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Areesha Ijaz is an experienced fact checker and content writer who is passionate about exploring new topics and learning about different subjects. She has a master’s degree in computer science from COMSATS University, Islamabad, and is currently working as a data scientist and researcher at COMSATS MIDL(NCAI).

In addition to her professional experience, Areesha has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baby products, including bassinets, cribs, and pack n plays. She has conducted extensive research in this area and is well-equipped to provide accurate and helpful information on these products to new parents.

Outside of her work, Areesha enjoys reading books and writing blog posts on a variety of topics, including technology, lifestyle, and personal development. She is also an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new places and learning about different cultures. Overall, Areesha is a highly motivated and dedicated individual who is always eager to expand her knowledge and share her expertise with others. If you have any questions or concerns about baby products, don’t hesitate to reach out to Areesha for expert advice.

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Facts Checked by Areesha Ijaz

5 Best Sheets for Halo Bassinest

Some models of the bassinest do not come with a sheet or waterproof mattress cover to protect their sleeping area. Whereas it is essential because it increases the mattress's longevity. A baby can urinate in a bassinet or mess up in the middle of...

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Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews

Halo Bassinest Flex Sleeper Reviews Halo bassinest is one of the simple & elegant-looking bedside bassinet & bed-sharing co-sleeper for infants. It comes with a height-adjustable leg & flat feet that trunk under the bed to bring the...

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Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews

Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews Maxi Cosi Iora Bassinet is a stylish & classic bedside bassinet with 5 adjustable height positions to perfectly match your adult bed height. And, to bring it closer to your bed, it offers a 3-level side-to-side...

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Ronbei Bedside Sleeper Review

Ronbei Bedside Sleeper ReviewRonbei bedside sleeper baby bed is an excellent bedside & bed-sharing bassinet for infants. Its 9 positions height-adjustable leg & retractable feet help you perfectly match your adult bed height. And for easy...

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Chicco Close To You Bassinet Reviews

Chicco Close To You Bassinet ReviewsChicco close to you 3-in-1 bedside bassinet is one of the most convenient and height-adjustable bedside bassinets. It comes with swivel wheels, a side mesh panel, and a soft quilted mattress. And also has...

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Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Reviews

Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Review The Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet comes with Smart Sensing System, customizable lights, built-in sound detection, and music that makes it a high-end bassinet. And the best thing, all these features can...

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Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet Reviews

Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet ReviewsEvi smart bassinet comes with Premium-structured fabric, a decent design, and with a large sleeping area. Its high-end compact design with a neutral color palette will perfectly match the decoration of any...

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Do I Need a Sheet for Pack n Play?

Baby spits, pees, poops, or vomits while laying or sleeping in the Pack n Play or Crib, which means most of your time will go cleaning up this thing to provide a hygenic space for good growth. So if you have a single fitted sheet of pack n play...

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Can a Pack and Play be Used As a Crib?

Most parents use the bassinet during the first few months and then switch to Crib Or Pack n Play as per their need and preference. But some Pack N Play also comes with a bassinet that can only use 5-7 months, as per the guidelines, to stay safe....

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Are Pack and Plays Safe for Sleep?

There are a lot of places where newborn babies can sleep, like Bassinet, Crib, and Pack n Play. All these sleeping products are designed to provide a safe, comfortable sleep environment. For example, Bassinet provides a small area, whereas a crib...

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