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Sakshi Patel Single Mom

Er. Harvinder Singh

Harvinder Singh is a founder of Getforbaby and an Electrical Engineer by profession. He is an expert in evaluating facts, doing in-depth research, and handling technical stuff. He completes his Bachelor in Electrical from Jammu university. He loves to spend most of his time with his two nephews and feels how difficult to raise a baby. That’s why he started the Getforbaby blog to help parents to make wise decisions for their newborns. Full Harvinder Singh Profile here.

Who Are We?

Parenting is hard enough; finding the right gear shouldn’t be!

As first-time parents, we know the experience of feeling in over our heads.

After spending hours researching online, it was clear that many people had personal opinions, but few sites organized the information in a logical and usable format.

Combing through 10-year-old forum posts and thin content sites from anonymous bloggers can’t be the only way!

So we created Getforbaby to solve these product research pain points, helping new (and seasoned) parents navigate the waters of the multitude of necessary and life-easing parenthood gear.

Meet Our Writer!

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

Dr. Sakshi Patel

Sakshi Patel is a housewife who loves to spend most of her time with her Twin Daughter. She loves to share her parenting journey with other new parents. She completed her Ph.D. from MP University in HDFS. Her hobbies are internet browsing, doing research on products, reading, and writing. She spends most of her time with her daughter at home and writes patenting guides based on her personal experience and shares it on Getforbaby. Full Dr. Sakhi Patel  Profile here.

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

Areesha Ijaz

Areesha Ijaz is a computer science student who loves writing content, blog posts, product reviews, books, and research papers. She always loves to explore and learn new things. She has a master’s in computer science from COMSATS University, Islamabad. She likes to search for new techniques, writes papers, does product research and writes a guide on it based on feedback that she collects from different mothers and shares it on getforbaby. Full Areesha Liaz Profile here.

Our Expert Newborn Sleep Consultant!

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

#1 Natalie Nevares ( USA )

Natalie Nevares- is the founder of Mommywise and a mother of two highly active and strengthened teenagers. She started Mommywise as a blog in 2004 with the ambition of helping new parents to deal with the situations like loneliness, darkness, new parenthood, and avoiding the impact of inlaws. She empowers parents to make decisions on their own with full confidence and never let any impact from media override their thoughts. Mommywise has become a well-known volunteer service to help new parents in crisis. As a mother and mentor, her goal is to guide parents about effective parenting.

More info: mommywise.com

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

#2 Bridget Jensen ( CANADA )

Bridget Jensen is a Wilfrid Laurier University, Conestoga College graduate. She is working as a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She is also a founder of Betterbedtime, a full-service sleep consultancy in the Waterloo Region. She is guiding families and individuals not only in Canada but also across its boundaries. Jensen provides services ranging from one-to-one programs for infants, children, and adults to sleep sessions for the workplace.

More info: Betterbedtime.ca

Sakshi Patel Single Mom

#4 Kayla Squier ( CANADA )

Kayla Squier has a bachelor’s in Nursing from Lakehead university. She is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, baby sleep expert, newborn care expert, registered nurse, and most importantly, mother of two littles. Her babies were during the Covid-19 pandemic. She worked as a registered nurse for 12 years before becoming a mother. Now, as a Certified Pediatric Consultant, she runs and owns Serenity Sleep Consulting full time. If your baby wakes up during the night, which is also making you sick, then Kayla Squier is the right person for your help.

More info: serenitysleepconsulting.com

Sakshi Patel Single Mom


Alison Macklin went to Seneca College and the University of Toronto Scarborough. Although she has a psychology and sociology background, her interest and passion for peaceful sleep began when she became a mother. Her daughter was not a great sleeper at all, and it was pretty difficult to put her to sleep with time. Alison became deprived of sleep, and some nights she needed to wake up till 6 am with her baby. She tried everything which was in her hand, but nothing worked. But how long can she deal with these sleepless nights? Then Alison decided to take some expert advice.

More info: Goodnightsleepsite.com

What do We do?

  1. Teach you about the different sleeping options for your newborn.
  2. We research products, so you don’t have to.
  3. We only feature top-quality products that are worth the money.
  4. We listen to your questions and concerns.

A new baby is about making memories. We want to make day-to-day life a lot easier for you, so you can spend time nurturing and caring for the newest addition in your family rather than fussing over products.

Our Promise

Our mission is to help you buy the best baby stuff and love what you already have.

our promis » Getforbaby

That means we’ll have solid recommendations for you–no matter your budget–and we’ll teach you how to unlock the secret benefits of the things you already own.

Getforbaby.com promises to be the one-stop website where all caring parents can visit to get the best product for their kids. We promise to ensure you get nothing but the best whenever you visit our site, as your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide quality and informative information about the best sleeping options for your newborn and growing infant.

Getforbaby is the best site for finding comprehensive reviews on bassinets, cribs,  and Pack n Play and sleeping options for babies. It can be daunting to do all the research on your own, so we have done the work for you.

We have laid out an easy-to-view layout with the most relevant information you would be looking for before you make your purchase.


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