5 Best Bassinet Under $50 [ Safe & Cheap ]

by | Last updated: Oct 2, 2020

Finding a suitable bassinet under $50 is very difficult.

The bassinet manufacturer has to follow the CPCA guidelines to make bassinet safe and chemical free. Due to this reason, bassinets are a little expensive.

However, there are few bassinets still available in the market under $50.

After conducting heavy research, We could only find 5 best bassinet under $50 in the market for you.

So, let’s check these bassinets and compare it with each other to figure out which one is best for our baby.

List of the Best Bassinet Under $50

Here, we will be highlighting only the main features of the bassinets. But if you want, you can read our full review of each bassinet separately in our Bassinet Review section.

1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

The Delta Children Bassinet is #1 on our list because this bassinet has multiple features as compared to the other bassinets on our list.

The bassinet is planned with a child open to dozing in a sheltered and secure way.

One of my favourite features of this bassinet is the soothing music along with soft nightlight to check on the baby without turning on the lights of the whole room.

The weight of the bassinet is just 10.5 lbs and can hold up to 15lbs.

This means that it can be used until the baby is 6 months old. Its lightweight steel frame and cluster makes it super portable.

Don’t worry about slipping the bassinet on an inclined place, because its cluster also comes with Lock for the safety of the baby.

The cover for the bassinet is of high-quality fabric, and its sheet is made up of polyester fibre pad. It is machine washable.

Delta bassinet features do not end here; it also comes some with storage underneath.

You can divide storage into two different parts to store various kinds of things.

You can buy this bassinet from our verified seller for unbeatable rate with manufacture warranty by clicking on our link.

2. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper:

The SwaddleMe Bassinet is #2 on our list because of its safe design for side-sleeping. It provides a more cosy and comfortable place as compared to the above one.

The bottom of this bassinet, where the baby is supposed to sleep, is made up of 100% polyester. This means that it is safe and easy to clean.

These features will make your life easier.

And the side of the bassinet is crafted with Transparent Mesh for better air circulation.

Reduce the temperature in the bassinet, and you can easily watch the baby from far away.

One of my favourite features is its “folding option”.

It takes hardly 45 seconds to fold the co-sleeper for travelling.

If you want to put your baby in a more comfortable space, then I would recommend to go with the Deluxe version.

It’s just not more convenient; it also comes with a detachable mobile device.

The device generates vibration for soothing. The nature sounds and music help little ones fall asleep.

There are few more bassinets that vibrate and play music. Go ahead and check it out. You are going to like the features.

One of the best things about the deluxe version is you can incline it up to 2 different angles (11 degrees and 30 degrees) which will help your baby in reducing the acid reflux.

If you want bassinets with acid reflux, you can check our list of the best bassinets for acid reflux.

3. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper:

The Baby Delight Harmony is also a good bassinet and especially designed co-sleeper for baby.

This is not on #2 on our list of “best bassinet under $50” because it does not offer an inclined angle to help the baby digest food. Otherwise, this is also a suitable bassinet.

It comes with a soft glowing nightlight on the top of the head, and soothing womb sounds to create a relaxing sleeping environment.

The side of the bassinet has two rigid walls to protect the baby with structural mesh for complete air circulation, which allows the baby to sleep with personal comfort.

The bassinet comes in 6 different colours with little change in the price. You can check the other colours here.

Its folding feature and handle on the top make it easy to carry and super travel-friendly.

The First Years Close And Secure Sleeper is another good co-sleeper under $50, that looks a little different but has the same features as baby delight.

If you are searching for the best bang for your buck, then click on the below link for an unbeatable price.

4. Scuddles- 3-1| portable bassinet

The Scuddles 3 -1 portable bassinet is a multifunction travel bassinet. We put this bassinet on #4 because it isn’t too comfortable as compared to the bassinets listed above.

But this bassinet is good for travel purpose. It has multiple pockets that you can use to store various baby essentials.

The material used to make this bassinet is chemical free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free so your baby will never smell the chemical.

The feature I like in the bassinet is its “Warm Pocket”. There are two large sized packets on the side of the bassinet which won’t just keep hold the bottle, but also keep it warm.

You can also use this bassinet as a diaper changer, which is an excellent thing because you won’t need to carry extra stuff for diaper changing process. Everything is already in it.

It has a super lightweight design and the side-bag feature makes it easy to carry.

The zero tools make the assembling of this bassinet extremely hassle-free.

If you want to go with that kind of portable bassinet then check EasyGoProducts Bambino 3 in 1 and 3 in 1 Portable Foldable Bassinet options too before making a decision

5. Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

The Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet is one of the travel best bassinet under $50 and also on our list of the best bassinets for an airplane.

Then why didn’t we put this bassinet on #2 or #3 but on #5? Well because this bassinet is really simple and it doesn’t have a lot of features.

The side of the Brica bassinet is made out of breathable fabric (mesh), which makes it extremely easy for the baby to breathe.

Not just outside, but also inside the actual plane considering there is low fresh air inside.

The weight of the bassinet is just 2.45 pounds. This makes it extremely easy to carry, and the push button makes it easy to assemble and fold.

It hardly takes 30 seconds to assemble. You can buy this Baby Bassinet by clicking our verified link for the best price.

I hope you liked our list of Best Bassinet Under $50 and found them useful. We hope this list will help you in making a decision.

What Do We Recommend?

Well, to be honest, we recommend the delta bassinet, because it is the best bassinet under $50. No other bassinet on our list or even in the market can beat this bassinet.

Also, the delta is a well-known brand, and they are designing bassinets for a long time and have a lot of experience in creating safe bassinets

The other two bassinets we recommend is Swaddled your side and Scuddles 3-1 Portable.

Both of these bassinets are good in terms of their features. Where one is suitable for side-sleeping and the other is good for travel purpose.

Different parents have different needs. We have laid out the options, and the choice is yours. You can also explore our list of the best baby bassinets in 2019 if you want,

Now, it’s your turn.

Let us know which bassinet you liked the most on our list and don’t forget to share the article, because sharing is caring.


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