Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews

Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews

Halo bassinest is one of the simple & elegant-looking bedside bassinet & bed-sharing co-sleeper for infants. It comes with a height-adjustable leg & flat feet that trunk under the bed to bring the bassinet over it. Along with it, its all side is made up of breathable white mesh for easy watch & also lower the risk of SIDS. It’s easy to lower one side design, helps you to pick the baby easily. It is easy to assemble & dismantle with too much effort & has a storage bag that makes it a travel bassinet. There is still a lot to check, so explore our Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews to check more features.

  • Safety 92% 92%
  • Comfort 96% 96%
  • Easy of Use 88% 88%
  • Price and Longevity 77% 77%


  • Adjustable Height Leg
  • Breathable Mesh Sides
  • Patented Lowering Bedside Wall
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Storage bag for travel


  • A bit difficult to assemble due to sticky pins
  • Remain large after assembling

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Product Specifications:

Product Name Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper
Brand HaloSleep
Age limit Up to 5-6 month
Item Weight 15.2 pounds
Weight Limit 20 lbs
Adjustable Height 35.5 in x 28.5 inches
Dimension ‎39.5 x 28.5 x 42 inches
Mattress Size 30″ x 18″ x 1.3″ inches
Sheet Size 30″ x 18″  inches
Batteries Required No
Availability In Stock
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.7 / 5
Price $99.99
Buying Options Amazon




Official Site

Registry Options Add To Amazon Registry

Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews

Halo bassinet Flex is different from others in its patented lowering bedside wall. Make a quick choice with the pros and cons of flex bassinet.

Otherwise, Below, I will explain Halo bassinest flex sleeper reviews and tell you which things make it different. So, keep reading.

1.) Simple & Elegant design

Halo bassinest flex is designed in simple & sober way, and it’s a Heather Weave color with no prints, giving it a gender-neutral look.

HALO BassiNest Flex mesh side wall

Its height-adjustable legs let you adjust its height up to 42″ ( tallest bassinet ), perfectly matching the parent’s bed height for beside sleeping.

Whereas, a flat foot can easily trunk under the bed.

Even the space between the floor & bed is less to bring a bassinet over the bed for safe co-sleeping with an infant.

The halo bassinest flex dimensions are 39.5(L) x 28.5 (w) x 42 (D) inches, and the item weight is ‎18.26 pounds.

But it can support up to 20 lbs.

The manufacturer recommends using it for up to 5 months Or until the baby does not start rolling and pushing their hands out of it.

Note: However, you can use it till seven months for weak babies because babies grow on various scales.

So you have to understand how long they can baby sleep in the bassinet before stopping using the bassinet. 

The bassinet feature that impresses me is that the volume is compact enough to fit perfectly near the bed, even though there is less space between the wall and your bed.

2.) Patented side wall & Mesh Sides

The Halo flex bassinet comes with all side mesh because the offensive material of the bassinet can cause rashes & swell on the baby’s gentle skin.

HALO BassiNest Flex sleeper bassinet in room kitech

Thick fabrics don’t allow good aeration, and you can’t keep an eye on the baby.

But mesh sidewall provides better breathability and visibility to watch the baby from far away quickly.

Apart from that, it also helps you lower the bassinet’s temperature to keep the baby calm. But don’t forget to keep the baby warm in the bassinet in winter.

All the material is certified by JMPA and APP-approved, so you don’t need to worry about the fabric you choose to design it.

The feature that really impresses me is the patented lowering wall that can be used in various situations.

Suppose you want to pick your baby. You can simply lower the side wall with just a little push & reach them without any effort. It makes it one of the best bassinets for c section moms and helps you use it as a breastfeeding bassinet.

From a safety point of view, Its sidewall auto restores to its original position, so you don’t need to worry.

The solid material and lasting fabrics are undoubtedly built to last for years without falling prey to tear so easily.

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to fold and carry!

3.) Safe and easy to clean:-

The base of the halo bassinest flex is super-strong, and the sturdy construction is really impressive. With a weight of more than 20 Ibs, it is solid enough to endure a powerful push without rocking

HALO BassiNest Flex sleeper bassinet

This feature keeps your baby safe, especially when your pets or older children nudge themself into the bassinet.

Note: If you have a pet in the home, I recommend following this guide to be on the safe side; How to keep the cat out of a bassinet?

On the downside, it does not come with wheels. So it remains securely placed where you keep it. But, its lightweight design helps you effortlessly carry the Halo sleeper everywhere you want.

Now from a maintenance point of view;

Bassinets cleaning is not easy because Mattress pad is not washer or dryer friendly; instead, spot cleaning and hanging to dry is best.

Mattress and sheets can wash in the washing machine. But doing it unproperly can damage the fabric & lose its quality. Read this handy guide; How to clean a bassinet?

4.) Halo Bassinest flex sheet and Mattress

Another downside of the Halo bassinet flex is it does not come with a sheet, so you have to buy a separate sheet to increase the longevity of its Mattress

HALO BassiNest Flex sleeper mattress in bassinet

It comes in various materials such as 100% cotton sheet,  organic sheet, and cotton muslin sheet.

We recommend more than two bassinet sheet & 1 mattress to ensure your newborn baby always sleep in a secure and snug fit.

Besides this, halo bassinest flex sleeper mattress pads are a bit sturdy to increase durability, so the baby may not feel comfy.

But it’s 100% safe because it offers a perfectly flat surface to sleep on. If you want to make your bassinet more comfortable, read; How to Make a Bassinet More Comfortable?

Since these sheets are extra comfortable compared to sturdy mattresses and super easy to clean and ensure the baby has a clean, dry space to sleep.

Here are some replacement mattresses and sheets for the halo bassinest flex sleeper.

Product Dimension Latest Price
halo bassinest flex sleeper 30″ x 18″ inches Price
halo bassinest flex sleeper fitted 30″ x 18″ inches Price
halo bassinest flex sleeper matress 30″ x 18″ x 1.3″ inches Price
halo bassinest flex sleeper mattress pad cover 30″ x 18″ inches Price

I hope you like my halo bassinest flex reviews, and it helps you make a valuable decision.

The Bottom line

The Halo bassinest flex is a simple, sober, and elegant bassinet for parents who don’t want extra things.

Its adjustable legs and flat feet ensure to sleep your baby right next to you without any safety issues. You can also place it near the sofa or table or wherever you want.

Its mesh side provides an easy watch and better airflow. An easy lower sidewall helps you easily reach the baby.

The compact size bassinet is perfect for a small room, and its easy, super lightweight design makes it a portable bassinet for babies.

Whereas it’s easy to fold and carry bag makes it travel friendly.

In my opinion, the bassinet’s best thing is the sturdy and durable construction. So the bassinet lasts for long time, and you can use it for your future babies.

What else are you expecting from such a fantastic bassinet? So stop thinking and click our link to buy it from our verified seller.

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