Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet Review

Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews

Maxi Cosi Iora Bassinet is a stylish & classic bedside bassinet with 5 adjustable height positions to perfectly match your adult bed height. And, to bring it closer to your bed, it offers a 3-level side-to-side slider. Its sidewall is made up of Mesh to keep an eye on infants & provide better airflow. Ample storage under the bassinet offers quick access to the baby essentials. Its well-structured fabric & material go perfectly with your modern-day décor. Moreover, its foldable design and compact travel bag let you take it easy with you. Still, there are a lot of other features to explore, so keep reading or Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet Review.

  • Safety 92% 92%
  • Comfort 97% 97%
  • Easy of Use 90% 90%
  • Price and Longevity 80% 80%


  • 5 Position height adjustable
  • 3 Easy slide functions
  • Large size bassinet
  • Mesh sidewall for airflow
  • Travel friendly
  • Handy travel Bag
  • Underneath storage basket
  • Easy assembly


  • Expensive
  • No Melodies and vibrations

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Product Specifications:

Product Name Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet
Brand Maxi Cosi
UPC ‎40.55 x 22.44 x 7.28 inches
Age limit Up to 9-12 month
Item Weight 24.5 lbs
Weight Limit 20 lbs
Adjustable Height 29″ to 33″ inches
Dimension 35 x 20 inches
Mattress Size 32″ x 20″ x 1.4″ Inches
Sheet Size 32″ x 20″ Inches
Batteries Required No
Availability In Stock
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆  4.8 / 5
Price $269.99
Buying Options Amazon




Official Site

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Maxi Cosi Bassinet Review & Features

Maxi Cosi Iora bassinet is the ideal choice for your newborn, and it’s worth the investment. You can make a rapid decision based on the above-mentioned pros and cons.

But below are some comprehensive features that make it the most convenient choice for every parent.

So let’s take a deep dive into the Maxi Cosi Bassinet Reviews.

1.) Modern Design & Adaptability:-

Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet is a sleek, versatile, and stylish bassinet. Especially designed for big-sized babies to use more prolonged than the standared age limit, which is 5-6 months.

Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet side view

This 2in1 bassinet can use as a side bed bassinet and standalone bassinet, as per the need.

Its 5-position adjustable heights feature comes handly to use it as a bedside.

You just have to press the button to adjust it according to your desired position. And similarly,  its  3-level slider brings it close to your bed.

The Maxi Cosi bassinet’s dimensions are 40.55 x 22.44 x 7.28 inches, and the item weight is just 11 lbs, which makes it one of the lightweight bassinet.

Apart from that, the Maxi Cosi bassinet can hold up to 22 lbs and use up to 9-12 months because of its large size.

Note: Weight and age limit are two significant factors deciding how long a baby can sleep in a bassinet. But make sure you first understand when it is best to stop using the bassinet before moving to any decision.

Its side is covered with a breathable mesh wall that allows regular ventilation and an easy watch when sleeping near the baby.

Mesh sidewalls also lower the temperature and reduce the risk of SIDS.

2.) Portability & Mobility:-

The Maxi Cosi is a large bassinet, but its lightweight nature makes it a portable bassinet. It can be moved from one location to another very quickly.

height adjustable setting of RONBEI Bedside Sleeper Baby Bed Bassinet

It can carry up and down stairs without much effort.

But the downside is that it does not come with wheels to roll the bassinet over wheels while the baby is sleeping.

Also, with this portability, you can easily keep a constant eye on your baby while doing the cores.

On the other hand side, It is ideal if you are visiting your friend for a sleepover or going on vacation, simply fold it into the bag that comes along it, and let’s go!

Its easy foldable feature makes it one of the best foldable bassinets.

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to fold and carry!

When you fold it, the dimension of the bassinet will become 42″ x 25″ x 4.5″ Inches. This means not too much large to carry with you on the trip.

And, the thing that makes your journey hassle-free is its travel bag. So, the Maxi bedside bassinet is the perfect travel bassinet for infants

3.) Assembly and Maintenance:-

One of the features that impress me is its easy assembly. Its is very straightforward to put together without nuts and bolts.

how to fold Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

The exciting part is you just need a few minutes to assemble it; maxi-cosi bassinet installations manual

Plus, the cushioned, 100%  polyester cover foam mattress pad is machine washable, making it easy to clean the bassinet.

Simply take the fabric out and wash it through the washing machine, and for a frame, you can clean it with a wet cloth anytime, and you’re done.

However, always use child-friendly detergent when cleaning the bassinet; else, the shine may fade.

In short, cleaning this Maxi Cosi Iora crib is very easy and straightforward.

The large storage under the bassinet is an excellent feature to keep all the baby’s goods under your arm’s reach.

It is not like a small pocket on the side that only carries a bottle & diaper; however, it can hold all the baby essentials in one place.

4.) Bassinet Sheet and Mattress Size:-

The Maxi-Cosi bassinet mattress is one of the most comfortable & supportive mattresses your child can dream of.

comfortable mattress of the Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

The mattress’s fabric is 100%  polyester making it extra soft and cozy.

And the fabric used in its manufacturing is machine washable, making it very convenient for you to wash them periodically.

However, we still recommend having 2 extra Sheets & 1 mattress because you are going to use the bassinet for up to 9 months. Read this; do I need an extra Sheet & mattress for the bassinet?

It is essential to have spare in case your baby messes up in the middle of the night.

The maxi cosi iora bassinet mattress size are 32 x 20 inches with approximately 0.75inches thickness; hence, its snug and fit.

Whereas its sheet dimensions is 9 x 12 x 5 inches and 100% cotton with elastic edges to fit perfectly with the mattress.

Here are some of the replacement parts for the Maxi Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet.

Product Dimension Latest Price
maxi cosi iora bassinet sheets 32″ x 20″ Inches Price
Maxi-Cosi Iora Bassinet Fitted Sheets (Organic) 32″ x 20″ Inches Price
Maxi-Cosi Iora Bassinet Mattress 32″ x 20″ x 1.4″ Inches Price
maxi cosi iora mattress protector 32″ x 20″ Inches Price

I hope our maxi cosi iora bassinet reviews provide you with valuable information for making final decisions in the future.

The Bottom line

Maxi Cosi Iora Bassinet can use in two ways; a bedside and a standalone bassinet. Its sturdy frame with mesh windows provides safety and an adorable site for your baby.

Also, the fabric used around the Mesh and in the mattress is 100% polyester, which provides a cozy environment and is easy to wash and maintain.

One of the best things about this bassinet is its easy and handy assembly, lightweight, and portability, which makes it a travel-friendly bassinet.

The large storage basket underneath the bassinet provides a large storage room for the baby’s diaper clothes and other accessories.

The Maxi Cosi Bedside Bassinet is an excellent bassinet for your newborn. It comes in  3 sophisticated colors, essential blue, gray, and graphite.

What else are you expecting from such a fantastic bassinet? So stop thinking and click our link to buy it from our verified seller.

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