Recently, Wicker Bassinets have become the first choice of many parents.

And there are two primary reasons behind this; the Ist one is, that it is woven with a variety of vines & grasses that make a safe organic bassinet.

And the 2nd is that it is a chemical-free product which means 99.9% safe for your soft infant skin.

Wicker bassinets are also well-known for ease of cleaning & maintenance due to high-quality materials that can be wiped down and cleaned easily every time you use them.

Are Wicker Bassinets Safe - How To Restore Old Wicker Bassinet

Along with it, the Wicker Moses basket bassinet looks amazing, is light in weight, and is easy to carry anywhere. So wherever you go, you can carry it with you, just like travel bassinets.

But apart from all these things, Are Wicker Bassinets Safe for newborns? If yes, then how long can the baby sleep in it?

So let’s check.

Are Wicker Bassinets Safe for Newborns?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics ( APP ) [1], all bassinets ( including wicker bassinets, Moses baskets, and woven bassinets) are safe for infants to use until they feel comfortable or do not start rolling/moving in the bassinet.

Babies should sleep alone in their own crib, play yard, or bassinet on a firm, flat mattress with a taut sheet. Keep their sleep surface clutter-free, with no blankets, pillows, crib bumpers, stuffed animals, or other objects.

However, ensure your Wicker Moses Bassinet manufacturer follows the safety standards & all requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) [2]. Such as:

  • Structurally strong enough to hold the baby
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Enclosed openings to avoid entrapment
  • Must do not contain an unintentional folding requirement
  • High enough to prevent baby falls

There may be some more precautions when you are using the Moses basket. Like, when your baby starts moving/rolling, or they push unpredictably, there is a risk of their fall.

How To Safely Incline a Bassinet not more than 10 degree

As usual, infants start rolling in bassinets between 3 and 4 months that why most of the bassinets have higher sidewalls to keep babies safe.

But on the positive side, the lower side wall provides better airflow. It helps to lower the temperature inside the bassinet.

Make sure the baby is not overheated during sleep time. Do not swaddle your baby if they show signs of rolling over.

One more important thing, make sure the sleeping surface is flat to lower the risk of suffocation. Uneven or incline surfaces increase the risk of SIDS.

Infants do not have the strength to move the baby’s head away.

So what do you think? Are wicker bassinets safe?

Well, as per the evidence, a wicker bassinet is safe to use for newborns. But, you just need to make sure your infant is comfortable in it, sleeps on a flat surface, and when they start rolling on it, you should have to stop using it.

You need to move your infants from a bassinet to a crib, which is a bigger space than a bassinet.

How To Restore A Wicker Bassinet?

I personally recommend getting help from a professional or taking it to a repair center because a wicker/rattan bassinet is a little difficult to repair, and if you don’t do it properly, its sharp end can hurt your infant.

But if you still want to do it, follow these three steps guides.

1.) Repair Broken Parts:

If your old wicker Moses bassinet is not in too bad condition, then you can just cut the sharp parts and fill the leftover gap with wood fillers (repair kit) if necessary.

And if it has some broken or damaged parts, then you need to fix it with a proper rattan joint so that it does not get open/loose while your infant is sleeping in it.

How To Safely Incline a Bassinet not more than 10 degree

2.) Paint The Wicker Bassinet:-

If the wicker bassinet contains minor scratches, you can repair it with the specialized furniture repair wax. And after that, you can clean the furniture and paint.

But keep in mind, always use child-friendly paint because it does not smell bad and it’s safe for the infant’s skin.

Note: This is just the way to paint a wicker Moses basket; you can follow; How to paint a crib? Guide to understand what things you need to check before painting baby products.

3.) Change The Fabric

So you fixed & repainted the wicker bassinet.

Now it’s time to buy some new fabric, such as a wicker bassinet mattress, sheet, liner, cover, bedding, etc., as per your need and preference to make the Moses basket bassinet more comfortable.

Here are some of the accessories that you can buy for your Wicker Moses bassinet

Product Latest Price
Wicker Bassinet Mattress Price
Wicker Bassinet Sheets
Wicker Bassinet Bedding Sets
Wicker Bassinet Liner Price

If you are looking for the latest Moses basket, then don’t forget to explore our Best Moses Basket Bassinet list.

Some FAQ


Are old wicker bassinets safe?

Yes, it’s safe to use an old wicker bassinet. You just need to ensure there are no rough edges or any broken parts that can hurt your infant’s delicate skin. These solid and hard rattans can cause limbs and fingers to entrap gaps in the weave.

If there is any loose part, then fix it properly before letting your infants sleep in it.

Are Wicker Moses Baskets Safe?

Yes, a wicker Moses basket is safe to use for infants because it has a flat sleeping surface, a higher side wall to keep the baby in it, and a side covered with soft fabric to create a perfect sleeping environment.

I hope you like our guide, Are Wicker Bassinets Safe and how you can restore it. Let us know if you have any questions.

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