5 Best Bassinet for Big Baby — Long & Large Size

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Finding a largea size bassinet nowadays is not a big issue. But the question is, is this bassinet safe for your big baby?

How long can you use that bassinet? Does this bassinet support the baby’s weight? If yes, then how long?

Most of the bassinets in the market you see nowadays can only use up to 6-8 months as recommended by the manufacturer.

Now, suppose you have a healthy (big and heavy) baby, which means your baby will soon outgrow the bassinet.

Best Bassinet for Big baby

This is the first problem you will face when you are looking for a bassinet for bigger baby.

If you need help to decide which bassinet is best & meets your needs, I recommend to read our Ultimate Guide: How to chose a bassinet?

But who is in a hurry? Below are the two things you have to keep in mind while finding the bassinet for big baby.

  1. Bassinet Weight limit: Higher weight limit means less chance of collapse of the bassinet due to excess weight.
  2. Bassinet Size: The larger the dimension, the longer you can use it.

So, now let’s check a few bassinets that meet both the above condition.

Quick Comparison of The Barge Bassinet for Baby

Product NameDimensionWeight LimitRating
BABY JOY Bedside Bassinet for Long Baby38.00 x 27.05 x 34.0044 lbs4.9
Arm's Reach Concepts Ideal Bassinet for Larger Baby39.50 x 25.25 x 32.0031 lbs4.8
Besrey Baby Rocking 2in1 Bigger Baby Bassinet37.00 x 26.00 x 40.0033 lbs4.7
Nordmiex Sleeper Bedside Big Bassinet for Baby36.20 x 24.20 x 5.2033 lbs4.6
MIClassic Stationary & Rock Bassinet for Long Baby37.40 x 23.80 x 28.0033 lbs4.5

1.) BABY JOY Bedside Bassinet for Big Baby:-

BabbyJoy Bedside Bassinet is one of the top-rated large-sized bassinets on our list of the Best Bassinet for Big Baby. The reason to put this big bassinet on #1 is its wide array of features that will help you in various scenarios related to your infant.

BABY JOY Bedside Bassinet for Long Baby

Let us dive into what makes this bassinet such a fantastic bigger baby bassinet.

The BabyJoy bassinet dimensions are 38 x 27.5 x 34 inches. Its weight limit is 44lbs, which means a large bassinet with a high weight limit that makes it a perfectly suitable bassinet for a big baby.

And due to the adjustable legs ( 26.5″, 29″, 31.5″, and 34″), it perfectly fits with your adult bed height.

Due to this reason, it also gets #2 on the list of the best bedside co-sleeper bassinet.

There are two Nylon strips for additional safety of the bassinet to attach it to your bed.

However, that isn’t all that makes it interesting. Not only is its height-adjustable, but it is also adjustable from one of the two ends, which means that it can have a slight tilt to it up to an angle of 10 degrees.

This feature can be highly useful when feeding the baby as it can help them retain the food and not spill it out. This thing makes it a suitable bassinet for a reflux baby.

The bassinet is also incredibly portable as it can be packed up into a very easy to carry handy package. But the little downside is, it takes some time to assemble & disassembled the bassinet.

Note: If you are parents who travel frequently & want something lightweight, easy to fold & carry.

You should have to go with Travel bassinet. And for those parents who travel less, a portable bassinet (Link Update soon) is best for them.

Finally, the material covering around the bassinet is incredibly light, breathable, and makes it very easy to observe the baby.

The only downside of the bassinet is that it does not offer a wheel, making it a little difficult for you to move it from room to room.

What if you have to pull your bassinet near your bed? You have to leave your warm & cozy bed to do this.

So, If you want a bigger baby bassinet that easy move, check our product #2 or #5.

The feature I like the most is its convertibility. You can use it as a standalone bassinet during the day and as a Bedside bassinet at night to do safe co-sleeping with an infant.

Don’t worry about the baby’s safety, It’s an ASTM certified bassinet, which means your baby is sleeping in a safe environment.

Overall, the BabyJoy bassinet is a great product worldwide in terms of features, construction, and portability. So click the link to buy this large travel bassinet from our verified seller.

2.) Arm’s Reach Concepts Bassinet for Larger Baby:-

The second oversized bassinet is Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal that gets #2 on our list due to its multifunction, size, and comfort it offers to a newborn baby.

Arm's Reach Concepts Ideal Bassinet for Larger Baby

The bassinet dimensions are 39.50 x 25.25 x 32.00 inches, which makes it an extra-long bassinet. And the weight limit is up to 31lbs, which makes it a suitable bassinet for a big baby.

It also comes with leg extensions that reach up to a height of 24″, so no need to worry about the height adjustment.

The thing that makes it unique is its 3in1 functionality. The bedside mode allows the bassinet to be attached to the bed without a side barrier.

Making it easy for parents to reach over and perhaps cuddle the baby to sleep on a rough night or have a quick midnight diaper change without having to take the baby out of the bassinet.

And the standalone bassinet and the play yard modes are, of course, more useful during the day when you may not be lying next to the baby, and you want them to have a safe space to sleep or play.

It comes with a handy carrying case that makes it an incredibly portable product. Along with it, it supports wheels under the bassinet, which makes it easy to move around without even having to pack it up.

The bassinet also provides storage space in the form of some perfect side pockets that can hold all of the baby’s items, such as diapers, wipes, etc., in one place.

Note: If you have through the C section & want something that helps you recover soon, focus on a bassinet with storage on the side.

This thing lets you pick baby essentials easily. You can explore some of the best options here: Best Bassinet for C Section mom.

In addition to all that, the Arm’s Reach comes equipped with all the items that you need to get going out of the box.

It includes a high-quality mattress, fitted sheets, a travel bag, which is a lovely little add-on.

This big baby bassinet comes from the company endorsed by many famous, influential pediatricians. So, what stopping you from buying this large portable bassinet?

3.) Besrey Baby Rocking 2in1 Bigger Baby Bassinet:-

Another great large bassinet is the Besrey Baby Bassinet that gets #3 on our list of the Best Bassinet for Big Baby.

One of the key features that place this bassinet at number 3 on our list is that it offers both a bassinet and a rocking cradle, making it a good bang for the buck.

Besrey Baby Rocking 2in1 Bigger Baby Bassinet

The construction of this bassinet is strong and sturdy but also lightweight and easy to carry. In all its glory, it opens up to a size of 37″ x 26″ x 40″ inches with a weight limit of up to 33lbs.

Again meeting both of our conditions makes it a suitable largest bassinet for baby.

The mesh around the bassinet is also very breathable and comfortable to see-through, allowing you to observe your baby at all times. It’s beneficial when you are doing a chore and, at the same time, looking at your baby.

The bassinet also offers a significantly large storage space underneath it, which allows you to keep all your baby equipment handy on you at all times.

However, what really sets this bassinet apart is its ability to be converted into a rocking cradle very easily by folding the attachments in its legs.

This feature is highly useful in putting the baby to sleep through a nice 6-degree rocking motion that the bassinet allows.

It starts with the rocking mode that would help your baby to fall asleep. Want a similar rocking feature in another bassinet? Then check our #5 product.

And the Canopy comes with this bassinet, which covers it entirely and keeps bugs and insects from getting inside and disturbing your baby’s sleep.

If you want a more useful canopy that also blocks sunlight when you using it outdoor, then check our product #4.

One could think of the only drawbacks of some of the other long bassinets on our list; it doesn’t offer a mode that lets it be attached to the bed or converted into Bedside or Used as a Playard like some of the other bassinets in this list.

But it’s still best for parents who want a large bassinet that they use for their bigger baby for a long time.

So what else are you looking for? Click the link to grab the best deal.

4.) Nordmiex Sleeper Bedside Big Bassinet for Baby: –

The reason to put Nordmiex bassinet on #4 on the list of Best Bassinet for Big Baby is its age limit & its 3in1 feature. You can use this bassinet for up to 24months, as mentioned by the manufacturer.

Nordmiex Sleeper Bedside Big Bassinet for Baby

It can easily latch onto your bed to become a bedside bassinet, unlatch to become a regular bassinet, unzip and extend from the bottom to become a mini crib and simply unzip a half circled panel.

Which will allow your baby room to move around, making it a playpen.

It comes bearing strong metallic construction (size: 36.2 x 24.2 x 5.2 inches ) bassinet with adjustable height ( min19.6”, max 25.8” ).

Don’t worry about the weight limit; it can hold up to 33lbs.

I like this bassinet, Dual Canopy; half of the Canopy is made with Dark mesh that blocks the direct light to protect the eye, and the rest of the Canopy design with Mesh fabric.

This thing keeps the airflow in the bassinet and also protects the baby from Mosquito. Just like a Bassinet with Mosquite Net.

Note: Having a Full-size canopy is life-saving if you have pets at home. Animals like cats love to sleep with a newborn due to his/her soft skin.

If you are parents with Pets, try Dream On Me Karley Bassinet Review Or Learn How to keep the cat out of bassinet?

In addition to the robust construction, it also offers fantastic portability due to two features.

One is the fact that it is possible to pack it up into a handy carrying packaging.

When fully assembled, the other is that it has tires fitted underneath it to stroll it around easily.

It’s strong, stylish, and very efficient, making it a must-buy big bassinet for anyone who likes to have their bucks pay off in as much bang as they can. So click the link to grab the deal.

5.) MIClassic Stationary & Rock Bassinet for Long Baby:-

The MIClassic Bassinet is my favorite big bassinet gets #5 on the list best bassinet for big baby because it offers a highly lightweight and portable experience, which you wouldn’t imagine the first time you look at this bassinet.

Nordmiex Sleeper Bedside Big Bassinet for Baby

The dimension of the MIClassic is 37.4″ x 23.8″ x 28.0″ and the maximum weight limit is 33lbs, which make it suitable for large babies.

But when you fold, it becomes 22.8″ x 6.7″ x 20.7″ inches in size & items weight is just 18.16 pounds that make it a great portable bassinet.

Note: This bassinet is not traveled more travel friendly because it’s large in size & heavy in weight. Handling that size & weight during travel becomes a little hassle for you. So always go with a lightweight & small size bassinet during travel.

Explore Our List of the Best Travel Bassinet 2021, for more option.

The height isn’t variable, but the bassinet legs can be removed to directly place the bassinet on the floor.

This feature will help you when you are sitting on the sofa and you place the bassinet on the floor to easily watch & pick your baby.

The fabric around it is all mesh resulting in good breathability for your baby. This ensures a comfortable, good night’s sleep for the baby and the parents’ peace of mind.

In case your baby feels uncomfortable in the bassinet during sleeping or not able to sleep in it. Then there is a lot of ways that you can do.

  1. How to make a baby bassinet more comfortable?
  2. How To Keep Bassinet Or Crib Warm In Winter?

The feature you will going to like the most is its “Stationary to Rocking mode.”

This incredibly convenient feature lets you switch to the rocking mode, which helps your baby fall asleep quicker.

Switching from stationary to rocking mode only involves close a few clips attached to the bottom of the legs of the bassinet.

Want to know how it works & explore its more features? Then read our Miclassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet Reviews.

Some Other Large Bassinet for Baby in the Market

Product ImageCo Sleeper BassinetRatingBuy Now
Lightweight Travel Baby Bassinet for newborn ComfyBumpy Rocking & Sturdy Bassinet4.2Price
Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet4.9Price
Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper bassinet Dream On Me Karley Bassinet4.8Price
Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet Dream On Me, Traveler Portable Bassinet4.7Price
Delta Children Deluxe Portable Bassinet With Wheels Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings Bedside Bassinet 4.6Price
Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib,Grey Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bedside Bassinet4.2Price
Unilove Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper Lightweight Travel Baby Bassinet for newborn4.2Price

What Do We Recommend To Buy?

No one knows your baby better than you, so it’s purely your decision what kind of bassinet you need for your infant.

But if you still want my opinion, I recommend going with our #1 product, the BABY JOY bassinet. An excellent bedside bassinet that offers you safe co-sleeping with an infant.

Co-sleeping with an infant improves the baby’s health and has a lot of other benefits too. Another great bassinet is MIclassic; it’s designed to provide a comfortable sleep to infants and easy to maintain safe a lot of time.

All the bassinet is designed for the specific need of the parent & baby. Explore the list of best bassinet 2021,

Now, it’s your turn; let us know which travel infant sleeper you will buy & why you like it. Let help other moms make a quick & valuable decision.

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