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The Primo Cocoon folding indoor and outdoor travel bassinet is a beautiful, smart and practical piece to add to your nursery. It is made from durable materials, which is very light in weight that makes it easy to move. Also, it has a travel bag with a handle to carry. The snug, comfy fit inside lets your little one feel completely secure. The mesh sides provide better airflow for comfortable breathability. What’s great is the ergonomic design that makes you appreciate how easy it is to set up and pack. Apart from all these things, a full-sized, detachable canopy is available to protect the baby from bugs, pets or even light. To find out about what this travel-friendly bassinet for infants has to offer, keep reading our Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet Review below.

  • Safety 91% 91%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Easy of Use 92% 92%
  • Price and Longevity 70% 70%


  • Designed to be made easily portable
  • Double canopy to protect from sunlight, dust & insects
  • Easy to fold & comes with a travel bag
  • Practical alternative to large cradles and cribs
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors


  • The bassinet may be fragile
  • Is only suitable for babies up to 5-6 months of age

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Product Specifications:

Product NamePrimo Cocoon folding indoor and outdoor 
BrandPrimo Cocoon
DurationUp to 3 month
Item Weight 8.6 pounds
Weight Limit20 pounds
Dimension35 x 17.5 x 34 inches
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆     4.5 /5
Latest Pricebuy from amazon

Do I Need the Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet?

The Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet is specially designed to cater to the specific needs of your baby. The small, snug space provides the warmth and comforts your baby craves in the first few months of his/her life. Whether you are at home or on the street.

You will want to have your baby with you at all times, something that is made possible due to the Primo Cocoon bassinet features.

There are a lot of other options that you can invest in, like a stroller, a carrycot, or even a crib. But why not you just invest in something that is multi-functional and saves money.

What is more, the APP recommends that parents use a bassinet for the first few months of a child’s life. You can read this in-depth guide: Why do you need a bassinet, Or Where Should a Newborn Sleep? To get a better understanding of the issue.

Primo Cocoon bassinet is an excellent option if you are working around the house and want to keep an eye on your little one all the time.

Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet

It is also very convenient if you want to take your little one out in the garden, or by the pool or on the beach without worrying at all.

In case you plan to travel, take trips or go on holidays, the Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet will be an essential piece of equipment if you are travelling with an infant.

So, if you’re searching for an excellent travel bassinet that is worth your money, here is why Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet might be the one for you.

Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet Reviews & Features

The Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet is a simple, minimalistic and functional bassinet in every aspect. We have given you a general overview of what this bassinet has to offer by listing the pros and cons.

However, if you’re interested in knowing more about the features that you feel are necessary to make the decision whether to invest or not, read on Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet reviews.

1.) Unique Design Perfect for Comfort:-

This bassinet is structured like a regular sleeping bed. But it has the added advantage of having a double screen canopy on top that slides up to form a cocoon shape, which explains the creative name of the bassinet.

Primo Cocoon Folding Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet with Bag, Grey

It protects your baby from direct sunlight, wind, dust, insects and other outdoor elements.

The canopies are removable, so if you are inside, you have easy access to the baby. It takes a few seconds to set it up and to completely fold it.

It is a very lightweight bassinet, weighing just 9 lbs; thus, even with your postpartum body healing, you can set it up or move it around with absolute ease.

The ease of it is commendable, and you will be just as grateful for it when packing.

It folds flat and can easily fit in the boot of your car or your luggage. It comes with a carrying bag with handles making the bassinet easy take with you wherever you need to go.

It also stands up to a height of 35 inches, which makes it a great option as a regular bedside co-sleeper bassinet.

The mattress is soft and made of high-quality foam, which ensures your baby sleeps comfortably and snugly all night long. And the mesh sidewalls allow a healthy airflow to keep your baby cool in warm weather and ensure proper ventilation.

You can also make the bassinet more comfortable and warm during winters, so that baby can sleep soundly. Read 2 guides on how to make your baby’s bassinet ready for winters:

  1. How to Keep Bassinet or Crib Warm in Winter?
  2. How to Make a Bassinet More Comfortable?

2.) Convenient & Travel Friendly:-

Even if you don’t specifically plan to travel or move around much with this bassinet, it is always nice to have a multi-functional bassinet. This is because you never know when you might need the portable feature.

Note: The Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet is one of the best travel bassinet that get #1 on our list of the Best Travel Bassinet 2020.

But if you are looking for something that you can use in flight, then check this list of the best bassinet for airplane.

You can easily move it around the house and keep an eye on your baby as you get your daily chores done.

However, the main feature that makes it stand out is that it is an excellent travel bassinet. It is constructed simply and ergonomically to assist portability and mobility.

The bassinet bed is placed upon a stand with spread out joint legs in a criss-cross for maximum support. This setup comes undone easily to fold and comes with a travel bag, making it easy to carry or stow away.

It is very lightweight, which means you can easily carry it around, pack it and set it up anywhere.

Primo Cocoon Folding Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet with Bag

As mothers, we appreciate even the little comforts when it comes to things associated with babies.

3.) What the Bassinet Itself Offers:-

There’s a reason why we insist its essential for your infant to feel secure, snug and comfortable. As soon as they are born, too much space makes them feel insecure and uncomfortable. That is why even the nurses prefer that you snuggly wrap the baby in a blanket as they sleep.

Primo Cocoon Folding Indoor and Outdoor Travel Bassinet

Babies crave human touch and while sleeping with your baby skin to skin sounds amazing (like Co-sleeping with a newborn ), you can’t do it all the time. Therefore, the next best thing is a bassinet that does the job.

Many people complain about how cribs and cradles are too spacious and the baby tires very quickly from abrupt movements. The Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet is created to provide maximum benefit to babies by preventing unnecessary activities.

The bassinet itself is adequate to keep your baby feel enclosed.

However, you will have to wrap your baby in a bassinet blanket or a wrapping sheet. The internal lining is thick and plush to keep your infant warm, tight and cozy.

The manufacturer does not mention how long a baby can sleep in a bassinet, but you can use it up to 5-6 months.

Need more information? Readout this, At What Age Should a Baby Stop Sleeping In a Bassinet?

The longevity of this bassinet is excellent because of the high-quality materials used. You can pass it along to someone who really needs it once your baby has outgrown it. This makes the bassinet environmentally friendly.

You can even use it for other purposes around the house. For example, you can put away the holding stand and use the bassinet later on as a laundry basket, a toy hamper, a picnic basket or even to hold supplies.

It can even be reused as a bed for your furry little friends. Countless people are claiming how their dogs or cats love sleeping in these bassinets for newborns.

4.) Ease of Use & Maintain:-

Let’s start from the cleaning point of view.

The mattress is made of polyester microfleece, which can be easily removed, and it is a machine washable. You can also buy extra bassinet beddings to replace the dirty bedding while it is in the washer.

baby sleeping in Primo Cocoon bassinet

If you need help to understand how you can clean it, here is an excellent guide: How to Clean a Bassinet & Its Accessories? (Step by Step)

The concept behind the Primo Cocoon folding travel bassinet is simple. It is functional, and it suits a vast majority’s minimalistic lifestyle.

You may have limited living space. We understand how growing and sustaining a family in this economy can be a trying task.

As children grow up, one of the most common items to get discarded is the crib or the bassinet. So once your baby outgrows this bassinet, you can easily stow it away in case you plan to have more children.

That is why this bassinet also gets #4 on our list of the best bassinet for small space

As for the ease of use aspect, it is lightweight, and the handles are sturdy. You can easily carry it around the house to keep an eye on the baby or travel with it.

I hope you like our Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet Reviews and found it useful that help you to make a valuable decision.

The Bottom Line

Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet is a simple bassinet with multiple features that you need when travelling with newborns.

For example, Snap-on feet require a few seconds to complete the setup, carry bag that can fit the bassinet, and have sturdy handles to make mobility and storage convenient.

Its lightweight frame makes it very easy for you to pick the bassinet and baby to move from room to room. Moreover, its mesh sides make it easy to keep an eye on your little one.

What’s more, they use a bit of tension to help maintain the frame’s stability. This means maximum security as your baby plays or sleeps thanks to the slightly curved design.

Plus, a padded oval mattress improves comfort, and it’s easy to clean; so, what else you want when you are travelling with your little one.

Primo Cocoon Folding Indoor and door

I think in this price range Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet is a great option.

Therefore, if you’re someone on a budget, with limited space and want something multipurpose and cost-effective, the Primo Cocoon Folding Travel Bassinet is an excellent choice for you.

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