Many types of Pack n Play are available nowadays in the market, such as Pack N Play with a bassinet, changing table, napper, etc.

All these Pack n Plays are safe to use because the manufacturer follows the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines [1].

But the important thing to know is whether the Bassinet that comes with pack n play is safe for the newborn baby to sleep in it or not.

Are bassinet levels on a pack n play safe for sleep? What about the air circulation & temperature inside it? Can my baby easily breathe in it?

Is a Pack n Play Bassinet Safe for Sleeping

Can you use pack n play as bassinet? Everything you want to know is right there.

Along with it, I will also explain other FAQs that help you to make a valuable decision, So keep reading.

Is a Pack n Play Bassinet Safe for Sleeping?

According to the APP policy[2] explained by “HealthyChildren.Org” [3], Newborns should sleep on a separate flat surface like in a Bassinet, Crib, Pack n Play but in the same room to reduce the risk of SIDS in an infant.

Place your baby’s crib, Bassinet, portable crib, or play yard ( pack n play) in your bedroom, close to your bed. The AAP recommends room-sharing because it can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50% and is much safer than bed-sharing.

Watch this safe sleep guideline by CDC to lower SIDS.

So, it’s clear that pack n play is safe to use for infants; now the question is,” is a pack n play bassinet safe for sleeping?”

Absolutely Yes, Pack n play bassinet is a regular bassinet, has a flat surface, and has all the necessary features babies need for healthy & sound sleep. So, placing it over the pack n play does not affect its credibility.

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Is a Pack n Play Bassinet Safe for Sleeping

To give you a quick overview in terms of cost.

The Bassinet is much cheaper than pack n play; you can purchase a bassinet for under $100, whereas the Pack n Play With Bassinet costs you more than $150.

On the other hand, Pack n Play has the feature of a napper changer and much larger storage when compared to the Bassinet, but due to its large size, they occupy ample space in the room.

Parents who are living in a small apartment will face a problem when trying to manage it.

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Can You Use Pack n Play As Bassinet?

Absolutely yes, you can use pack n play as a bassinet because both are safe and APP-approved sleeping products for newborns. You can use its pack-n-play for play or sleep in it, whereas it’s a bassinet just to sleep.

can you use pack n play as bassinet

A baby will not suffocate in it until it is not covered or have a Mesh Side.

The mesh side of pack n play provides better airflow that also helps to reduce the temperature in it. You can even let the baby sleep at the bottom of the Pack and Play due to its mesh side.

Note: You can use it as long as your baby feels comfortable in it or does not exceed the age or weight limit.

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Last, if you ask me which one you buy or go with, I recommend using a Bassinet for the first 6 months. After that, you can transfer your baby from Bassinet to crib Or Pack N play as needed.

Because the bassinet comes with vibration, music, and rocking features, all these things work together to put your infant back to sleep.

Some FAQ

Can You Buy Just the Bassinet for Pack and Play?

Yes, you can buy just a bassinet, such as a co-sleeper bassinet for pack n play, because it does not come with a leg ( stand, where the bassinet is attached ). And you can easily place it over the pack n play top-level mattress.

Keep in mind that all bassinets come in different sizes and may not match your pack n play Or not fix it properly.

So, If you really need it, go with Pack n Play which has an inbuild bassinet.

Are Bassinet Levels On A Pack N Play Safe For Sleep?

Yes, bassinet level on pack n play is safe to sleep until your infant does not get the strength to roll or push himself out of it. An infant usually gets that much strength between 4-6 months.

So, once your infant starts moving, make sure you lower your pack n play mattress as per the American association of pediatrics safe guideline. 

Can A Newborn Sleep In A Pack N Play Instead Of A Bassinet?

Yes, a newborn can sleep in a pack n play because its side wall is made up of Mesh which provides good airflow to lower the risk of suffocation. And its base (mattress) is perfectly flat for safe sleep, as per the APP recommendation. So it’s safe to place the baby in pack n play instead of a bassinet.

Can Newborn Sleep In Pack N Play Without Bassinet?

Yes, your newborn can sleep in pack n play without a bassinet because its top-level mattress provides a safe flat sleep surface as per the APP, and there is no loose fabric that can lead to SIDS.

I hope you like our guide & found it informative. If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box.

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