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Are you looking for a baby co sleeper that attaches to bed, or a bedside bassinet that you can place near the bed?

Then you are in the right place. We have created a list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2021.

Based on features such as comfort and quality it offers, we can help you can make an educated decision.

We have already created a list of the best co sleeper bassinet 2021 but in this article, we will only talk about the baby co sleeper that attaches to bed.

Best Bedside Bassinets 2020

These bedside co sleepers let you sleep with your baby side by side, unlike a bed-sharing co-sleeper in which you both share the same bed.

Co-sleeping is very important for the first few months of the newborn as it is recommended by the APP & CPCS. So, before we start, I strongly recommend to read: Is co-sleeping with newborn safe? And how you can do it the correct way.

I hope you read it. So, let’s explore the list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2021.

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesBuy Now
Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet - Heather GreyChicco Close To You 3-in-1 Bedside BassinetPlace Next to Bed
Lower the Side
Wheel with Hand Brack
Move Over the Bed
Adjust the Height
Mesh Side
Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib,GreyMika Micky Baby Co Sleeper That Attaches to BedAttach to bed with Fastening Straps 
Travel Friendly & Come with Bag
Lower the Sidewall
Wheel with Lock
Mesh Side for Breathability 
Height Adjustment
RONBEI Bedside Sleeper Baby BedRonbei Bedside Co Sleeper Side Bed BassinetAttach to bed with Fastening Straps 
Lower the Sidewall
Wheel with Lock
Mesh Side for Breathability
Height Adjustment
Mobile Device & Toy
Move Over the Bed
Ingenuity Dream & Grow Bedside Bassinet - DaltonIngenuity Dream And Grow Bedside BassinetsPlace next to the bed
Wheel with Lock
Mesh Side for Breathability
Height & Depth Adjustment
Mobile Device
HALO BassiNest Glide SleeperHALO Bassinest Glide Side Sleeper for BabyPlace over the bed
Auto restore Sidewall
Mesh Side for Breathability
Height Adjustment
Mobile Device & Toy
Arm's Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet - NaturalArm’s Reach Concepts 3-in-1 Bedside BassinetAttach to bed with Fastening Straps 
Lower the Sidewall
2 Side Wheel
Mesh Side for Breathability
Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper BassinetSimmons Kids by The Bed City Bassinet Next to BedPlace next to the bed 
Lower the Sidewall
Wheel with Lock
Height Adjustment

1.) Chicco Close To You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet:-

If you want a taste of luxury bassinets then, “Chicco Close To You” must be your first option. Chicco bassinet gets 1# on our list of the best bedside bassinet 2021 due to its feature and comfort it offers for a sound sleep.

This bassinet has three Modes of Use. The first one is “Bedside Co Sleeper“, in which you can simply place bassinet near bed to keep your little one nearby.

Chicco Close To You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

The second one as a “Portable Baby Side Bed Bassinet” which lets you move your bassinet anywhere in the room due to its wheel.

It has as an “Easy Access Changing Table” which means you can lower down the side of the bassinet and adjust the height, making it easy to reach the baby in the middle of the night or while you do your daily task.

Note: The changing table can hold up to 35 lbs in weight.

Your postpartum body will thank you for not having to bend too much to pick your baby up or put back on a regular basis.

Now, let’s talk about the wheel. You don’t need to drag or carry the bassinet assembly from room to room. The wheels make portability convenient.

But keep in mind, it’s not a travel-friendly side sleeper for baby.

If you want a travel-friendly bedside baby co sleeper then check our #2 product or explore our list of the best travel Bassinet.

From the safety point of view, this bassinet has a dual function handle or brake.

If you have a toddler or small children around, the last thing you want is them to wheel the bassinet away or cause mischief.

The brake lets you hold the bassinet in one place firmly. It will move only when you release the brakes, thus making it very safe as well.

Just like that, once you release the brakes, you can move the bassinet smoothly on all surfaces because of the rubberized wheels.

What we find really great about this infant bedside bassinet is how the manufacturer has paid attention to additional details as well.

For example, 

They added Electronic Modules that include 6 melodies to keep your child entertained, 2 vibrations setting to soothe your baby, and a nightlight to help you keep an eye on the baby.

Note: The vibrating bassinet is now in a trend because it helps the baby fall asleep much faster. Studies show that the vibratory motion is loved by newborns.

You don’t have to worry about safety either. It’s 100% safe and secure. Check out this in-depth guide: Is it vibrating bassinet safe?

Another feature we like in this bassinet is the machine washable zip-off fabric. It makes the whole cleaning process very easy.

It also comes with a reversible waterproof mattress that’s quilted for a comfortable sleeping experience.

If you need any help to clean the bassinet then read this ultimate guide: How to clean a bassinet? So that you do not end up damaging the bassinet accidentally.

So we consider this one of the best side sleeper for baby. You can place it near your bed and have all the essential features as well as the baby closeby sound asleep.

What else could you want? Click the link to buy it from our verified bassinet with the manufacturer’s warranty.

2.) Mika Micky Baby Co Sleeper That Attaches to Bed:-

Mika Micky bassinet gets #2 position on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2021 due to its versatile feature and the level of comfort it offers for your newborn.

Simple, rectangular design with spacious dimensions and along with its meshwork fabric sides that help increase breathability and lowers the temperature to reduce any SIDS risk.

Mika Micky Baby Co Sleeper That Attaches to Bed

Mika Micky is a foldable side bed co sleeper bassinet that connects to bed with two fastening straps to keep the bassinet fixed. So that it will not flip or fall at night by accident.

And don’t worry about the height of your bed because this bassinet has flexible legs, which means you can adjust the height (7-height positions – 18” to 26”) according to your need.

The side where it attaches to the bed has a small side panel that you can open to access the baby.

Or in case your baby is active and tends to flip over, the side panel will prevent him from rolling over on to your bed in the middle of the night.

The feature we love the most in this bassinet is its “Wheel and Travel Bag“.

This feature gives you the ability to move the side sleeper bassinet, around the house, convenient shifting and so much less strain on your body while doing so.

Note: Don’t worry about safety. All four wheels are lockable which means it will stay exactly where you placed it.

You can push the Mika away against a wall or to the lounge throughout the day and bring it back to your bedside at night when its time to sleep.

And the best thing about this bassinet is that it comes with a travel bag. Which makes it travel friendly and lets you store away the disassembled pieces.

The assembling and disassembling of the process is very easy but it takes a bit longer as compared to the other mentioned product on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2021.

There is one pocket on both sides of the bassinet that, lets you keep the baby essentials near you.

Both storages are easy to access.

Overall, it is sturdy, does not occupy any more space than needed, and weighs (24.1 pounds) enough to promise support and quality.

Mika can hold up to 33lbs in weight that means you can use this bassinet for more than 6 months.

The manufacturer however recommends this bassinet for babies up to 6 months.

There is no hard and fast rule here.

This thing purely depends upon the current situation of your baby. If you need help to understand this, then read the two articles given below for better understanding.

The only let down of this infant bed co sleeper is that you can’t place it over the bed. This means you can connect this bassinet to the bed, but not move over the bed for safe co-sleeping without sharing the bed.

If you want a side bed co sleeper, that you can use for co-sleeping then check our #3 and $5 product.

However, if you don’t like the design or appearance of this, but are looking for something similar, have a look at these alternatives that might interest you more.

  1.  BABY JOY Baby Bedside Crib
  2.  Milliard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet
  3. 3 in 1 Baby Bassinet, Bedside Sleeper

Imagine a removable extension of your bed made just for your baby. You get to sleep comfortably in your bed with your baby right beside you without it taking up any extra space.

So, what else you are looking for? Click our link to buy it from our verified seller to save some bucks.

3.) Ronbei Bedside Co Sleeper Side Bed Bassinet:-

RONBEI Bedside Sleeper is almost similar to our #2 bassinet on our list of the Best Bedside Bassinet 2021. But we put this bassinet on #3 because it is not a travel-friendly. Although it has a lot of other features that make it really useful.

The RONBEI Bedside Sleeper is a big sized baby co sleeper that attaches to bed.

Ronbei Bedside Co Sleeper Side Bed Bassinet

It is strong, sturdy, and stays firm in its place. This makes it easy for you to reach out to your baby and feed it easily in the middle of the night without any hassle.

The bassinet is made up of a high degree microfiber to touch babies’ skin lightly and carefully. The side of the bassinet is made up of premium quality fabric.

The mattress is flat and comes with a waterproof encasement and one washable sheet for convenience.

Note: The cleaning of the bassinet is not a difficult task. You just have to know how to remove the bassinet fabric and which detergent you need.

If you need help then read this ultimate guide: How to clean a bassinet?

It meets all the standard safety regulations set for side sleeper bassinet. It is also a JPMA certified bassinet and meets ASTM F2906 safety standards.

Due to the large size, some people may be thrown off by the assembly but assembling the Ronbei Bedside Sleeper is very easy and requires no tools at all.

The great thing about this infant side sleeper bassinet is that it has nine height adjustments giving you much broader adjustability options.

You can simply adjust it to any height ranging from 18 to 25.6 inches. This lets you raise the bassinet to whatever height you like, even above your bed if you sleep alone.

The foot strap is also adjustable.

Suppose you place the baby bassinet next to bed and there is no space at one side under the bed, then you can reduce the length of the feet to make it fit.

It has easy access to storage pockets around the sides. You can store baby essentials like wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, or a bib.

Also, it has wheels that let you easily move this side bed bassinet around the house.

This baby co sleeper bed has enough room to even accommodate a 1.5 to 2-year-old. 

However, due to the advised weight limit, it would be unwise to use it as a sleeping cot for your toddler.

The feature we like the most about this bassinet is its Detachable Music Box & Hagging Toy over the bassinet. This toy is not there just to play with but it also helps develop the motor skill in the baby.

The soothing sounds lull the baby to sleep. The relaxing music and sounds add some extra serenity to the ambiance.

However, if you like the sound of this bassinet but feel like you’re looking for something more, we have listed the next product as an alternative.

Stop thing and click the link to check the latest price of the bedside co-sleeper.

4.) Ingenuity Dream And Grow Bedside Bassinets:-

What makes Ingenuity Dream and Grow Bedside Bassinet truly unique is its design that lets you adjust the depth of the base of the bassinet as well as the height.

No other bassinet on our list of the best bedside bassinet 2021, has this feature.

Another thing that makes this co sleeper side bed bassinet more unique is its mobile device which is also detachable.

Ingenuity Dream And Grow Bedside Bassinets

The music box lets you play soothing sounds to help your little one sleep better and also has an inbuilt nightlight feature.

This means no need to light up the whole room to check on the baby at night.

Many people believe that it is beneficial for a newborn to sleep on flat soft surfaces so that the shape of their soft bones remains aligned as they harden.

Note: APP also recommends a flat surface for the baby to sleep. Read about this article to understand why we need bassinet and how it is beneficial for the baby: Do I need a Bassinet for a newborn?

That’s why the base of the bassinet has a mattress that is soft and has a board like material encased in soft padded cover.

From the breathability point of view, this is one the best bassinets out there because all the sides of this bassinet are made up of MESH.

It increases the flow of fresh air and lowers the temperature even when the depth of the bassinet is high.

Additionally, this newborn bedside sleeper bassinet has wheels, that lets you to easily slide the entire bassinet around the house, keeping your baby with you throughout your day.

It is very simple to assemble and one of the medium-sized bedside bassinets on our list.

It’ll help you keep your baby close by without taking up any extra space on your bed or in your room.

It’s a great option for parents with limited space.

If you are living in a small-sized room then explore this list of the best bassinet for a small room Or you can check our #7 product.

The feature I like in this bassinet is it’s easy to reach a storage rack.

The side of the bassinet has quite spacious storage pockets where you can stow away all the essentials which you might need at any time of the night.

And the only feature missing in this side bed co sleeper is, Lower Sidewall pannel. This means you can’t lower the side of the bassinet as you do in the above-mentioned bedside bassinet and another thing strips to attach with the bed.

But still, from the safety point of view, this next to bed bedside co-sleeper is 100% safe.

The only negative side in this bassinet is that it is not a travel-friendly side sleeper for a newborn as our #2 product is. But due to its wheels, you can move it from house to house.

And other is, it’s not a co sleeper that attaches to bed. It’s an infant side sleeper for a baby that you can place next to the bed.

It’s small and snug, smartly designed side bed baby sleeper bassinet ideal for your infant to feel secure. The grey-white soothing combination is a great addition to the aesthetics and homeliness ambiance to your room.

So buy this best bassinet for bedside and give a beautiful gift to your newborn.

5.) HALO Bassinest Glide Side Sleeper for Baby:-

The Halo bassinet is another great bedside sleeper for newborns that you can place next to bed or over the bed without sharing your adult bed for safe co-sleeping. But this is not only the reason to put this bassinet on #3 on the list of best bedside bassinet.

This newborn bedside co sleeper bed is spacious and surrounded by mesh walls that allow constant airflow to keep your baby comfortable and cool even during warm weather.

HALO Bassinest Glide Side Sleeper for Baby

Note: Some bassinets are not designed to keep your baby warm in cool weather.

That’s why we wrote another ultimate guide that will help you keep your baby warm at a cool night: How To Keep Bassinet Or Crib Warm In Winter?

It’s specially designed for mothers that went through a rough delivery and are recovering or those who underwent a C-section surgery.

Halo bassinet has all the essential features that recovery mom needs like, for breastfeeding, easy to pick & down, and storage.

For example, you can lower the side walls so that you may feed, change, or cuddle the baby easily without leaving the bed or lower your back.

That’s why this bassinet also gets #1 on our list of the best bassinet for c section mom.

Another good thing is that this next to bed bassinet also has a lock-in mechanism and does not lower the sidewall unless you unlock it.

If we talk about the mesh, then it has mesh pockets on the sides to let you store the essentials that you won’t have to get up and fetch in the middle of the night and have nearby.

Halo comes with a thick comfortable mattress that supports your baby’s fragile body, giving it the soft and gentle snug feeling as it sleeps.

And the mattress is secure in the bassinet perfectly so that it doesn’t slip in case your baby is active.

It features a four-level height-adjustable mechanism. It is a great fit for beds with a height between 24″ to 34″ inches. Thats why, it also get #1 on our list of the Best Bassinet for tall Bassinet.

Note: Halo bassinet has a lot of models with different features, like 360′ rotation, vibration, back to bed reminder, and music.

You can read more about other features in our full: Halo Bassinest swivel sleeper reviews.

It is an excellent choice for mothers with limited storage space and sleeping space yet want to spend a quality co-sleeping experience with their newborns.

Then Halo bassinet swivel sleeper is a great choice.

6.) Arm’s Reach Concepts 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet:-

The Arm’s Reach company has been marketing the award-winning patented cosleeper bedside bassinets since 1997.

Since then they have been updating their style and technology to keep up with the modern requirements while remaining true to their original goals.

Arm’s Reach Concepts 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Arm’s Reach Concepts bedside sleeper bassinet is ideal for an infant up to anywhere around 5 months in age.

But you can use longer than that because like I already mentioned, it depends upon the situation.

The Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3 in 1 side bassinet can be used in three different ways. As a “Stand-Alone Bassinet“, where you are working in the house. As a “Bedside sleeper“, when you are sleeping on the bed. And as a “Playard“, after the baby grows up for some time.

However, people have found creative ways of utilizing this newborn bedside bassinet once the babies grow up.

You can use this for your pets or simply give it away to a friend or family member in need.

The 4-inch sleeping nest height promises a face to face level experience that you’ll love especially on the first night with your infant and provide greater breathability.

Being lightweight, you can push it around the house.

Unlike other bassinets that connect to bed, that feature wheels on all sides, this bassinet has only two wheels.

This means you have to lift one side upwards to move it.

It features side pockets for storage which every new mom would be absolutely grateful for when she has to change a diaper or nurse in the middle of the night.

This bedside sleeper attaches to bed through the help of a nylon strap and the attachment plate makes sure that the bassinet remains locked to the bed firm and strong.

Regardless, the Arm’s Reach Concepts bedside bassinet is great for use, sturdy and a quality product that will last you a long time.

7.) Simmons Kids by The Bed City Bassinet Next to Bed:-

Simmons Kids is a company known for producing nursery products for more than 80 years. For a company with that long experience under their sleeve, you can bet good money that their product is worth the investment.

Simmons Kids by The Bed City Bassinet Next to Bed

The bassinet has a similar design and serves the same purpose as our product #1 and #2 but we put this bassinet in #7 because it offers fewer features as compared to the above-mentioned bedside baby co sleeper.

The Bed City sleeper bassinet has a slim base with wheels that smoothly slide under the bed, resting the bassinet snugly on your bed, sofa, or table providing safe and separate space for your baby.

The entire assembly is durable with the frame made up of solid metal with plastic ends so that your floor doesn’t get scratched.

It also has an adjustable base ( Up to 5 levels) that fits almost any bed and will keep your baby at eye level.

Also, the meshwork walls provide an unobstructed view of the baby and promote good airflow.

Bassinets with large storage pockets are a blessing and as a new mother getting used to catering to the baby, you’ll be thankful for these. 

The pockets are spacious and you can easily store just about any of the essentials you’d need.

The mattress is made from washable fabric with a waterproof sheet fitted inside to prevent both sides from getting soiled.

You can add some other accessories to make this simple sober bassinet more comfortable. Readout this Ultimate guide:  How to Make a Bassinet More Comfortable?

However, if you’re looking for something similar, we recommend Simmons Kids Room2Grow as an alternative. The only difference is in size and height.

It’s also a JPMA certified bassinet and exceeds all the safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

So you can remain confident that the product you’re investing in is absolutely safe for your little one.

So all in all, it is cheap, compact and a great option for parents looking for a good quality bassinet for their little one.

I hope you like our list of the best bedside bassinet and it helps you to make a valuable decision.

What Do We Recommend?

Everyone has their own taste and needs. Some parents like bed-sharing co-sleeping so that they sleep with their newborns whereas some like bedside co-sleeper.

On our list of the best bedside bassinet 2021, we have stated the pros and cons of our best rated bedside bassinet. We hope it’ll be easier for you to pick the best one that meets your needs.

But if you ask us, then we recommend you to go with our #1 product. Which is Chicco Close bassinet that can place next to bed. Or can go with #2 product Mika Micky that you can place over the bed.

If you had to go through a C section, then we recommend you invest in the Halo bassinet.

If you’re looking for more options, then check out the list of the best baby bassinet 2021. Now, it’s your turn, let us know which baby co sleeper bed you are going to buy and why? What you like about it.

Don’t forget to share the article because sharing is caring.

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