust the Height
  6. Mesh Side
Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Infant Bassinet Canopy Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Infant Bassinet Canopy
  1. Premium wood and metal
  2. Breathable Mesh
  3. Quality Mattress
  4. Rocking ability
  5. Easy to Clean
Nordmiex Bedside Bassinet Netting Canopy Cover Nordmiex Bedside Bassinet Netting Canopy Cover
  1. Elegant look
  2. Wheel for Portability
  3. Mesh Side for Breathability
  4. High Quality Material
Delta Children EZ Fold Travel Bassinet for Baby Delta Children EZ Fold Travel Bassinet for Baby
  1. Elegant look
  2. Wooden Frame
  3. Foldable feet 
  4. Assemble & dismantle
  5. Stationary To Rocking
  6. leather On the side
  7. High Quality Material
Wishes Oval Rocking Round Bassinet With Cover Wishes Oval Rocking Round Bassinet With Cover
  1. Elegant look
  2. Wooden Frame
  3. Foldable feet 
  4. Assemble & dismantle
  5. Stationary To Rocking
  6. leather On the side
  7. High Quality Material

1.) Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet With Cry Detection

Graco Sense2Snooze gets #1 on our list of Best Bassinet With Canopy 2021 due to its modern design & features. For example, Cry Detection Technology auto-detects any motion or crying from the baby and responds accordingly.

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet With Cry Detection

But before we get into that, let’s focus on our primary concern: the bassinet’s canopy.

Graco provides a simple reversible canopy made of soft cotton to block out light.

The primary purpose of adding this canopy is to protect the baby’s eyes from high-intensity light.

The dark cotton canopy blocks the light and keeps the baby’s sleeping area cool and comfortable. However, this is only a half-size canopy, meaning it will not protect your baby from bugs if you place it outside, as our #3 product will.

Still, this bassinet gets #1 on our list because it has several other notable features to go along with the bassinet canopy.

Suppose you are sleeping and your baby starts crying in the middle of the night. You’d have to get up, right? You’ll have to leave your warm bed and pick the baby up until he/she falls asleep again.

What if I told you that you don’t need to leave your cozy bed with this bassinet?

With Graco Cry Detection Technology, you don’t get up every time because it senses any motion or crying and responds with white noise, vibration, and/or music until your baby falls back asleep.

This feature is the reason Graco also gets #2 on the list of the Best Modern Bassinets.

Many other bassinets come with vibration and music, but you have to manually start and stop it to soothe the baby. On the Graco, Sense2Snooze does that part for you.

Note: Vibrating bassinets are 100% safe and secure and can help your baby sleep comfortably. Studies show that babies love to sleep on a vibrating surface.

However, if you choose a bassinet with this feature, use it carefully as babies can get addicted to the vibration.

Apart from vibration (up to 3 levels), music (10 sleeping sounds & 10 soothing sounds), and white noise, this bassinet also generates forward and backward motions to rock the baby, just like a rocking bassinet.

You don’t even need to worry about setting the right speed, sounds, and/or white noise levels; this technology is smart enough to learn what is the best suitable setting for your baby’s unique needs.

What else could you want in this tremendous high-end bassinet?

The Graco Sense2Snooze, with its dark canopy and cry detection technology, helps you soothe the baby at night or whenever you need it. Click this link to grab the best offer on this canopied bassinet!

2.) Graco Dream Suite Portable Bassinet With Canopy

Our 2nd Best Bassinet With Canopy comes from the same brand, Graco. Though it does not include automatic cry-detection technology like #1, we placed this bassinet at #2 because it has many wonderful features and a convertible design.

Graco Dream Suite Portable Bassinet With Canopy

This convertible design is our favorite part! You can convert the whole bassinet into a changing table in just 10 seconds by pulling and rotating the handle on the bassinet side.

You can even do this while holding a baby in your arms.

Additionally, there is storage underneath the bassinet, so you can keep all the baby’s essentials right at hand.  This will be great at night, as you won’t have to move into the room to find things.

Now, let’s talk about the bassinet canopy.

It comes with a similar bassinet canopy cover made of cotton to block the light.

Additionally, you will get two hanging toys with this bassinet canopy that keep your baby busy while you are doing other chores.

This bassinet is 6.18″ x 19.37″ x 33.94″ inches in size and supports 15 lbs, whereas as a changing table, it can be used up to 30lbs weight.

This is a perfectly suitable bassinet for babies up to 6-7 months old, but it can be used as a changing table even after that.

Note: Keep in mind, some babies grow more quickly than others, in which case you may have to adjust how long you use the bassinet.

Read our article: How Long Can a Baby Sleep In a Bassinet? to learn when to stop using your bassinet.

Due to its small size, it’s easy to place the bassinet wherever you want. The wheels under the bassinet make moving the bassinet from room to room quick and straightforward.

All 4 wheels are integrated with a lock, so don’t worry; if someone accidentally bumps or walks into the bassinet, or you place it on an inclined surface, it will still be safe for the baby.

The Graco Dream Suite also offers 2-speed vibration to soothe the baby. However, unlike our #1 option, you have to set this speed manually.

One of the features that add to this being a safe and ideal bassinet is using a mesh fabric near the bassinet’s top/head side.

Suppose your baby sleeping and turns on its side, and his or her face touches the side of the bassinet. Mesh sides let fresh air circulate so the baby can still breathe easily.

Many infants die due to suffocation, and this bassinet mesh side significantly reduces the risk of SIDS.

For those parents who don’t want the changing table but want something similar to the Graco Dream Suite, the Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings is a great option to save some money.

These two bassinets are very similar in terms of features and quality, but the price is far lower on the Delta bassinet.

The only downside of the Graco Dream Suite is its underside storage, which can create a bit of a hassle for a recovering C section mom trying to reach the baby essentials.

Apart from that, Graco is a great brand that consistently provides safety, comfort, and style in their bassinets. Read our Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Reviews to explore more of the features of this great canopied bassinet.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link to buy this portable bassinet with canopy from our verified seller and get the manufacturer’s warranty.

3.) Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Infant Bassinet Canopy: –

Lulyboo is another excellent baby girls bassinet with canopy that gets #3 on our list for its ability to be used as a travel co-sleeper bassinet, as well as for its “easy-carry” feature.

Lulyboo Bassinet To Go Infant Bassinet Canopy

But first, let’s check out its canopy feature.

The Lulyboo has a fully removable canopy with an active bar that maintains the canopy’s shape.

This bassinet canopy cover comes in the same color as the bassinet and is thick enough to block the light.

This canopy also comes with a hanging toy that stays connected to the action bar, even when the baby pulls on it.

This multifunctional baby bed is small in size, measuring 15 x 16 x 6 inches and weighing less than 4lbs, so it is super easy to carry.

The bassinet can be converted into a backpack with a single movement to make it even more portable. You can take it with you to yoga or classes!

Just because it is made specifically for traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in the house, though!

The Lulyboo bassinet can be used for safe co-sleeping with infants, thanks to its mattress pad that provides a flat surface for safe sleeping by pediatric standards.

You can simply place the bed atop your own bed, and a safe co-sleeping solution is achieved.

Another great feature: the bed can be turned into a changing surface when needed, providing a firm and suitable place to change your baby’s diaper or clothes.

The Lulyboo gives your baby the privacy and comfort they need while getting changed.

The bassinet also has a waterproof underside that allows you to place the bed anywhere you want, including your garden.

The waterproof mattress also comes with a cover that can be removed and washed in the machine.

Maintaining a hygienic environment will be easy, as the bassinet is very easy to sanitize.

This award-winning baby girls’ bassinet with canopy truly reflects a modern take on a classic baby essential.

Click this link to get this classic bassinet in your baby nursery.

4.) Nordmiex Bedside Bassinet Netting Canopy Cover: –

Nordmiex bassinet takes the #4 spot on our list of Best Bassinet With Canopy due to its design that lets you use it as a bedside sleeper (unlike the above bassinet, which is more suitable for co-sleeping).

Nordmiex Bedside Bassinet Netting Canopy Cover

This is one of my favorite bassinets because it offers a full-size canopy to serve a dual purpose as a mosquito net & a protecting shield for light.

The mesh part keeps out bugs and lets fresh air in, whereas the fabric part keeps out any harsh light that might wake your baby unnecessarily. Removal is easy, too: all you have to do is unzip it.

The bassinet’s canopy frame is strong enough to keep a pet like a cat out of the bassinet, so if you have pets, you won’t need to worry about any unexpected visits.

The only downside of this bassinet netting canopy is that it is all one piece, so you can’t remove one side of it at a time.

If you remove one side, the other will come off too. This problem is overcome in the Baby Delight bassinet.

The feature I like the most about the Nordmiex is its adjustable leg. This gives you the flexibility to lift the bassinet up to your adult bed’s height, helping you keep watch of the baby during the night.

Apart from that, it has excellent size for its style: with dimensions of 34 x 18 x 41.5 inches, it can hold a heavier baby than other bassinets of its size.

This makes it a great option if you plan to use it a little longer than 5-6 months.

Note: if you have a tall bed and are looking for something that best meets the height of your bed to do bedside sleeping with infants, explore some other options on our list of Best Bassinet for Tall Bed 2021.

Finally, it has a handy storage basket below it to keep all your baby belongings nearby at all times, so you won’t have to be running around looking for diapers when your baby decides it’s time to be messy.

We, and other moms like you, recommend having more than one bassinet sheet to make sure your baby always sleeps in a neat and clean environment that supports the baby’s health and proper growth.

Read our guide: Do I need a bassinet sheet? To understand why you need more than one.

This is an adorable must-have bassinet for parents who have pets at home. So, what are you waiting for? Click the link to buy this baby bassinet with full canopy to keep the baby’s sleeping environment bug-free.

5.) Delta Children EZ Fold Travel Bassinet for Baby:-

The #5 place goes to the Delta Children bassinet with its ability to fold neatly into an easy-to-carry form, as well as its full-size canopy, making it one of the best travel bassinets.

Delta Children EZ Fold Travel Bassinet for Baby

It comes with a full-size detachable canopy, which is easy to remove by simply unzipping it.

The thing that makes this bassinet with full canopy even more unique is the versatility of the canopy, which allows you to unzip half or keep the full canopy on as you need.

The best use of the canopy you will get is when you want to place a bassinet outside, like in the garden. You can use this full-size net canopy as a mosquito net for the bassinet to keep bugs out of it, making it ideal for travel.

The bassinet’s mesh sides & partial netting canopy keep the bassinet cool and supplied with fresh air, which lowers the risk of SIDS. Check out this list: Best bassinet with mosquito net.

The slender metal frame is lightweight in nature, enough to be picked up and transported easily if the need arises. At the same time, it is strong enough to provide ample support to the bassinet and be used for at least 6-7 months.

The feature I like the most is its tool-free assembling and dissembling process. All you have to do is fold out the legs, and you are ready to go. It also comes with a handy travel bag!

The rest of the bassinet is covered with padding and mesh fabric to make the bassinet more cozy and comfortable. It comes with a high-quality water-resistant mattress, which is made to combat accidental spills and leaks.

The best part is that it’s machine washable! You don’t even have to worry about the mattress losing its shape or stiffness from cleaning.

Still, we have a few tips and tricks on properly cleaning the bassinet without damaging it.

This beautiful product is a JPMA & CPC certified bassinet, which means that it meets safety and security standards to ensure that your baby is safe and secure inside the bassinet.

For those parents who are on a tight budget but still want an excellent travel bassinet with canopy, we suggest checking out the Price Cocoon.

These bassinets are similar in design and features; the only marginal difference is in overall quality.

Delta Children is an affordable, safe, and space-saving bassinet with all the features you need to travel with your infants. So, click the link to buy this from our verified seller and get a manufacturer warranty.

6.) Wishes Oval Rocking Round Bassinet With Cover:-

Wishes Oval Rocking baby bassinet is an excellent option if you wish to get a traditional-looking round bassinet with canopy.

Wishes Oval Rocking Round Bassinet With Cover

Wishes Oval comes with a full skirt & lining fabric from inside, providing a cozy sleeping environment & aesthetically pleasing look.

The frame is constructed with metal, which is not bulky but is extremely strong and can be assembled without any tools.

Once the frame is in place, the bassinet bed can be placed securely on top.

Flippable wheels enable you to take your baby from room to room and also let you convert your bassinet into a rocking cradle by just flipping it up.

Rocking the bassinet is the traditional way to soothe your baby to help them fall asleep faster, just like a vibrating bassinet.

Here is a list of some Best rocking bassinets, in case you’d like to go with one that has that feature.

The Wishes bassinet also offers a standard canopy attached to the bassinet bed’s head that serves the same function.

The Wishes bassinet also offers a standard canopy attached to the bassinet bed’s head that serves the same function.

However, the difference lies in the aesthetic: this bassinet provides an elegant feel in your baby’s nursery.

The skirt is not merely a decoration; it hides a storage space just underneath of bassinet.

You can put all your baby’s essentials at a close range, neatly tucked away out of sight.

The upkeep is pretty simple. Even though the bassinet does have a few extra fabric covers, they can all be washed in cool water with a gentle cycle and can even be tumble dried in low heat.

You can even steam iron everything for a finished look; if you need help to clean, then here is our guide: How to clean a bassinet?

So, what looks more elegant in your baby nursery?

Suppose you are still not satisfied with the design. In that case, I recommend checking our list of Best luxury bassinet 2021 to add some luxury to your baby nursery, Or you can buy a round bassinet with canopy by clicking our link.

List of Some Other Bassinet With Canopy in the Market!

Product ImageCo Sleeper BassinetRatingBuy Now
dream on me karley bassinet blue and grey Dream On Me Karley Bassinet4.4Price
Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bedside Bassinet Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bedside Bassinet4.3Price
Delta Children Deluxe 2-in-1 Moses Bedside Bassinet Delta Children Deluxe 2in1 Moses Bedside Bassinet4.2Price
baby sleeping in Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome Bassinet4.1Price
Chicco Lullago Nest Portable Bassinet Chicco Lullago Nest Portable Bassinet4.0Price
Simmons Kids Gliding Bedside Bassinet Simmons Kids Gliding Bedside Bassinet3.9Price
Dream On Me Willow Bassinet Dream On Me Willow Bassinet3.9Price
Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Gliding Bassinet Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Gliding Bassinet3.9Price

What Do We Recommend To Buy?

Well, the choice purely depends upon your need! Do you need it for traveling, adding luxury to your home, or helping you soothe your baby?

If you want to know which one we recommend, then go with our #1 bassinet, Graco Sense2Snooze.

It is the complete package, with many features that provide you with an extra hand to soothe the baby at night and recover faster after delivery. If you had a C section, try one of our C section bassinets for mom.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, try #3, Lulyboo Bassinet, the best travel bassinet with canopy. Both bassinets are great options for the safety and comfort of your baby.

If you still need help understanding which one suits you best, read our guide: How to choose a bassinet?

Here is a list of some other Best Baby Bassinet 2021.

Now it’s your turn; let us know which bassinet you are going to buy and why? Let’s help other moms like you to make a quick decision.

Feel free to ask a question in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article if it helped you! Sharing is caring.

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