The presence of cats near the baby or inside the bassinet is definitely not safe.

Infants are weak and vulnerable to diseases.

Their immune system is not well-developed, which means that even a house pet that is vaccinated and regularly groomed can be a source of danger for your baby.

My cat’s fur is very fine and pretty hard to detect on the baby’s bedding, especially since it’s almost the same color! The danger of the baby swallowing cat fur is genuine and can prove life-threatening.

Also, bassinets are quite compact, sleek and just large enough to hold the baby weight up to 15-20 lbs.

So, any additional weight of a pet present in the bassinet increases the risk of the bassinet collapsing under pressure.

Another risk is that a cat jumping. If your cat tries to climb or jump onto the bassinet, they may end up toppling it over, endangering your baby’s life.

So, it’s essential to keep the cat out of your baby’s room.

In this article, I’ll share the tips and tricks that I use to keep my cat out of my baby’s bassinet.

Before I jump to “how to keep cat out of bassinet,” let’s have a look on a few more reasons to keep a cat away from your baby or even from your baby’s room.

Why I Keep Pets Away from My Baby?

Here are some of the reasons why cats and dogs must be kept away from babies:

  • They can transfer germs by licking your baby’s face.
  • A cat may even try to sit on your baby while she is asleep in her crib, which might restrict her breathing.
  • Pets, especially cats, may be unpredictable and may scratch or turn violent.
  • Cats may carry allergens and germs which may not affect adults, but for babies, they may prove problematic or even fatal.

How To Keep Cat Out of Bassinet?

A few simple steps and a little bit of precaution can achieve the perfect balance between your baby and cats. Follow the simple tips and tricks that I use to keep my cat away from my baby’s room.

5. Keep Your Cat Active During The Day

Cats can be moody and difficult to handle. Unlike dogs, cats may not always listen to you.

So when you try to teach them to stay out of the baby’s room, things may not work out as planned.

In fact, cats are inquisitive by nature, and they may end up doing quite the opposite.

Because you think of your cat as a member of your family, you may find it hard to force it to stay away or lock it up.

One way to your cat out of the way is by keeping it busy throughout the day.

Giving your cat a new toy to play in another room will keep your cat busy and prevent it from getting too curious about your newborn.

4. Close Bassinet From The Top

Some bassinets feature a top section that can be covered with mesh or lace, which won’t hinder the baby’s breathing but will keep pests like mosquitoes and cats away from your baby.

The Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is a good option if you are looking for a bassinet with the added feature of being closed off at the top.

Note: Alternative, you can explore the list of the bassinet with a canopy to find more suitable options according to your need Or you can also try the bassinet that comes with a mosquito net.

If you already have a bassinet, then you can buy a separate Mosquito net for bassinet & Crib to cover it.

The canopy is flexible and soft and can be easily adjusted to either be pulled back entirely on both sides, be pulled up half-way from one side to cover the baby’s face side or be pulled up from both sides to close off the top completely, depending on your needs.

But if you already buy the bassinet, then check this Cat net for a bassinet or Cat bet for Crib

3. Use a Baby Monitor

This is a great way to keep an eye on your baby whether he is sleeping soundly or is fully awake and playing by himself.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in the kitchen, my home office, or even just the room next to my child’s room, I can monitor my little angel remotely.

My baby monitor not only shows me what my baby is doing but also whether he’s alone or not.

Cats, especially mine, are usually very quiet and sneak about the house very easily without being detected.

By using a baby monitor, you can see if your cat is in the baby’s nursery, and, if it is, you can determine if it’s a reasonable distance away from the baby.

If you witness a disturbance through the monitor and need to intervene, you’ll be able to rush into the baby’s room quickly.

The Infant Optics XDR-8 Video Baby monitor is one of the newest in the market.

The changeable lenses on the camera mean you can adjust the view according to your requirements. The screen is also portable and can be placed on a table or be handheld easily.

2. Add Some Cat Furniture To Baby’s Room

Cats like their personal space, so, instead of kicking your cat out of your baby’s room, why not add some new furniture in the room specifically for your cat.

Cats like to laze about, and nothing is more inviting than a cosy bed.

Having their own bed will also keep them from attempting to get in your baby’s bed.

This way your cat will share the room with the baby and still remain a safe distance away.

Having its very own furniture will clearly let the cat know precisely where it can and cannot go.

There are quite a few furniture items that can be added to keep your cat occupied and happy, the first being a cosy new bed

1. Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent Next To The Bassinet

I think that an ultrasonic cat deterrent is one of the best ways to keep a cat away from the baby bassinet or stop it from entering the baby’s room.

Check out this Working Demo.

It is really affordable and is a great investment. Especially when you have more than one cat around and keeping all of them out is a challenge.

The Catscram Electronic Cat Repellent detects the presence of cats and emits a silent electronic alarm to drive out them out.

So, your baby’s sleep is not disturbed, and you are still able to keep your cat away.

Catscram is small and can be placed easily near your child’s bassinet to provide extra protection.

If you’ve been searching for a solution with the best price, continue through to our reputable and verified supplier!

Winding Up

While it’s important to make sure your cat does not get in your baby’s bassinet, you don’t have to get rid of your cat entirely.

Cats can be challenging to handle and may not always listen to you, but in no way, it means that cats and babies cannot co-exist.

If you follow the measures mentioned above, you can keep your cat out of your baby’s bassinet at a safe distance, which is ideal if you wish to enjoy life with your newborn and your pet cat.

I hope that you liked our “how to keep cat out of bassinet” and hopefully, it will help you to make your decision in the future.

Visit the comment section and let me know how you keep your cat away from your baby’s bassinet.