Crib And Bassinet Cover For Cats:

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Pro Baby Safety Grey Crib Canopy Cat Net Cover Price
L RUNNZER Crib Pop Up Crib Tent Mesh Cover Price
Baby Bed Portable Folding Bassinet Net Cover Price
Beberoad Universal bassinet Net Cover for Cat Price




2.) Train Your Pet To Don’t Sit In The Bassinet:

Training pets is one of my favorite methods to keep the cat out of the bassinet and from other places such as the table, sofas, chair, kitchen, etc. But you must do this 1 – 2 week before the baby arrives home.

To train your cat to stay away from the crib, you need a Pet Training Mat, such as DOG CARE Pet Shock Mat or SVDPET Pet Training Mat.

Bassinet & Crib For Cat And Dog;

Below are a few Cribs and Bassinets for a cat & dog that can be added to the baby room so that cat can enjoy their sleeping while sharing the same room.

Product Name Latest Price
Bassinet for Cats Price
Bassinet for dogs Price
Crib for cats Price
Crib for dogs Price

One way to keep your cat out of the way is by keeping it busy throughout the Day. Giving your cat a new Toy to play with in another room will keep it busy and prevent it from getting too curious about your newborn.

Rather than using a toy, I personally recommend to use Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy, which is far better than traditional toys.

A few simple steps and a little bit of precaution can achieve the perfect balance between your baby and your cat.

5.) Use A Baby Monitor To Keep Watch:

This method is not affected as others, but adding this to your infant nursery makes it safer and more sure and helps you track many different activities to.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in the kitchen, home office, or even just the room next to my child’s room. I can monitor my little angel remotely.

My baby monitor shows me what my baby is doing and whether they are alone or not.

Best Cat Proof Bassinet To Keep Cats Out

If you have not bought a bassinet yet, then going with a bassinet that has a canopy or comes with a mosquito net is one of the best ways to keep the cat away.

Some cat proof bassinets come with a top section that can be covered with mesh or lace, which won’t hinder the baby’s breathing but will keep pets away from your baby.

The DreamOnMe Karley Bassinet is a good option for looking for a bassinet with a cover for cats. Its canopy is flexible, soft, and tough enough to hold the cat’s weight if they jump on it.

Here is a list of the top-rated bassinets with covers for cats:

Product Name Latest Price
Bedside Sleeper Bedside Cat proof bassinet Price
Dream On Me Lacy Portable Bassinet for cat Price
Besrey Baby Bassinet With Cover for Cats Price
Baby Delight Slumber Bassinet With Cover for Cats Price

But those who already bought a bassinet can buy a different mosquito net for the Crib and a Bassinet to cover the top.

While it’s essential to ensure your cat does not get in your baby’s bassinet, you don’t have to eliminate your cat entirely.