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The Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet is among dual feature bassinets in the market. It is wonderfully designed for twins to provide a comfortable sleeping area and also helps the parent easily carry out their daily task. The bassinet’s side is covered with soft cotton that makes it an extra cozy place for a peaceful sleep. Both of the bassinets are fully removable so you can convert your bassinet into Playard to let the baby play inside it safely. The transition from bassinets to a playpen is pretty simple. This twin bassinet comes with two handy sheets and mattress pads and a fitted carrying bag to give parents hassle-free storage and travel experience.

  • Safety 92% 92%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Easy of Use 96% 96%
  • Price and Longevity 90% 90%


  • easy to fold & carry for travel
  • space saving, compact design for airflow
  • can be converted into a Playard
  • Lightweight and has wheels to move
  • Easy to lift your twins out and in


  • Bassinet sheet little difficult to remove and place
  • It takes little time to set up but easy to fold

Product Specifications:

Product NameGraco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet
DurationUp to 6 month
Item Weight29 Pounds
Weight LimitFor Bassinet is 15 Pound
Playard Weight LimitNo Weight Limit
Dimension46 x 35 x 34 inches
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.5 /5
AvailabilityIn Stock
Latest Pricebuy from amazon

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Do I Need Graco Pack N Play Twin Bassinet?

Graco is a well-known brand. It has been designing beautiful bassinets for the long time in the market. This bassinet also gets #3 on our list of the best bassinet for twins.

The Graco twin pack n play is a thoughtfully designed twin bassinet that was crafted while keeping your needs in mind. And believe me, it’ll look like the perfect piece of furniture in your nursery.

It comes with two different shades, “Vance” and “Mason“. (Just $10 difference in price)

If you ask me which one looks more beautiful than I recommend to go with Mason.

The feature, you’ll really love about Graco is the wheel, which you are going to use daily to move the bassinet around when you clean the room.

More on this later.

The best thing about this twin bassinet is that its a space-saving bassinet.

It allows you to have your twins close to your bed and helps you form a strong bond with them.

Also, this bassinet has enough height, means you don’t have to leave your bed to pick your baby, which is an outstanding feature for a recovering mother!

It is not like other large and bulky bassinets that you can’t fold after assembling them.

It is an easy to fold bassinet, and if it is not in use, you can pack it in the bag that comes with it and place it where ever you want.

After exploring all of its features and reading our Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet reviews, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the Graco Twin Bassinet is an excellent investment for your babies.

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Graco pack n play Twins Bassinet Reviews & Features

This Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet is a good looking piece of furniture. It not only provides unsurpassed comfort to your twins but also lets you enjoy the uplevel style and unparalleled convenience.

So, Let’s take a deep insight into Graco Pack n Play Twins Bassinet Reviews

1. Clever Design With Future Planning:

The uniquely crafted twin bassinet has a curved and sleek frame which gives it a contemporary and modern look.

Its aluminium frame is really high-end and ensures a durable frame while minimizing the weight of the bassinet.

Also, the plastic detailing is both practical and adds an aesthetic appeal to the bassinet by contrasting the silver of the aluminum with black accents.

The rest of the bassinet matches the theme, the mesh, the canopy, the padding, and the mattresses inside are all black, white or grey.

The whole bassinet looks very chic and sophisticated and is suited regardless of whether your twins are either boys, girls, or one of each.

It also makes the perfect gift to loved ones expecting twins as it looks incredible and is very useful.

Another feature that saves my money is, its Playard. The pack n play can be used as a spacious Playard after for twins outgrow the bassinet.

What is more, you can keep an eye on the little ones from afar as the mesh fabric means the inside of the Playard is completely visible.

The Graco twin pack n play side wall is made up of mesh, which makes it fully ventilated to increase the air flow in the Playard for baby’s comfort and babies do not feel trapped as is the case with a rigid material.

Most pediatricians recommend mesh not only for the comfort it provides but most importantly, for its ability to let in the fresh air.

This thing prevents suffocation or asphyxiation, which is one of the leading cause of death among perfectly healthy infants.

2. Detachable Twin Bassinets

It’s a big responsibility for parents to ensure that their twins get enough rest at home. This Graco twin pack n play will fit your needs because it comes with two cosy bassinets ideal for twins.

The feature you are going to love is its detachable function.

Both the bassinet can be entirely removed from the pack n play and convert this pack n play into Playard.

Parents expecting twins can have a hard time getting a bassinet as most come for individual babies.

And getting two separate ones is not the most practical idea, both in terms of the space they would occupy and the expense of buying two of them.

The Graco pack n play twin bassinet has twin beds that provide comfortable, personalized spaces for both of your little ones. Each baby is safe in its own bed.

No need to worry about one of them rolling on top of the other or any such accident is taking place.

As a mother of my twins, I absolutely love having a pleasant and convenient place for my twins to relax both and rest.

3. Squeeze Latch Ideal for Handy Fold

The innovative and easy-to-use squeeze latch is another essential feature of this thoughtfully crafted bassinet. It’s ideal for an easy and quick fold.

As a parent, you’re always in a hurry. Using the squeeze latch will allow you to fold up the Playard in just a few seconds.

Hassle free and requiring zero tools, the latch mechanism is truly handy,

And explicitly designed for parents who do not have a lot of time at their disposal, nor the energy to deal with difficult assembling or disassembling.

Note: If Playard gets sandy, carefully remove sand from all surfaces before packing into bag as sand can damage top rail lock.

Simply squeezing the latch means your bassinet is compactly packed and ready to be placed in the boot of the car.

It is lightweight and compact, which makes it portable as well. Your babies can enjoy the comfort of their usual bed anywhere, anytime.

4.  Soft & Cozy Environment

Well, we all want to make our babies comfy and cosy. I’m pleased to say that the Graco twin bassinets are fitted with a quilted mattress pad.

The fabric is soft, and the side and the mattress have just the right amount of padding that maximizes the comfort of the bassinet, not over warming it.

My twins sleep soundly every time they are in their bassinet.

If I ever have to put them to sleep in something other than the Graco Twins Bassinet, the results are not the same.

I especially like the mesh sides, which are strong enough to ensure safety but are also flexible so that even if the babies move about, they are not hampered.

Even the playpen portion of the pack n play is pretty soft and needs no extra padding, which is excellent as doctors strictly advise against the practice of adding extra pillows or mattresses.

My babies enjoy being in their bassinets, and I appreciate the fact that they are resting and sleeping soundly.

5. Built-in Wheels for Easy Transport

The handy wheels are another convenient feature on the Pack n Play Twin Bassinet.

The wheels are also high-quality and once wheeled to the place where you want the bassinet; they can be locked in place to ensure that the bassinet does not budge.

It’s sometimes difficult to be a parent to twins.  It takes me twice as long to do things.

And if looking after the twins weren’t enough, I have to do chores around the house as well. This is where the portability factor really comes in handy.

In the morning, I simply wheel out the twins’ bassinet form their nursery to the living room, and I can keep an eye on them while I go about my daily tasks in the kitchen.

The bassinet, despite its size, is surprisingly lightweight and can be easily wheeled anywhere.

6. Light Shield & Carry Along

The canopies on this twin sleeper bassinet are very effective in protecting my babies from bright lights. This feature ensures that my twins can relax and enjoy their bassinet without unwanted stress.

Also, no need to turn down the light around the house, simply pull up the canopies and let your kid rest.

Once they are done, the canopy can be pulled back down.

The carry-on bag it comes with is added advantage, simply fold away the bassinet and place it in the carry-on bag, ready to be transported.

This means that your precious little ones are never far from their comfortable bed they are so accustomed to.

We hope that you like our Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet Reviews and hopefully, it helps you to make your decision in the future.

Few Important Things To Know:

It is always a good thing to explore the vital information about the bassinet because this thing is going to affect your baby’s next six months or even more.

1. Graco Twin Pack n play Weight limit

The weight limit of the Graco twin pack n play bassinet is 15lbs, and its changing station is up to 30lbs. But there is no weight limit set for the Graco pack n play Playard because its surface touches the ground. So, feel free to use it as long as you want.

But keep in mind if your baby is 35″ tall then stop using the bassinet (Recommended by manufacturer)

Also, the bassinet weight limit is the primary factor that defines how long you can use the bassinet.

If you don’t have an idea of how long you can use it, then read it here.

2. Graco Twin Pack n play Sheets

The Graco pack n play Playard with twin bassinets do no come with an extra sheet. So it’s good to buy a separate sheet for baby because soon you are going to deal with two babies.

Your bassinet should be neat and clean to protect your baby from virus, allergy, and so many fatal diseases caused by poor hygiene.

As from my own experience, I recommend buying two Graco Twin Pack n play Sheets as spare to use.

When you clean one, you should have another one to replace it with and one in the backup because you are dealing with twins.

3. Graco Twin Pack n play mattress

The Graco Twin Pack n play mattress is waterproof and made of high-quality fabric, but it’s always good to buy fitted sheet for the mattress to protect it from external wear and tear.

You are going to use this Playard for a long time even after the baby outgrows from the bassinet. So, Buying an extra mattress is a good option.

Note: Both the sheet and mattress can be washed with household soap and warm water/drip dry but don’t do bleach (here is manual). If you don’t have an idea how to clean it, then read this article. It will help you understand the necessary step that you should have to take to clean the bassinet.

So, this is our Graco Pack n Play Twin Bassinet Reviews. Hopefully, it answers all your queries.

The Bottom Line

Graco Twin is one of the best twin bassinets in the market. It’s stunning features make this twin bassinet the ideal spot for your twins to rest and sleep thanks to its cozy and quilted twin bassinets.

This uniquely crafted twin bassinet helps you get your work done quickly as it acts as an additional set of hands.

It is safe, comfortable, and Dual-functional, basically, everything you want in a suitable bassinet.

Overall, I truly think the Pack ’n Play is helpful for parents because you can convert it into a spacious playard.

Obviously, this is an important feature when your twins outgrow their bassinets.

If you want a twin bassinet with a lightweight and innovative design, click the link below to buy from our verified seller.