Best Travel Bassinet for 5 Month Old [ 2020 ]

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Finding a travel bassinet for 5 month old baby is not a big deal, but first, we have to understand for what purpose we need it.

For example, if you are planning to travel on an airplane then you need some special design bassinet for an airplane that helps you to in that case.

But if you are just seeking a simple bassinet that you can bring with you, where ever you go or fully feature large size travel bassinet, then you are in the right place.

Our ” Travel bassinet for 5 month old baby ” guide is perfect for you. In this article, I will help you to make a valuable decision about which bassinet is best for your little Baby.

List Of Travel Bassinet for 5 Month Old Baby

There is a lot of travel bassinet for 5 month old baby that is available in the market but is really good and has all the features you need when you travel with your baby.

Well, Below are the best and our verified bassinet for your 5 month old baby.

1.) Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet:-

The first bassinet that gets #1 on our list, is Munchkin Brica fold n go bassinet. It is a small size, lightweight, very basic and smile bassinet on our list.

The best thing about this bassinet is its folding feature, you can fold this bassinet by just pressing the button (Safe-T-Lock System for Security ) on the left side of the bassinet.

Also, you don’t need any care bag, because it comes with a handle. Which make the handling of the bassinet is very easy.

Its slim design makes it suitable to even fit in your suitcase for travel. lol…

Its size is 30 x 11.8 x 21.2 inches. Alos Its weight is just 2.45 pounds in weight.

Form the comfort point of view, the base of the bassinet is made with a waterproof Comfortable Mattress Pad.

Check more beautiful pictures of this product. But if you want a more cozy mattress pad for your baby then don’t forget to check our #2 product below.

Apart from these things,,,,

the side of the bassinet is made up of breathable mesh and its also cover from the top.

This means your baby doesn’t need protection from mosquitoes.

So what are you waiting for,

if you want to travel bassinet that you can carry with you wherever you go, then Brica is the best bassinet?

2. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Afterglow Infant Sleeper

This bassinet is on #2 not on #1, due to its little big in size means you can’t fit this bassinet in your suitcase.

And another thing, this bassinet doesn’t have a cover on the top, like the above one has to protect your little baby from bugs.

But, Baby Delight bassinet is a good travel bassinet for 5 month old baby too.

Its size is 28.5″ x 14″ when unfolded and 16″ x 17″ when folded and its weight is 3.2 lbs, just a little heavy then the brica.

But, it’s more cozy and comfortable than the brica, because the base of the bassinet is made up of Waterproof foam mattress and side with a soft pad.

This soft padding makes this bassinet, more cozy and peaceful full sleeping environment.

Don’t forget about its, tiny soft night light on the top of the bassinet, that makes easy to see your baby at night without lighting the whole room.

The folding feature Baby Delight is a little different then Brica,

In this bassinet, you just have to flip side ( bottom ) of the bassinet, same way to fold, it. No need for a button.

Also, this bassinet comes with a handle which means it is easy to carry for travel.

Overall, this is an excellent deal for a practical bassinet.

You can buy this bassinet now from our verified seller by clicking the link to save some money.

3. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper:-

Primarily this bassinet is designed for safe co sleeping with parents but due to its compact design and folding feature,

You can use it as a travel bassinet for 5 months old baby and sleep with him/her on the same bed (adult bed).

The side of the bassinet is made with a Sturdy metal frame, that helps to keep baby safe at night.

Let me tell you how, Suppose you are traveling from last 2-3days or drunk or tired, at that time the chance of rolling on the baby becomes higher. So having a metal frame around the bassinet acts as a safety barrier.

This bassinet gets #1 on the list of the best bassinet for co sleeping due to its safety features.

Alos its travel-friendly due it’s easy to fold feature.

The feature I like the most is its tiny mobile device. This device generates vibration and soothing sounds that help your baby to sleep faster.

Also, a new study shows that baby love to sleeping on the vibrating surface and is totally safe.

Check this guide if you have any doubts: Is vibrating bassinet safe for the infant.

If you like to buy a vibrating bassinet for your cute little so that they sleep better then I recommend to check this list of the Best Vibrating Bassinet With Vibration & Music.

This bassinet comes in two versions, Dulex and Original, Only the difference between both of them is, Dulex has a mobile device and extra padding on the side of the bassinet.

So, what are you waiting for click on the link to give a beautiful and safe gift to yourself and your baby?

4.) Lulyboo Baby Lounger To Go

We put Lulyboo on #4 because it’s big in size. You can’t place this bassine in the bag for travel or even can hold it in hand with handle as compared to the all above bassinet.

You can only carry it as a Back Bag. This thing creates an issue when you have other luggage with you.

But it’s very helpful when your both hands are busy.

We can say it a “Backpack” to “Infant Travel Bed for 5 Month Old baby“.

But the unique feature of this bassinet is, its canopy, Nono of another travel bassinet for baby have a canopy.

This canopy protects your baby’s eye from direct light and also can use to hang 2 toys that come with this bassinet to keep baby busy.

The good thing about that canopy is, you can adjust it up to 3 levels, to adjust it’s according to your baby’s need.

This bassinet is made up of 100% Cotton,100% Nylon, and 100% Polyester for a safe and cozy environment.

Its bottom is made up of a waterproof mattress that keeps the baby sleeping area dry.

You can covert this bassinet as a napper changer by just closing the canopy. No need to buy a separate napper changer.

So what you are waiting for click the link to get this bassinet from our verified seller.

What Do We Recommend?

All the bassinet is best in their own features, but if you ask me, which is the best travel bassinet for 5 month old baby then I recommend, Baby Delight Snuggle Nest.

Lightweight, easy to fold and carry make this bassinet unique but if you really want the bassinet that you can even pack in the suitcase, then go with Brica bassinet.

Both the bassinet are safe, where one comes with extra padding can cozy space whereas other some with small in size and airflow mesh.

You can also choose SwaddleMe if you like to do co-sleeping with an infant.

So, now it’s your turn, let me know which bassinet you are going to buy for your baby and why. Put your answer in the comment box, so that other moms like you can make a quick decision.

And don’t forget to share the article, because sharing is caring.


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