Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet Reviews

Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet Reviews

Evi smart bassinet comes with Premium-structured fabric, a decent design, and with a large sleeping area. Its high-end compact design with a neutral color palette will perfectly match the decoration of any room. Whereas, its soft, and gentle fabric keeps your baby comfortable and relaxed. The secure and stable base with solid wood construction keeps the baby safe. The Soothing Lights and Sounds controlled with Alexa help your baby sleep comfortably. An automatic innovative hands-free technology with auto-glide, and adjustable speeds provide extra calm to your baby. Want to know more hidden features, so keep reading our Evi Smart Bassinet review to know why it is the best for your newborn baby.

  • Safety 92% 92%
  • Comfort 97% 97%
  • Easy of Use 91% 91%
  • Price and Longevity 50% 50%


  • Auto-glide with adjustable speeds
  • Soothing Lights and sounds
  • Large Removable basket
  • Solid wood construction
  • Deep design with higher sides
  • Premium-structured fabric
  • Wooded base


  • A bit costly
  • White fabric get dirty easily

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Product Specifications:

Product Name Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet
Brand Tru Bliss
Age limit Up to 5-6 month
Item Weight 26.87 lbs
Weight Limit 17 Pounds
Dimension 35.43″ x 21.65″ x 31.89″ Inches
Mattress Size 33 x 18 x 2 inches
Sheet Size 33 x 18  inches
Batteries Required C batteries
Availability In Stock
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.8 / 5
Price $64.99
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Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet Reviews

The soothing sounds, Alexa control, light, and unique gentle motion make it a perfect high-end bassinet for your baby.

You can make a quick choice with pros and cons; however, below are some detailed features of this bassinet that make it the convenient choice for every parent in every room.

So take a deep insight into our Evi smart bassinet review.

1.) Evi Smart Bassinet Design

The TruBliss Baby Infant Evi Smart bassinet is a sturdy and large bassinet and its design makes it ideal for the close-to-the-bed sleeper.

Through the outer structure, the inner area is wide enough to fit comfortably and enjoy a night of sweet sleep.

Tru bliss evi smart bassinet for infants

Evi smart bassinet dimensions are 35.43″ L x 21.65″ W x 31.89″ H with a 26.87 lbs item weight. Whereas, its weight limit mentioned by the manufacturer is 18 lbs.

However, the bassinet age limit is 0-5 months, but you can use it for 6-7 six months if the baby is not much healthy.

Note: If your baby is chubby and gets five months or old enough to push up on knees and hands, stop using the bassinet

Age and the weight limit are the two main things that design how long a can baby sleep in a bassinet and when it’s the best time to switch to the crib.

The frame does not make any noise and effortlessly handles the baby’s weight.

The solid wood base in the walnut finish makes it lightweight and sturdy. There is no chance that the bassinet will collapse beneath the growing baby’s weight.

2.) Quality fabrics & High sides for safe sleep: –

The baby’s skin is too soft, so hard things cause swelling and rashes, while harsh chemicals can cause skin allergies, swelling, and itching in the baby.

mom picking Tru bliss evi smart bassinet

So, to keep the baby safe, the True bliss evi smart bassinet comes with super-soft bamboo fabric which is certified by FCC, ASTM, and CPSC, which makes this bassinet APP-approved bassinets.

While two ultra-soft, fitted bamboo sheets make this bassinet extra soft for newborns.

Also, there is no need to worry about the sturdiness of fabrics because everything in Evi’s bassinet is safe for the baby.

Most babies fall and roll out of the bassinet in the ordinary bassinets because of the dangerous low sides.

But, Evi’s smart bassinet has high sides and a deeper design for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Your baby sleeps safely in a deeper bassinet while high sides prevent the baby from falling outside.

3.) Auto-glide With Soothing Kit:-

Sitting near the bassinet and constantly pushing it for hours is so dull. Most babies love to sleep with little movement; otherwise, they cannot sleep well and start crying.

Sometimes, the faster or slower speed with hands pushing disturbs the baby’s sleep and discomforts parents.

In this situation, Auto-glide side-to-side movement, like an automatic rocking bassinet, is a blessing.

The bassinet constantly keeps on moving, and you can also control the speed of the bassinet with manual settings and through the mobile app (here is an instruction manual guide ).

Well, a part of that, the feature I like the most is its, Soothing system. Psychologically, the babies don’t feel comfortable alone, but the sound of someone keeps them happy.

Tru bliss evi smart bassinet soothing device for music

Besides this, listening to the calming sounds helps babies master the nuances of all good sounds, and they learn music or speech quickly.

baby sleeping in Tru Bliss Evi Smart Bassinet

But keep in mind, use only child-friendly detergent for washing, otherwise, the bassinet loses its shine.

Along with it, the Evi bassinet allows you to control nightlight brightness with two modes: running ambient sensory lights and always on ambient light, which is awesome.

The soothing lights and sounds (such as classical music, guitar lullabies, wob, and calming sounds ) will lull your baby to sleep.

You can control everything with Alexa technology through your voice, a smart device app, and Google Home.

All these things work together to make the bassinet more comfortable for the baby so that you don’t need to leave your warm bed in the middle of the night to soothe the baby.

4.) Easy To Maintain & Assembly: –

The Polyester, cotton blend cover and a padded, vinyl-covered foam mattress pad are washable in the machine. Just remove the fabric and though in the machine and it’s done.

Trubliss EVI SMART BASSINET Easy To Maintain

But keep in mind, use only child-friendly detergent for washing, otherwise, the bassinet loses its shine.

Note: If you need help cleaning the bassinet properly without damaging its fabric. I recommend reading: How to wash the bassinet?

The only downside of this fancy bassinet from the maintenance point of view, is its fabric is white, so it catches dirt quickly.

I recommend having an extra sheet and mattress for the bassinet to keep the bassinet hygienic and clean.

Want to know why, check this: Do I need an extra sheet for the bassinet?

Apart from that, this bassinet comes with storage underneath, and the best thing is its removable storage that can store many baby items such as diapers, baby toys, feeders, and many things.

When mom and dad want access to these items, they will be in their hands and it’s easy to clean too.

Now, from the assembly point of view, the process takes some time to assemble the whole bassinet, but you just have to do it once, because it’s not a travel bassinet.

You can check the assembly video for more details.

I hope you enjoyed our Tru bliss evi smart bassinet reviews and you will find them helpful in making a wiser purchase selection in the future.

The Bottom Line:-

TruBliss Baby Infant Evi Smart Bassinet is one of the best extra deep bassinets that provide better safety as compared to the others.

Its spacious space lets the baby comfortably sleep in it. Whereas its Smart Technology such as unique sound, light, and auto gliding features help you to soothe them.

All these things work on electricity, which means no battery is required to use this fantastic bassinet.

This easy-to-use bassinet safe a lot of time while washing it and storage rack under the neath, keep all baby essentials under your reach at night.

What are you waiting for? Simply click on the below link to keep your baby happy and calm and offer a peaceful sleeping environment.

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