Most parents use the bassinet during the first few months and then switch to Crib Or Pack n Play as per their need and preference.

But some Pack N Play also comes with a bassinet that can only use 5-7 months, as per the guidelines, to stay safe.

Whereas the Pack N Play is designed to use up to 1-2 years ( depending upon the size ).

This means you don’t need to switch to a bigger place because you already have one.

You can stop using the bassinet & place your baby in Pack N Play ( Bassinet Vs Pack N Play ).

Can a Pack and Play be Used As a Crib

But here the question is, “Can a Pack and Play be Used As a Crib, Or instead of Crib?”

According to my opinion, Yes, Pack n Play can be used as Crib for some time. As your baby outgrows or feels uncomfortable in Pack N Play due to lack of space, you need a large sleeping environment, like Crib, to let the baby safely sleep in it.

Well, this was my opinion & what I understand after reading a lot of papers, but is there any proof or strong evidence that suggests that same?

Well, this is what that I’m going to explain in its guide. So let check!

Can a Pack and Play be Used As a Crib?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Yes, Pack n Play can be used as Crib until or unless your baby feels comfortable in it & does not cross the Weight, Age limit. And Your pack n play manufacturer follows the safety guideline [1] set CPSC.

The standard has stringent requirements for various parts of the play yard, such as the top rail corner brackets, top rail locking/latching mechanisms, and floor support structures,,,,,,,,,,,,. Latching mechanism tests – intended to ensure that latching and locking mechanisms work as intended, preventing unintended folding while in use,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Watch this quick video, In which Nurse Dani from [2] said, yes playpen ( pack n play sometime called playard & playpen) can be used as Crib too, and its safe.

Docter Rachel Y. Moon ( MD, FAAP is a pediatrician & SIDS researcher at the University of Virginia ) explained the APP policy at HealthyChildren.Org [3], said

Place your baby’s crib, bassinet, portable crib, or play yard in your bedroom, close to your bed. The AAP recommends room-sharing because it can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50% and is much safer than bed-sharing.

It has been advised from CPSC [4] that there should be no sated toys, pillows, and blankets on the pack and Play, including Crib, as they suspect a suffocation danger that may raise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome known as SIDS.

Watch this short video by the APP to protect against SIDS [5].

So based on this evidence, we can say; Yes, you can use pack n play instead of Crib if you want. Both are relative and have the same features.

Let’s begin by looking at its design to see how it can help moms & babies provide sound relief.

  1. Some Pack n play offer bassinet & flat surface, which lets the baby sleep comfortably. Whereas in Crib, you just have a wide area to rest.
  2. It also offers a napper changer that helps you keep your baby clean & sleep environment hygiene too.
  3. Pack n play is easy to foldable, lightweight, easy to move, & travel-friendly. However, Crib is not foldable, bulky & difficult to move even from room to room.
  4. In some Pack n Play, you will get Vibration, Music box, night light, etc., that help to soothe, but you miss this in Crib. You have to buy a separate electronic device that does not work well as it comes in in-built.
  5. Both are associated with almost the same features. Still, the Crib is expensive in nature due to its material & size.

These are just a few points to highlight the advantage of the Pack n Play, But if you want to understand the true difference. Check this out; Pack N Play vs. Crib.

Should I Get a Pack n Play Or Crib?

Well, it depends upon your need, preference & the feature you want. There are no doubts you can use pack n play instead of Crib, and it’s safe to use, but in the end, the choice is yours.

I suggest you check your pocket size, want kind of feature you need, like a soothing kit that helps baby sleeper fast, and how long you have planned to use it.

These guidelines help you to make the more valuable decision for your infants.

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  3. Are pack and plays safe for sleep?
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difference between bassinet and pack n play bassinet

According to me, I recommend buying a bassinet  for a newborn baby for the first few crucial months of their life, then, later on, Switch to a Crib for safe sleeping.

But if you are a traveling mom who loves to travel, go with Travel Pack and Play, which is easy to fold & lightweight. If you go with Crib, you can’t fold it and cannot take it with you where you go.

So ask yourself, what do you need for your infants and yourself, Pack n Play or Crib?

Here is a list of the 7 Best Pack n Play of 2021 and 8 Best Crib of 2021, in case you want to check what new in the market.

I hope you like our guide, and found it informative that it helps you make a valuable decision.

Now, it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments section: What do you think? Which one is better from your point of view? Help other moms to make a quick decision.

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