People come from the joint family more preferably love to do co-sleeping, because there is a lot of benefits behind it.

Not even co-sleeping is beneficial for good health, but also help parents to take care of the baby more accessible, especially at night.

An infant does not eat like healthy baby, then eat less but frequently, and this is the biggest problem with them, lol,

You have to wake up at night, leave your bed to feed the baby in the middle of the night.

But this problem can be solved by using co-sleeper or using as especially design bassinet for breastfeeding.

There is no, doubts a bassinet is the best place for baby to sleep, but why I choice bassinet over Co-sleeping,

When I can sleep with the piece of my heart.

Sleeping with an infant, help you to make s strong bonds, easy to breastfeed, proper health development and make your life easier,

Then why I do not choose co-sleeping?

Well, everything has a negative side too, So co-sleeper has also that we explain at the end of the article.

I recommend to read is co-sleeping is safe for baby for good understanding the concept of Co-sleeping with baby Benefits before moving down.

I hope you read it. So now, it’s a time to check Benefits of Co-sleeping with baby.

A Benefits Co Sleeping With Baby!

There is a lot of benefit of doing co-sleeping with baby.

But before I start explains this, have a look at this 2min video by Dr. James Mckenna

  1. It enhances the baby’s development: when you co-sleep with a newborn baby, it is said to help his senses develop. It is paramount newborns learn to respond to sensory signals of people around them. It could be sounds, touches, smells, heat, and movements. It is these things that help the baby bond relate to his/her surrounding.
  2. Lots of parents do it nowadays: Researches have shown that day by day, parents are now imbibing the culture of co-sleeping with their babies. They see it as a way to improve good sleep for both the parent and the newborn baby. Babies often wake up, and they need to be nursed back to sleep. When he or she is beside you, all it takes is soothing or breastfeeding. They bond better when they co-sleep with their children.
  3. You do not have any anxiety that comes with nighttime separation.
  4. More sleep for me as a parent: as a mother, I always want to be close to my baby, but at the same time, I need my sleep. Studies have shown new mothers sleepless if their babies go to the hospital nursery at night. Indeed, co-sleeping doesn’t guarantee sound sleep every mother, but some parents say they tend to sleep better when their infants are very close.
  5. Breastfeeding is more natural: when you co-sleep with your baby, it makes breastfeeding very easy. This is because you do not need to go to another room since the child is very close. A breastfeeding mum that co-sleeps with her baby can feed her baby well without having to stay awake all through.
  6. It reduces the risk of SIDS: according to James Mckenna, the act of co-sleeping enhances how successful the parent can prevent the death of a newborn baby, either due to a physical accident or a physiological condition. He says co-sleeping ensures you hear if or when the baby is in crisis and thus, an immediate response.
  7. A study carried out on adults in a coma has shown that the presence of another person in their rooms improves the heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure significantly. So it is reasonable to assume that children and infants get health benefits when someone is in the room with them.
  8. Development of love and trust between the newborn baby and the parents
  9. Shared sleep between the mother and the infant baby prevents any form of child abuse. The baby would not have to cry or suffer unnecessarily when he or she is close to the mum.
  10. More cuddling: I cuddle more with my baby he’s right beside than when he sleeps in another room. This is also the reports from mothers who co-sleep with their babies.

With these benefits listed above, you may now begin to wonder, “what problems arise when I don’t sleep with my baby, and how can I resolve it by co-sleeping?”

Rest assured! We’ve got you covered.

A significant problem that occurs when you do not co-sleep with your baby is that your baby may cry a lot.

As you know, an infant can’t talk, and the best way they can react to things like hunger, pain, uneasiness is crying.  No mother is at ease when their babies cry.

Co-sleeping with your baby helps you resolve this as you can easily sense when something is wrong because you are close by.

When you do not co-sleep with your baby, your baby may not get proper feeding. I say this because at night your baby sleeps somewhere else and you another. You may not be able to tell when your baby needs to be fed until he or she cries.

A friend of mine didn’t co-sleep with her baby for the first two weeks of her delivery, but after seeing that both and her baby were not doing so good, she started co-sleeping.  

Disadvantages of Co Sleeping With Baby

Do not be surprised that even co-sleeping has problems. Whatever is suitable for some reasons is wrong for some reasons too. This also relates to co-sleeping, there are negative sides to it that discourages mothers from co-sleeping.

Some parents don’t practice co-sleeping for the following reasons.

  1. Some babies find it difficult to sleep separately from their parents when they grow older. It is very much expected when the child is already used to a form of co-sleeping.
  2. Some per cent increases the risk of SIDS. This is because the child may be suffocated or strangled due to lack of enough space.
  3. It is said that children that are brought up through co-sleeping tend to be too dependent on their parents. Co-sleeping can take away the independence of your baby that eventually grows into a toddler. This is because he or she is used to being very close to you and also when it comes to things that can be handled by him or her, it would now become difficult if not an impossible task.
  4. Co-sleeping is at a disadvantage when the parents have some certain infectious health conditions. Since there is little or no distance between you and the baby, if you have an infectious health condition, your baby will most likely get it.
  5. Some parents have reported that co-sleeping serves as an intimacy deprivation for them. The fact that a baby is close by may not let parents enjoy their alone time.
  6. If either of the parents is under heavy medication or going a sort of therapy, co-sleeping is dangerous.
  7. If either of parents smokes, then co-sleeping is to stop with an immediate effect as this poses a danger to the baby.
  8. Under certain conditions like divorce, separation, or death of one of the parents, the child could be disturbed emotionally if you co-sleep.

I hope you have found this information useful and this “Benefits Co Sleeping With Baby” guide will help you in making a valuable decision.

Final Words!

Now, you know the pros and cons of the Co-Sleeping With Baby, but the last question that would be come in your mind is “May I use this co-sleeper or not?”

Then my answer is Yes. Go ahead and give a warm hug to your baby. There is a lot of best co-sleeper bassinet is available for the baby, but if you like my friend Sara who drinks a lot then I recommend to go with Bedside sleeper for baby safety.

Before starting co-sleeping, I recommend to read How To Safely Co-sleep With Baby article for baby safety.

Now, it’s your turn, Drop your valuable opinion in the comment box and let me know if you have any question in mind.

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